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cpaelzer_Moha: linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-78-generic: /lib/modules/5.15.0-78-generic/kernel/drivers/uio/uio_pci_generic.ko05:51
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athosthanks, rbasak :)11:46
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SuperLagHeard 22.04.3 was supposed to come with the 6.2 kernel. Is that true? I just updated, and it's still showing 5.1515:39
sdezielSuperLag: you need to switch to the HWE kernel to get a 6.2 one: https://ubuntu.com/kernel/lifecycle15:44
SuperLagsdeziel: thank you!15:50
SuperLagthat did the trick15:50
sdezielSuperLag: cool :)15:50
SuperLagwell, it upgraded the kernel anyways16:15
SuperLagthe system is no longer reachable post-reboot :D16:16
SuperLagI wish things like IPMI were natively available on workstations, like they are on servers.16:16
minimalSuperLag: you mean something like AMT...16:17
minimalIntel-based "enterprise" laptops and desktops often have that16:18
SuperLagminimal: in this case, it's a Thinkstation P62016:30
minimalSuperLag: DASH is the AMD equivalent to AMT/vPro16:33
SuperLagHmm… looks like there may be an option with something called DASH. 🤔,16:33
minimalthough it doesn't seem as widespread16:33
minimalactually DASH is an industry standard and I think over time Intel have been changing AMT to make it DASH compatible16:34
minimalSuperLag: Lenovo even have a DASH configuration doc for that machine...16:35
SuperLagthat's what I'm looking at right now16:35

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