user|6Hello. I have a SD SanDisk MicroSD adapter that I plugged into my computer and it does not show the SD in the Disks and Devices. Where do I find it?01:55
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iomari892greetings, is there  repository that can give me nftables 1.0.8 on 23.04?09:05
iomari892nevermind. It seems I'll have to compile from source.09:13
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Is there a fix yet for the 'Activate and raise' in Wayland not working with panels yet?09:27
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Guest13hey mates!10:23
Guest13why i cant save files to my hdd?10:23
Guest13thank you already!10:24
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Guest13is anybody here?10:44
Guest13i really need help =)10:44
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Your home drive or external drive? What happens exactly? (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> why i cant save files to my hdd?)10:50
Guest13i have ssd and hdd10:51
Guest13kubuntu is on ssd and hdd is for storage10:51
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> What is your system installed on?10:51
Guest13ircsomebot are you here?10:52
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> ? You have a persistent usb? Kubuntu is installed to a USB and not to the ssd or hdd?10:53
Guest13kubuntu is installed to ssd10:53
Guest13i used usb to install kubuntu10:53
Guest13so how i can take my hdd to use? i want save files to it10:53
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Ok. So, have you formated the hdd with ext4 then given it read/write permission?10:54
Guest13yea i formated it and it seems like the file is ext410:54
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Have you chmod 777 the drive?10:55
Guest13i dont understand what is chmod 777?10:55
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> That is what you need then! I will see if I can post you a guide.10:56
Guest13take the easiest guide that you can get10:57
Guest13ircsomebot are you here?11:00
DragonslicerGuest13- if you know how, the easiest way to check is to open Konsole, go to the directory where the hard drive is mounted, and run "ls -al"11:24
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> sudo chown yourusername: /media/mountpoint11:25
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Substituting yourusername and mountpoint as appropriate. (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> take the easiest guide that you can get)11:25
DragonslicerOtherwise, you can open Dolphin, go to the directory where the hard drive is mounted, right-click a blank space in the window, and go to Properties -> Permissions11:25
Guest13i cant change permissions11:26
Guest13i tried11:26
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> That would require Dolphin to be root, no? (re @IrcsomeBot: <Dragonslicer> Otherwise, you can open Dolphin, go to the directory where the hard drive is mounted, right-click a blank space in the window, and go to Properties -> Permissions)11:26
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Which is cannot do.11:26
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Which it cannot do.11:26
DragonslicerWho's the owner of the directory?11:27
DragonslicerIf it's root, then you'll need to change the owner as root11:27
Guest13help me with konsole commands11:28
Guest13what i should type?11:28
DragonslicerDo you know what directory the hard drive is at?11:28
Guest13how i check that11:28
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Open Dolphin, go to your filesystem and media. Find the name of the drive.11:28
Guest13there is 2 hard drives ssd and hdd11:29
Guest13location to my hdd is /media/anwar11:30
DragonslicerTry "ls -al /dev/disk/by-id/ata*"11:30
DragonslicerHopefully that will list only your hard drive11:30
Guest13ls: cannot access '/dev/disk/by-id/ata': No such file or directory11:30
DragonslicerDid you include the *11:30
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> sudo chown yourusername-anwar?: /media/anwar11:31
Guest13well i did the command11:31
Guest13what now?11:31
DragonslicerRun "ls -al /media/anwar"11:32
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Did you put in your username? (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> well i did the command)11:32
Guest13i did ls al/media/anwar what now?11:32
DragonslicerWhat's the first entry? It should end with just .11:33
Guest13ls -al /media/anwar11:33
Guest13total 1811:33
Guest13drwxr-x---+ 5 root  root  4096 elo     9 23:05  .11:33
Guest13drwxr-xr-x  3 root  root  4096 elo     2 00:10  ..11:33
Guest13drwxr-xr-x  3 root  root  4096 elo     4 12:50  2c45b438-8d3d-4a1b-a035-d1fadd98b2e611:33
Guest13dr-xr-xr-x  1 anwar anwar 2048 helmi  23 06:44 'Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS amd64'11:33
Guest13drwxr-xr-x  4 root  root  4096 elo     1 20:55  writable11:33
DragonslicerRun "sudo chown anwar:anwar /media/anwar"11:34
Guest13nothing happens11:35
DragonslicerIf that doesn't change the owner, run "sudo chown -v anwar:anwar /media/anwar"11:35
DragonslicerDoes "ls -al" still show it as owned by root?11:36
DragonslicerBy default, chown doesn't output anything11:36
Guest13so is it now changed?11:37
Guest13can i now use hdd?11:37
DragonslicerDoes "ls -al" show that the owner is anwar?11:38
Guest13drwxr-xr-x  3 root  root this is the only root i found11:38
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Test it! Can you create a directory?11:38
Guest13i cant move files from ssd to hdd11:38
Guest13still not working11:39
Guest13and i cant create folder11:39
Guest13would be awesome if you can help with this problem11:39
BluesKajHi all11:40
DragonslicerRun: ls -al /home/. | grep -e " \.$" -11:40
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Try "Chmod 777 /media/anwar"11:40
DragonslicerRun: ls -al /media/anwar | grep -e " \.$" -11:40
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Try "chmod 777 /media/anwar"11:41
DragonslicerWhat does that output?11:41
Dragonslicerchmod 777 is probably a bad idea11:41
DragonslicerAnd it definitely won't help, since it's already rwx for the owner11:41
Guest13ls -al /media/anwar | grep -e " \.$11:41
Guest13i tried this nothing happens11:42
DragonslicerPress ctrl-c11:42
DragonslicerSince you have an unclosed quotation mark11:42
DragonslicerMake sure you copied the entire command11:42
Dragonslicerls -al /media/anwar | grep -e " \.$" -11:42
Guest13drwxrwxrwx+ 5 anwar anwar 4096 elo     9 23:05 .11:43
Guest13this what it says11:43
IrcsomeBot<lenny_kidd> Anyone tested ASUS ROG Strix G16 (2023) with Kubuntu ?11:43
DragonslicerFirst, let's fix the potential security problem11:44
Dragonslicerchmod 755 /media/anwar11:44
Guest13nothing happens11:44
DragonslicerThe output of ls doesn't change?11:44
Guest13nothing show after that command11:45
DragonslicerThat's fine11:45
IrcsomeBot<Lepes0> Me.  I don't call it lag, it is artifact, most noticeable  when watching youtube videos. I'm on nvidia 535.86.05, it works better than 525, but I also have some artifacts.  I did a TimeShift so I can test new drivers and come back (hope it works...., didn't go back yet). (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest71> Anyone else have desktop lag using an nvidia gpu?)11:45
DragonslicerRun the ls command again to see if it changed11:45
Guest13only ls?11:46
Dragonslicerls -al11:46
DragonslicerOr the longer command I gave before, if you want it to only show the one line11:46
Guest13i used ls -al11:47
Guest13drwxr-xr-x  3 root  root    4096 elo     1 21:0511:47
Guest13this is only root i see11:47
DragonslicerNo, sorry11:47
DragonslicerYou aren't looking for root11:47
DragonslicerYou're looking for the line that ends with .11:47
DragonslicerThat shows the owner and permissions for /media/anwar11:48
Dragonslicerls -al /media/anwar11:49
DragonslicerTry this11:52
Dragonslicertouch /media/anwar/test.txt11:53
Guest13touch /media/anwar/test.txt<- nothing happens11:54
Dragonslicerls -al /media/anwar11:54
DragonslicerIf test.txt is there, then you have permission to write to the directory11:54
Guest13-rw-rw-r--  1 anwar anwar    0 elo    10 14:53  test.txt11:55
DragonslicerThere you go11:56
Guest13i still cant create folder in hdd11:56
Guest13Dragonslicer what i do now?11:58
DragonslicerTry this11:59
Dragonslicermkdir /media/anwar/test11:59
Guest13nothing happens12:00
DragonslicerIf that works, you can create directories12:00
DragonslicerI have to leave. Looks like the problem is solved though.12:00
DragonslicerGood luck!12:00
IrcsomeBot<lenny_kidd> If i made a backup for generic data in Kubuntu like the Pictures file or the Music etc. Can i restore the backup in Gnome ?12:09
IrcsomeBot<lenny_kidd> the backup is made using the KDE backup tool in the settings12:10
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> The commands that Dragonslicer has given you look to have worked. When you say, 'nothing happens' - if you mean nothing happens in the terminal then that is good. It means the command was successful. If it was not then you would get an error message. If you go to the drive you should now see a directory named 'test' and a file named test.txt. (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> nothing happens)12:10
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> The general backups tools for Linux use rsync underneath. Kup/bup - if that is what you are using -use another method. You would have to see if Kup/bup are available on Gnome. (re @lenny_kidd: the backup is made using the KDE backup tool in the settings)12:16
IrcsomeBot<debris30> Hello, do you know when kubuntu 22.04.3 LTS will be released? I found this image https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/jammy/daily-live/current/ but it's not on the official kubuntu download page yet12:16
IrcsomeBot<debris30> Hello, do you guys know when kubuntu 22.04.3 LTS will be released? I found this image https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/jammy/daily-live/current/ but it's not on the official kubuntu download page yet12:17
Guest13ircsomebot what i should do now? cant see any folders or files12:18
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Make sure you are in the media directory. : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/581c16d6/file_67858.jpg12:20
Guest13media is in ssd12:22
Guest13not in hdd12:22
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Yes, and the hdd should be mounted there. Can you enter that anwar directory? (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> media is in ssd)12:24
Guest13i can enter12:27
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> and can you see the test.txt file?12:27
Guest13yes i see it12:28
Guest13its inside my ssd12:28
Guest13not in hdd12:28
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Then you now have read/write permission to the hdd!12:28
Guest13so i can create folder in hdd?12:28
Guest13or move files to hdd?12:28
Guest13cant move any files to hdd12:29
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Perhaps just drag it over from the media mount to places on the left so you have easy access.12:30
Guest13what i should do now? i cant move files to hdd... it says that we cant create folder12:31
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Is it an internal drive. If so, then you will also want it to automount. This will require adding the drive to the fstab file.12:31
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> ??? You already created files - so it is working. What exactly are you trying to do? (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> what i should do now? i cant move files to hdd... it says that we cant create folder)12:32
Guest13i drag movie from ssd to hdd and it says we cant move12:32
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> 😕12:34
Guest13and in inside hdd i cant create any folders12:35
Guest13it doesnt even give chance to add new folders12:35
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Go to the directory with the movie and try  "sudo cp moviefile /media/anwar/12:36
Guest13doesnt work12:37
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> What was the print?12:38
Guest13cp: cannot stat 'moviefile': No such file or directory12:38
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Where is you movie file?12:38
Guest13in ssd12:38
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> In the home directory, downloads, Videos?12:39
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> and your terminal is opened in home user?12:40
Guest13i guess so12:40
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> /home/anwar  ?12:40
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Open Dolphin. Go to the directory with the movie. Hit F412:42
Guest13i did it12:42
Guest13konsole is now open12:42
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> sudo cp moviefile /media/anwar/  - making sure to put in the moviefile name where the command has moviefile12:43
Guest13is ok if i change name to hello or something like that12:44
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> The name of the movie? It does not matter as long as you type the correct name.12:45
Guest13cp: -r not specified; omitting directory 'hello'12:45
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Are you trying to move a directory or just the movie?12:46
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> sudo cp -r moviefile /media/anwar/12:46
Guest13nothing happens12:48
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> If nothing happens in Konsole that is good. Have you checked /media/anwar/ ?12:49
Guest13left up corner12:50
Guest13it says its inside ssd12:50
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> So things are copying across. I do not know why you cannot drag!12:52
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Have you tried splitting Dolphin and dragging or just right click copy and paste?12:53
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Perhaps detach and re-attach your hdd or reboot and see if dragging works!12:54
Guest13ok bot see you soon12:55
Guest13i boot12:55
Guest13ircsomebot hello12:59
Guest13it doesnt work...12:59
Guest13there you see permissions13:02
Guest13ircsomebot are you here?13:07
Guest13how i can unlock hdd?13:08
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> I have nothing else for you, sorry! https://youtu.be/AeR8Rk5LwWU Good luck! (re @IrcsomeBot: <Guest13> ircsomebot are you here?)13:12
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