Mathisenhello! anyone using ubuntu landscape ?? am i blind or where do i actialy add new alerts does it not exist anymore ?07:34
Mathiseni want to make a new alert that will notifiy for example if the disk is not encrypted. i know i can a script for this. but i want it to be actual alert so it alerts if this is the case07:37
lotuspsychje!landscape | Mathisen 10:43
ubottuMathisen: Landscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/10:43
lotuspsychjeMathisen: maybe also browse the blogs and discourse threads like https://ubuntu.com//blog/planning-phased-ubuntu-22-04-enterprise-desktop-upgrades-with-landscape10:44
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Mathisenlotuspsychje, i have read all the docs i can find and it seem landscape does not suport this. and this is really strange.. atleast i thing so i mean if they have so you can run scripts against clients why on earth! no make it posible to scheduel these like a normal cronjob14:07
Mathisenso our company is now looking into alternatives puppet or chef. but by all means if im wrong please correct me as we like landscape otherwise 14:08
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