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rbasakbryceh: your multipath-tools Focal sponsorship upload is missing bug references. Please could you take a look?14:06
rbasakmitchdz: ^ FYI14:06
mitchdzYes! I'll look into that right now14:07
rbasakmitchdz: thanks! If the only change is to add them, just ping me here with the update and I can re-upload for you.14:09
mitchdzIs it only for Focal, or the other releases too?14:10
rbasakOnly Focal. I haven't reviewed the other releases fully - it's easiest to do them all at once - but the others do have bug references.14:11
rbasakhttps://trello.com/c/dwCVEaPU/6001-multipath-tools is what I see :)14:11
mitchdzThat's strange, the reference should be there - https://code.launchpad.net/~mitchdz/ubuntu/+source/multipath-tools/+git/multipath-tools/+merge/44758714:12
mitchdzMaybe a weird bug during upload and a reupload will fix it?14:13
rbasakThat's odd14:14
rbasakHere it is in the queue: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/681087400/multipath-tools_0.8.3-1ubuntu2.2_source.changes14:14
rbasakLet me do some digging14:14
mitchdzOn a tangential note, arm64 && ppc64el livecd-rootfs autopkgtest is failing which is blocking my multipath-tools mantic update - https://ubuntu-archive-team.ubuntu.com/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#multipath-tools14:21
rbasakmitchdz: OK so this is interesting. I've not seen this before. What's happening is that your first bullet point in debian/changelog was prefixed by only one space, but the convention is two spaces. As a result, dpkg-genchanges is dropping it when it prepares the Changes: field in the changes file.14:26
rbasakmitchdz: I'll just fix this up for you.14:27
rbasakmitchdz: but you might want to adjust how you edit debian/changelog to avoid this happening. I use "dch" to add an entry. That invokes an editor with the first bullet point already present, and I edit it from there.14:28
rbasakI suspect others do something similar and that's why I've never seen this happen before.14:28
rbasakYou might want to learn the dch command well - it is pretty obtuse but usually has an appropriate mode which should help with this kind of thing.14:29
rbasakSorry this is so obtuse!14:29
rbasakAlso vim (or your editor of choice) syntax colouring sort of helps, but it's not really obvious.14:30
mitchdzAh my apologies, I just created that changelog manually14:31
mitchdzI usually use `dch` or `git-ubuntu.reconstruct-changelog`14:32
rbasakNo worries :)14:32
mitchdzI was always curious what would happen if someone forgot to do the 2 spaces there... Now I know!14:36
rbasakdebian.changelog.ChangelogParseError: Could not parse changelog: Unexpected line while looking for start of change data:  * Do not install init scripts (LP: #2000186)14:38
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2000186 in multipath-tools (Ubuntu Jammy) "update fails on cloud server (invoke-rc.d restart failed) when using an unsupported kernel" [High, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200018614:38
rbasakWell now I'm having fun verifying that what I rejected is identical to the new upload apart from that change :)14:39
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athos@pilot in16:33
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ahasenackLocutusOfBorg: rspamd 3.6-1 is a sync candidate, upstream fixed the -latomic issue that made the riscv64 build fail17:48
ahasenackjust waiting for launchpad to ingest it17:48
ahasenackbut if it happens overnight and you happen to see it...17:48
ahasenackah, wait17:49
ahasenackthere is still the -Bsymbolic-functions delta :/17:49
ahasenacktjaalton: hi, is it doabla to get dogtag-pki to use tomcat10 before feature freeze?18:11
ahasenackis there an upstream patch/update or something like it?18:11
EickmeyerI filed bug 2030902, got some major grub issues.18:29
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Bug 2030902 in grub2 (Ubuntu Mantic) "grub-pc 2.12~rc1-4ubuntu1 fails to install/upgrade" [Critical, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/203090218:29
Eickmeyerjuliank: Have you heard anything about upgrade/installation issues with this?18:31
juliankEickmeyer: there's no valuable information in the bug18:33
juliankYou only quote the outcome but not the reason why it's failing18:33
Eickmeyerjuliank: Right, I was wondering if you had heard any other information. I'm not getting any valuable information as to why it's failing.18:34
juliankIt should be failing in a postinst script or something which dpkg should have told you about much earlier18:34
juliankSo you really want to attach /var/log/apt/term.log for examplr18:35
EickmeyerHmmm... I think I see what's going on. It's not grub, it's ubuntustudio-lowlatency-settings. We make sure lowlatency is always the #1 selection if there's more than one flavor. It can't find it, so it's failing.18:36
juliankI'm only aware of zfs setups failing18:36
juliankThe flavour selection support in grub also isn't there yet18:36
juliankThe GRUB_FLAVOR_ORDER or what's it called18:36
Eickmeyerjuliank: That's new then, we had a very hacky way of doing it.18:37
EickmeyerFrom *years* ago.18:38
juliankFlavour ordering was introduced in 20.04 I think for OEM18:38
EickmeyerYeah. This was clear back in 18.10.18:38
juliankIt's coming back by 24.04 the latest, it's not the highest priority for 23.10 right now as it's undocumented and used by OEM only which only is a thing on LTS18:39
juliankI think I subconsciously came up with a solution by now though.18:40
juliank(it was modifying the old CMP style function, but grub now uses sort -V, so needs porting)18:41
Eickmeyerjuliank: Who would I ping about gettingg GRUB_FLAVOR_ORDER prioritized a little and made available for non-LTS releases (basically, kept in the code and not removed)?20:12
juliankEickmeyer: I will take care of that next week20:15
Eickmeyerjuliank: Oh, ok! :)20:15
athos@pilot out20:42
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LocutusOfBorgahasenack, maybe we can see if armhf is fixed with a sync?21:50
LocutusOfBorgand then merge if fails21:50
blucabdmurray: the webhooks to trigger systemd autopkgtest are failing with "HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error", known issue?23:37
ahasenackLocutusOfBorg: I'm giving 3.6-1 a run in a ppa first23:59

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