EickmeyerOvenWrks: New version of grub in mantic broke 09_lowlatency. Had to remove it, but I put it in /usr/share/ubuntustudio. When you can, would you mind fixing it? You might consider a meld with 10_linux to see what changed. 20:10
Eickmeyerjuliank mentioned a variable that might help us out called GRUB_FLAVOR_ORDER but that is undocumented and was introduced in 20.04 and was only available for the LTS releases.20:11
EickmeyerOvenWrks: I just got juliank to prioritize that variable, so it will be as easy as making something in /etc/default/grub.d and putting GRUB_FLAVOR_ORDER="lowlatency,generic" or something that in there.20:21
EickmeyerEliminates the need for 09_lowlatency altogether.20:21
OvenWrksEickmeyer: Yeah, At this point I would just remove 09_ and be happy. Flavour_ORDER sounds like the way to go. I was never happy with our solution... maybe better than nothing but in the studio iso it should make no difference anyway if only lowlatency is installed. It was just for "other" flavours.22:08
OvenWrksEickmeyer: do you know is GRUB_FLAVOR_ORDER= is a Ubuntu thing or a grub thing? Has it been upstreamed?22:14
EickmeyerOvenWrks: Ubuntu thing. It was originally meant for OEMs, but juliank is implementing it so that one can order which flavors get priority.22:15
OvenWrksIt was on my to do list to do something like that and send it upstream22:15
EickmeyerThe rationale is that only Ubuntu carries an OEM kernel.22:15
EickmeyerSo, it's not useful to upstream.22:15
EickmeyerOn a related note, the lowlatency kernel *may* become the default kernel, from what I understand, everywhere.22:17
OvenWrksI happen to dissagree. There are enough drop in kernels out there to make it worth while upstream... but it's not my code.22:17
EickmeyerRight. Thing is it's going to be looking for specific strings in the kernel name that may or may not apply to drop-in kernels.22:19
OvenWrksWith a variable, the user can insert any name. If no name match, latest wins22:20
EickmeyerBack later. Gotta take Yf to a dr appt.22:20
EickmeyerOvenWrks: I'm in the waiting room at my Yf's dr. As I understand it, the variable will only look for strings like lowlatency oem aws generic etc. in a comma-separated format. Fedora, for instance, doesn't carry any other kernel flavors, so that wouldn't apply to them, so I'm having a tough time  understanding how this would apply to other distros.23:19

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