habyspexpect is real, but while I feel confortable putting pw hashes in my scripts, I don't want to touch the real pw. I'm going to see if I can inject the pw hash directly in the shadow file from a script in late-commands00:11
habyshahha that is working00:28
habysI should open a bug... but first I should try to reproduce with a minimal viable config.. not sure I have the energy to draft it00:29
sarnold*nod* I know how that goes. that more or less describes my first shot at cloud-init..00:44
minimalsarnold: cloud-init isn't that bad...01:07
sarnoldminimal: thankfully the documentation has improved immensely since my early attempts01:09
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nateDoes anyone by chance have a netplan config handy that shows how to force an outbound IPv6 address with multiple IPv6 addresses bound to the system?  I have found many supposed ones but none work, the system just keeps sending outbound traffic over what was formerly the SLAAC address (now configured statically)11:04
natehttps://paste.st-projects.com/0velr3f9uvl4v6yformq this is the insanity I'm currently at with no success, my like 7th iteration attempt at getting this to work lol11:07
athosFYI: https://salsa.debian.org/postgresql/postgresql/-/commit/d3cdc3decf7d30fca79ebdcfbaffb9d504be0466 - patch to workaround tzdata issue. I will let this sync and apply the llvm-15 pinning patch on top of it as soon as it gets into debian unstable11:38
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Commit d3cdc3d in postgresql/postgresql "Test-Depend on tzdata-legacy."11:38
athosCc sergiodj 11:38
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sergiodjthanks, athos16:23
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SpaceBassIm trying to mount a kerbeized nfsv4 mount in 22.04 as a user and running into trouble. No matter what I try, I get:  mount.nfs: failed to apply fstab options17:16
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sarnoldSpaceBass: is there anything in dmesg?18:58
habysnate: you are using two /64s? 2600:3c03::/64 and 2600:3c03:e000:aed::/64 ?20:52
habysthat doesn't look right20:53
habysbut it's possible it's correct, I just am skeptical20:53
habysalso your 2600:3c03::/64 (if you really have that) doesn't have a route20:54
habysoh I guess those are external.. that threw me off.21:15

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