joostvbenyc: i've been on this network since ever, fwiw08:36
joostvbenyc: spreek je nederlands?08:36
enycjoostvb: oh dear!  I actually do not ...  use translator.09:25
enycI just help lost people time-time!09:25
joostvbenyc: i c, cool10:44
joostvbenyc: i _believe_ my nick is already registered @ nickserv10:44
joostvbпон 07 10:35 -NickServ(NickServ@services.libera.chat)- You are already logged in as joostvb.10:45
enycjoostvb: However you should NOT be  /msg nickserv register -- set up SASL,  https://libera.chat/guides/sasl  and   https://libera.chat/guides/cloaks too .12:30
joostvband give libera my email address, i understand14:29
joostvbenyc: tnx for those links anyway14:30
enycwell you can use a throwaway-email tbh14:59
enycyou just need  nick/password and set up SASL15:00
joostvb"just" ;-P15:33

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