zwelchHi all, I run a local ubuntu mirror of focal/jaunty, and my apt-mirror script decided today to (re-?)downloading 170GB of files.  Over a 20mbit connection no less.  Anyone know why this happened?01:56
hloeungzwelch, no idea, probably best switch to using `rsync` for mirroring?02:13
zwelchi know apt-mirror has been unmaintained for a long time; I have had to work out new patches with each of the past several LTS releases.  but does this mean that it's now officially recognized as broken/discouraged/unsupported?02:18
hloeungyou're probably best asking in the Ubuntu support channel on whether `apt-mirror` is `broken/discouraged/unsupported`02:21
hloeungIIUC, it has always been encouraged to use `rsync` for mirror operators to keep their mirrors in sync with the main ones we operate02:21
zwelchincidentally, all of the files being downloaded are hosted on security.ubuntu.com02:22
zwelchI started mirroring a long long time ago, and I believe apt-mirror was the officially recommended tool to use.02:23
hloeunghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors?action=recall&rev=443 - this goes back to 201002:29
zwelchi started mirror long before that :) 02:29
hloeungI honestly don't know how far back the recommendation to use `rsync` goes02:30
hloeungbut yeah, not something we support02:31
hloeunganyways, I'll leave it here :)02:31
zwelchNo worries.  It sounds like I just need to bite the bullet and switch to an rsync-based script.02:42
zwelchLooking at the ubumirror project, it looks like an rsync solution requires a full mirror of all active versions?  apt-mirror allowed me to only download the files for the distros that I'm using; is there an rsync-based solution that can do that?02:51
zwelchi.e. how do i mirror only those files required for focal/jaunty?02:51
sarnoldzwelch: you can probably skip cloning security.ubuntu.com entirely, the usual archive mirrors get the security updates, too19:26
sarnoldzwelch: the extra security.ubuntu.com is so people can get security updates more rapidly, in case their local country mirror syncs daily or weekly or something with a lot of extra latency19:27
zwelchsarnold: That's interesting.  How long has that been true?  Curious to know how long I've been downloading and storing security updates twice.... :)20:01
maswanhmm.. I think I remember this change being introduced, maybe around ubuntu 10-12 somewhere?20:02
zwelchi think i set up my mirror around 6 or 8, so "nearly the entire time"  :)20:03
sarnoldzwelch: heh, that's a good question :) It's been this way since 2012 anyway20:08

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