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V1Aayaayayayayayay. ok00:42
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heruhi yall02:16
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duxscofrom gentoo, i know of the "world" file, which contains a list of directly installed packages (not installed as dependency). is there something equivalent for ubuntu06:28
weedmici dnk what you mean by "world" file.  if you are looking for a list of files designed to work with ubuntu, use muon or synaptic software manager.  you could sort by "installed"06:30
duxscoi would like to have a list of directly installed packages, not those listed which were pulled in as a dependency06:31
duxscoe.g. to install the same set of packages on a different system06:32
Bashing-omduxsco: check out the utility debfoster >> apt show debfoster.06:35
weedmicthese would not help you:  "apt list --manual-installed" and "snap list"?  this should show only manually installed items and those in snap (which is a bigger list), but not show all the automatic stuff at initial install.07:02
weedmicoic, left - figures07:03
fragyHi. I have Kubuntu in VMware player and every time I press copy on a file in host machine and then open Kubuntu window it auto-pastes the file. Any idea how to disable the auto-pasting? I have disabled Klipper in KDE but it's the same behaviour07:51
weedmicfragy: You certainly don't need to repost in less than an hour.  I read it, tried to reproduce it, but was unsuccessful.  Hopefully someone will help you soon.  Very smart helpful people in this room.08:03
fragy@weedmic cool. I'll wait08:05
fragy@<weedmic> you may not notice it though if the file is small. It gets pasted in /home/username/.cache/vmware/drag_and_drop/08:09
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hid3Hello everyone. I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I'd like to add users to the system. Users would have no password set but rather connect via SSH using SSH keys. I'd like to add users to 'sudo' group. However, in such case if they execute 'sudo -s', they get password prompt (which they don't have set!). Is this something what can be cured? Or is it my local sudo configuration which is messed up? (I have password timeout value set)08:31
ograhid3, read up about he "nopasswd" option of /etc/sudoers ...08:36
weedmicoic, in that case - I'm unsure it has been "posted" per se, but is just (being held on the vm) in the clipboard until you post it.  I am checking my machine now - i don't have that directory.   probably why I could not replicate this.  i'm unsure it is a problem now.08:36
weedmicfragy: ^08:36
weedmichid3: do you know how to do ssh?  if so, are you planning to have them connect as them selves, then su to root?  or do you want them to ssh in as root?08:37
hid3weedmic: they'll be connecting as "themselves", then doing sudo -s / sudo su08:58
hid3not sure I'd like to go NOPASSWD route for absolutely everyone in the 'sudo' group. Because some users have passwords set (and this must be that way). Others, as mentioned, don't have. Can't sudo itself distinguish which users have no password set and then allow them access without asking for (nonexistent) password?08:59
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fragyweedmic: you need to have vmware tools installed09:03
ograhid3, just add an extra group "localsudo" or some such ... allow nopasswd for that group and add users to it a you like/feel ...09:09
ograi dont think sudo as a way to check if a user has a password set or not ...09:10
effendyThe whole scenario sounds just... awful :)09:10
ograyes, a bit ūüôā09:12
weedmichid3: doesn't really matter if you setup ssh correctly.  i generally require passwrods except with restricted machines conneceting directly to other machines as root and those are restricted by ip and are in locked areas.09:17
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Guest41hi all10:34
Guest41Few days ago after kernel upgrade on 22.04, ubuntu no longer start. Splash screen then black screen with blinking cursor. I can open a tty.10:35
Guest41the updated kernel is 6.2. Ubuntu start normally with the previous 5.1910:37
oerhekstry sudo apt install -f , or sudo apt update --fix-missing, sudo dpkg --configure -a10:38
oerheksyes, we switched to 6.2 on LTS10:38
Guest41On the tty of 6.2 kernel if I type startx say:file /root/.Xauthority does not exists10:38
Guest41oerheks ok10:39
Guest41oerheks I see 35 outdated packages, including graphics drivers in 6.2 kernel tty. So I should try sudo install -f ?10:44
oerhekssure, all commands given should do no harm10:45
oerheksapt dist-upgrade as well10:46
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Guest41oerheks nope. still black screnn after restart11:00
zniavrenvidia driver ?11:00
Guest41oerheks There are still 3 packages that are not being updated: gjs, gnome-remote-desktop, libgjs0g11:00
Guest41oerheks sudo startx still complain abou: Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs.11:00
zniavreGuest41, wich gfx driver in use ?11:01
zniavrewhich *11:01
Guest41zniavre no, discrete Amd and integrated Intel (BIOS disabled)11:01
zniavreho so i do not know sorry11:01
Guest41zniavre there's also error about .Xauthority file missing by xorg11:02
Guest41should I recreate that Xauthority file?11:03
ograGuest41, /root/.Xauthority ? that file should never exist nor ever be used by anything11:03
ogranothing should ever run as rood in a graphical env11:03
Guest41ogra that's what strtx erroe say...11:03
Guest41*startx error11:04
ograyou are not tryin to startx as rot, do you ?11:04
ogra(never ever do that !!)11:04
weedmicwas the error - display not found?11:04
weedmicthat is ubuntu saving you from disaster - be glad11:04
ograGuest41, run it as a user or start your login manager (gdm usually) whic does run as the gdm user11:04
Guest41so, now startx with no sudo say: Fatal error: Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs11:05
ograeither way, looks like you are missing graphics drivers and the system falls back to a framebuffer driver then11:05
ograso fix that and the rest should start working again11:06
ograworst case, reboot, stop the boot at the grub menu (by hitting esc i think, not sure) and boot the older kernel ... that will/should at least give you a GUI back to make debugging the issue easier11:07
Guest41ogra ok... I just upgraded 35 packets in which there were mesa, amd and nvidia drivers...11:07
ograaha !11:07
Guest41ogra that's what I have done in the last few days, boot with 5.19...11:08
Guest41ogra after packets update still black screen11:11
Guest41ogra and still Cannot run in framebuffer mode...11:12
weedmicdo this to get some data about what is:  "inxi -Gxx | grep Device"; "inxi -Gxx | grep compositor11:12
weedmic"; "glxinfo -display :0.0 |  grep render"11:12
Guest41weedmic ok11:13
weedmicthen we'll know what actually exists in the current state.11:13
weedmicwork on one thing at a time.11:13
Guest41weedmic inxi -Gxx | grep Device -> Device-1 AMD RV770 LE11:17
Guest41[Radeon HD 4830] vendor ASUSteck driver: N/A pcie: speed: 2.5 GT/s11:18
Guest41weedmic  inxi -Gxx | grep Device -> Device-1 AMD RV770 LE [Radeon HD 4830] vendor ASUStek   driver: N/A   pcie:    speed: 2.5 GT/s11:20
weedmicI don't know about radeon cards, but I'm sure many can help you.  I use only nvidia.11:21
Guest41inxi -Gxx | grep compositor return nothing...11:22
weedmicmight be the problem - no compositor - i'm pretty sure no x11:22
Guest41glxinfo -display :0.0 |  grep render -> Error: unable too open display :0.011:23
Guest41weedmic for xorg log, x is in boot loop11:24
Guest41weedmic kernel upgrade has not updated video driver at the first installation....nor updated video settings....11:25
Guest41weedmic there was 35 packet to upgrade after kernel update, in which there were graphic drivers....11:26
Guest41weedmic reinstall 6.2 kernel?11:29
weedmicif it were nvidia, I could give you some clues, but... since it is amd - my ideas might be the opposite of helpful.  I don't know if you need nouveau or need to put it in taboo and many aother such questions.  perhaps search for "amd" "radeon" "ubuntu" "install the best way" - I just don't know.  a lot of smart ppl in this room, just wait a few.11:31
Guest41weedmic Should I try reinstall 6.2 kernel?11:32
Guest41weedmic Let's give it a try...11:32
iomari891greetings, how can i get the kernel source for 6.2.0-26-generic?11:32
Guest41weedmic which command too reinstall the kernel11:32
Guest41weedmic Which commands should I use in the tty to reinstal 6.2 kernel?11:33
weedmicfor me, in general, I weight the value in time spent fixing v nuking and starting over from scratch.  in general, it takes about 8 mins to install uvuntu on blank media.  so, if I can't fix it quick, I either restore from a backup or start over.  I never loose data b/c that is on other media/server.  you need to decide.  i doubt I'd ever just install a kernel.11:33
weedmictakes me about 20 mins to restore from media (left that out).11:34
Guest41weedmic just something new to learn from. I can just run oin 5.19 and wait for the next kernel upgrade...but then we will learn anything?11:35
mugiwaraHey gays!11:35
tarzeau /WII mugiwara11:36
Guest41weedmic and even if I wait for the next kernel upgrade there will be always this broken one in the boot chain...11:37
mugiwaraI would like to know the purpose of this ubuntu chat server?11:39
mugiwaracan someone please explain me?11:40
Guest41weedmic thank you anyway. I'll try kernel re-installation.11:40
Guest41mugiware ubuntu users that help other ubuntu users?11:41
Guest41mugiwara ubuntu users that help other ubuntu users?11:41
Guest41mugiwara wht are you here for?11:41
Guest41have a nice day you all, thanks foo info...11:44
mugiwaraOkay Guest41 i understand11:47
mugiwarajust passing11:47
BluesKajHi all12:05
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chris64How can I instruct apport to keep the core dump of a non-package executable? I'm a bit lost on the docs :-(15:06
chris64I see the crash being logged in /var/log/apport.log and it says executable does not belong to a package, ignoring15:07
Michael2211967pdf passwortgesch√ľtzt speichern15:15
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kan√§len wird nur Englisch gesprochen. F√ľr deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke f√ľr Dein Verst√§ndnis!15:18
chris64I'm confused. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport#How_to_enable_apport says that you should comment 'problem_types': ['Bug', 'Package'] to enable the "crash interception component" permanently. But the section that line belongs to talks about sending stuff to launchpad. Should I still enable it or will it start uploading my core dumps then? :-|15:28
re101-pygmy-75hi i need help with btrfs error15:31
re101-pygmy-75anyone here15:31
lotuspsychje!btrfs | re101-pygmy-7515:32
ubotture101-pygmy-75: Btrfs is a filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is not recommended by default, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs15:32
re101-pygmy-75Actually i am in debian don't have irc acc to for debian channel15:33
re101-pygmy-75enabling repair mode15:33
re101-pygmy-75 Do not use --repair unless you are advised to do so by a developer15:33
re101-pygmy-75 or an experienced user, and then only after having accepted that no15:33
re101-pygmy-75 fsck can successfully repair all types of filesystem corruption. Eg.15:33
re101-pygmy-75 some software or hardware bugs can fatally damage a volume.15:33
lotuspsychjewe can only support ubuntu re101-pygmy-7515:33
lotuspsychjechris64: wich package are you trying to file a bug to?15:33
lotuspsychjere101-pygmy-75: the volunteers in this channel can only support issues regarding ubuntu15:35
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ufukhelp me15:39
lotuspsychje!ask | ufuk15:41
ubottuufuk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:41
chris64lotuspsychje: it's a self-built executable and I do not want to file a bug15:41
chris64lotuspsychje: setting unpackaged=true in ~/.config/apport/settings doesn't seem to work15:41
ufukhallo wie gehts es dir15:47
ufukkannst du deutsch sprechen15:47
lotuspsychje!de | ufuk15:47
ubottuufuk: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kan√§len wird nur Englisch gesprochen. F√ľr deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke f√ľr Dein Verst√§ndnis!15:47
ufukkanIch verwende Ubuntu 18.04, habe das Vesta Control Panel heruntergeladen, aber f√ľr WordPress muss ich PHP 7.4 aktualisieren. K√∂nnen Sie mir helfen?15:48
ravageEnglish only here15:49
leftyfb!eol | ufuk15:49
ubottuufuk: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:49
ufukI am using ubuntu 18.04, I downloaded vesta control panel but for wordpress I need to upgrade php 7.4 can you help me15:49
leftyfbufuk: ubuntu 18.04 is Enf of Life15:49
AngryTomtry updating to 22.0415:50
ravageUpgrade to at least 20.0415:50
leftyfb!eolupgrade | ufuk15:50
ravageBetter 22.04 after that15:50
ravageOr just reinstall15:50
ufukYour site is running on an outdated version of PHP (7.2.24-0ubuntu0.18.04.17), which does not receive security updates. It should be updated.15:51
ufukWhat is PHP and how does it affect my site?15:51
ufukPHP is one of the programming languages used to build WordPress. Newer versions of PHP receive regular security updates and may increase your site’s performance. The minimum recommended version of PHP is 7.4.15:51
leftyfbufuk: you need to upgrade15:51
ufukuso is there a hosting control panel for ubuntu 22.04?15:51
ufukI am trying but I can not15:52
leftyfbufuk: you need to upgrade ubuntu15:52
ufukcan you help from leftyfb team viver15:52
leftyfbufuk: no, that's not what we do here. Not to mention, you're not going to be doing an ubuntu server install over teamviewer15:53
leftyfbufuk: I would highly suggest installing ubuntu 22.04 server from scratch and restore your site configs and files15:53
ash_mdoes anyone know what might be causing this? It only happens with the terminal: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1433479/maximized-windows-become-maximized-behind-launcher15:55
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hwpplayer1hi I upgraded the kernel to 6.2 and tried to activate live kernel patch service by Canonical. Is it the time for that ? Any news ?16:14
leftyfbufuk: please do not PM16:15
ufukSo if I install ubuntu 22.04 minimal server, can I install a hosting panel?16:15
ravagehwpplayer1: not supported yet. hopefully soon16:15
leftyfbufuk: I would not recommend a "hosting panel"16:15
hwpplayer1ravage: But It is a blue icon now. I thought I activated kernel patch service16:16
ravagelet me check. i may not have looked for the status for about a week16:17
leftyfbufuk: are you only interesting in having a website or are you interested in learning how to run a server properly?16:17
hwpplayer1ravage: Okay Thanks16:17
ravagehwpplayer1: livepatch        yes       enabled   Canonical Livepatch service16:18
ravagelooks like it works with 6.2 now16:18
hwpplayer1Because someone said it will be active with 6.x kernel16:18
hwpplayer1ravage: ^16:18
ravageyes there was an official announcement for that16:19
hwpplayer1Thanks ravage16:19
hwpplayer1Do you code ravage ?16:19
ravagei dabble16:19
hwpplayer1Do you hack the kernel I mean ravage16:20
hwpplayer1Okay Thanks ravage16:20
* hwpplayer1 back to work Thanks for the help ravage 16:21
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ash_many way I can go about debugging what's causing my terminal to appear behind the launcher after closing/reopening the lid?17:22
lotuspsychjeash_m: keep a journalctl -f open and see if you can catch any errors there17:24
ash_mlotuspsychje: there are a few things that came up; not sure how relevant they are to the problem; is the fact that `terminal=?` a problem? https://gist.github.com/ash-m/c18206d0d4249cf457bd760533a2eb53#file-gistfile1-txt-L13-L1417:45
ash_mthere's also an fwupd failture17:47
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aknotI recently upgraded to 22.04 from 20.04.  In my desktop environment I have several workspaces.  With 20.04 when I restarted my computer and reopened my web browser as the browser is restoring the previous session the windows would be returned/reopened to the workspace they occupied before the reboot.  Is that not a feature in 22.04?18:35
ravageaknot: i think that feature was never really stable and was removed. there are extensions like https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/4709/another-window-session-manager/18:45
gordonjcpaknot: firefox ought to restore its windows, if you didn't explicitly close it18:56
gordonjcpaknot: it may not put them on the right desktops, it's a bit crap like that18:56
aknotravage: ah, sorry to hear it was removed, it was a good feature.  what was that feature called?18:58
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bigshot00how to run podman in multi-user.target?20:19
tarzeaubigshot00: just run it?20:20
bigshot00i can only access website when i log in20:20
bigshot00i want to access website when no on has logged in20:20
leftyfbbigshot00: what release of ubuntu?20:21
leftyfbbigshot00: how did you install podman?20:21
bigshot00sudo apt install podman20:21
leftyfbbigshot00: how are you starting podman?20:21
bigshot00podman run -d \20:22
bigshot00  --name=fulltextrss \20:22
bigshot00  -p 49161:80 \20:22
bigshot00  --restart always \20:22
bigshot00  docker.io/heussd/fivefilters-full-text-rss:latest20:22
bigshot00mkdir -vp ~/.config/systemd/user20:22
leftyfbrun it as a system service20:22
bigshot00leftyfb, how to do that?20:24
leftyfbbigshot00: please do not PM. Just wait until the "quiet" on your nick expires in a minute or so20:24
leftyfbbigshot00: https://medium.com/@benmorel/creating-a-linux-service-with-systemd-611b5c8b91d620:24
leftyfbfirst result on google for "ubuntu create systemd service"20:24
bigshot00leftyfb, WantedBy=multi-user.target this is what i added20:25
bigshot00but podman "fails to start"!20:25
leftyfbadded to what?20:25
bigshot00ystemd[1]: Failed to start Podman container-8e67e5f5d069f674487241380ab3b6bcd8a3a1378dc69e89c6cf67957c22169b.service.20:25
leftyfbok, look at the logs and troubleshoot what is says is causing the failure20:26
leftyfbjournalctl -u podman20:26
bigshot00leftyfb, https://dpaste.org/uJYdy20:28
leftyfbbigshot00: that log is from at least 3 hours ago20:30
leftyfbif not much longer20:30
bigshot00leftyfb, https://dpaste.org/hgckq20:30
leftyfbdid you try asking in #podman ?20:31
bigshot00no ones answerign20:31
leftyfbI would wait20:31
bigshot00leftyfb, why is changing wantedBy not affecting?20:31
lttlBirdafternoon everyone.20:32
leftyfbbigshot00: you do not need to change that. That isn't your issue20:32
bigshot00leftyfb, what command should i give so that podman starts server at multi-user?20:32
lttlBirdlooking for info configuring multiple nics, with different addresses via netplan.  there are no instuctions that I can find on configuring routes.  entering default (gateway) multiple times causes it to throw errors.20:33
lttlBirdanyone know of some docs for this?20:33
leftyfbbigshot00: WantedBy=default.target    <~~~ this is what you should leave it as20:35
leftyfblttlBird: pastebin how you are adding the routes20:36
leftyfblttlBird: also, what release of ubuntu is this?20:36
lttlBirdleftyfb: I tried adding a nother routes default section.20:37
leftyfblttlBird: pastebin how you are adding the routes20:37
lttlBirdleftyfb: 22.0420:37
bigshot00leftyfb, https://dpaste.org/kPAww20:37
leftyfbbigshot00: systemctl get-default   # what does this give you?20:38
bigshot00leftyfb, ^^20:39
oerheksgraphical.target on a server?20:41
bigshot00yeah how to change that?20:41
leftyfboerheks: seems to be the default these days20:41
leftyfbyou don't need to change it20:41
bigshot00leftyfb, ?20:42
leftyfbthere is no display manager installed so you don't need to worry about it20:42
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