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holmanbmeena: nice job! \o/16:50
MingheHello, my name is Minghe and I am a developer from Mariner Team. Currently we are using cloud-init 23.2 and we have two fails on the unit test for our ARM64 system. Can someone take a look at it and might know the reason? Thanks!20:25
MingheThe tests failing while building are: test_gi_excludes_stolen_macs and test_gi_includes_duplicate_macs20:27
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="self = <tests.unittests.test_net.TestGetInterfaces testMethod=test_gi_excludes_stolen_macs>"20:35
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="    def test_gi_excludes_stolen_macs(self):"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="        self._mock_setup()"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="        ret = net.get_interfaces()"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="        self.mocks[\"interface_has_own_mac\"].assert_has_calls("20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="            [mock.call(\"enp0s1\"), mock.call(\"bond1\")], any_order=True"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="        )"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="        expected = ["20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="            (\"enp0s2\", \"aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:02\", \"e1000\", \"0x5\"),"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="            (\"enp0s1\", \"aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:01\", \"virtio_net\", \"0x4\"),"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="            (\"eth1\", \"aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:01\", \"mlx4_core\", \"0x6\"),"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="            (\"lo\", \"00:00:00:00:00:00\", None, \"0x8\"),"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="            (\"bridge1-nic\", \"aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:03\", None, \"0x3\"),"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="        ]"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg=">       self.assertEqual(sorted(expected), sorted(ret))"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="E       AssertionError: Lists differ: [('br[147 chars]), ('eth1', 'aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:01', 'mlx4_core', [44 chars]x8')] != [('br[147 chars]), ('lo', '00:00:00:00:00:00', None, '0x8')]"20:36
Minghetime="2023-08-05T13:27:01Z" level=debug msg="E       "20:36
MingheSorry the I am not able to attach the screenshot here. Seems the feature is not functioning20:37
sarnoldbtw, it's better to use a pastebin site like https://paste.debian.net/ and just share the link here20:37
sarnoldimages can be hosted on imgur.com20:38
meenaMinghe: this is IRC. it's all text based. but pasting 20 lines of debug log in here isn't great for following discussions20:38
MingheSorry about that, here is the link to error msg: https://paste.debian.net/128853220:43
sarnoldmuch better, thanks :)20:43
Minghewe only see this on ARM64 system, x86 is OK20:45
sarnolddo your arm64 systems have mellanox cards in them?20:46
MingheI am not sure about this but why?20:49
minimal sarnold: this is testcases failure, not on a real machine20:50
meenapatched python3.9 unittest run: 10 test failures.21:14
meenawhich i guess means the netlink errors are fixed, since I'm not seeing any of those21:29
sarnoldminimal: hah, so is it checking one way of mocking an interface with a second way of mocking an interface?22:09
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Issue 4332 in canonical/cloud-init "util.py: get_proc_env() doesn't work on FreeBSD" [Open]22:10
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Issue 4333 in canonical/cloud-init "stop using date(1) to parse date/time stamps." [Open]22:18
minimalsarnold: it is mocking some stuff then calling some cloud-init code (which uses the mocked stuff) and the result doesn't match what was expected for some reason22:27
sarnoldminimal: ah, okay, so it's a much more useful test than I expected, cool cool22:29
minimalit seems to be expecting info about 5 interfaces but the test returns info on 4 interfaces22:29
meenahttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/4334 not the best i can do, but let's see, maybe I'll fix the that whole test failureā€¦22:43
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 4334 in canonical/cloud-init "cc_mounts: xfs is a Linux only FS" [Open]22:43
Mingheminimal Could it due to python version?22:45
Mingheshould I file a bug on this?22:47
minimalyou would need to provide more information22:47
minimalI don't have any test failures on aarch64 for Alpine Linux22:48
minimalif you open an Issue you'd need to provide logs, details of OS, and cloud-init version etc22:48

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