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ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (zeroadrenaline repeated auto away messages)15:21
sarnoldI warned zeroadrenaline a few days ago, next instance of it feels like it's fair to ban18:58
ubottuleftyfb called the ops in #ubuntu (untre)21:40
elwhat the actual...21:42
Unit193hur dur Chinese bad?21:43
elat least they didn't invite them to the _other_ place.21:45
Unit193I'm trying the "presume he's really lost, then ban him" approach, as per my usual. :321:46
elbut by taking the fun out of it for the troll you're taking the fun out of it for the reporter too!21:51
Unit193Well I suspect he'll wait until he thinks I'm gone, then keep trying with his "jokes".21:52
EickmeyerLet's not forget about lefty being the topic cop once again.23:27
Eickmeyeraka less-than-helpful-lefty.23:27
Unit193Doesn't mean he's always wrong, though. :P23:32
EickmeyerNo, but before dismissing outright, he could've investigated the heart of the matter as you did.23:33
Unit193Oh he *never* does that. :)23:33

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