de-factohow can i get rid of the spam during apt upgrade?03:18
de-facto"Get more security updates through Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:"03:18
de-factoupgrading nodejs >= 18 makes the error with nodejs build go away but matplotlib still is broken03:27
de-factooops wrong channel03:28
toddcde-facto: sudo rm /etc/update-motd.d/88-esm-announce and sudo systemctl disable ubuntu-advantage03:31
de-factothat file does not exist on my system03:34
de-factoadvertisement spam still is there on "apt upgrade"03:35
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dlamdoes anyone know how to check if 'mail' will use 'ssmtpd' instead of 'postfix'??04:02
rboxls -lh /usr/sbin/sendmail04:02
dlamthanks thanks!04:04
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ApostleInTriumphHello, I'm having troubles with Ubuntu 22.04 and fractional scaling on my second monitor. The fonts are too small and I want to enlarge to 125%. It instead gets to 200% all windows exceeding the monitor dimension. Does anyone else face this?06:32
vsevoI think I have found 2 bugs in Ubuntu that I wanted to submit, but it was suggested to ask help in this chat first06:39
vsevoHere's the first bug's description: When using the Russian keyboard layout on the login screen, the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+A" (to select all) doesn't work as expected. This can lead to inconvenience when trying to select text in input fields during login.06:39
vsevoHere's the second bug's description: Upon locking and unlocking the computer, certain windows, particularly observed in apps like gedit and the terminal, seem to be placed under the Launcher panel on the left side of the screen. This results in obscured content and requires repositioning of the affected windows to regain visibility.06:39
vsevoI'm off to lunch, will read it when I get back06:40
ApostleInTriumphHello, I'm having troubles with Ubuntu 22.04 and fractional scaling on my second monitor. The fonts are too small and I want to enlarge to 125%. It instead gets to 200% all windows exceeding the monitor dimension. Does anyone else face this?06:51
rfmApostleInTriumph, Yeah, fractional scaling has never worked for me in Gnome.  I use Xubuntu (Xfce) and it's much better.07:02
ApostleInTriumphrfm how do I change to that?07:03
rfmApostleInTriumph, apt install xubuntu-desktop and choose from the login screen might work, though kicking out gdm and replacing with lightdm might help.  I would just wipe and reinstall, but I have all important data off on a server so desktops are fru'.s,,,07:05
ApostleInTriumphrfm ah yes, i'll change to lightdm07:14
ApostleInTriumphand will get back! thanks07:14
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vsevoI still have my question about two bugs I've found. I'll repeat it07:41
vsevoI think I have found 2 bugs in Ubuntu that I wanted to submit, but it was suggested to ask help in this chat first07:41
vsevoHere's the first bug's description: When using the Russian keyboard layout on the login screen, the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+A" (to select all) doesn't work as expected. This can lead to inconvenience when trying to select text in input fields during login.07:42
vsevoHere's the second bug's description: Upon locking and unlocking the computer, certain windows, particularly observed in apps like gedit and the terminal, seem to be placed under the Launcher panel on the left side of the screen. This results in obscured content and requires repositioning of the affected windows to regain visibility.07:42
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barewoodHello! Did someone tried to install Ubuntu on iMac 2011?08:50
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iomari892greetings, is there  repository that can give me nftables 1.0.8 on 23.04?09:05
EriC^^!info nftables lunar09:10
ubottunftables (1.0.6-2, lunar): Program to control packet filtering rules by Netfilter project. In component main, is standard. Built by nftables. Size 67 kB / 176 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)09:10
EriC^^iomari892: ^ 23.04 version09:11
iomari892That's want I have now. So the only way is to compile from source?09:12
EriC^^i suppose so09:12
iomari892ok. No problem. Thanks09:12
EriC^^no problem09:12
Dualityhey all09:46
lotuspsychjewelcome Duality09:53
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vsevoI think I have found 2 bugs in Ubuntu that I wanted to submit, but it was suggested to ask help in this chat first10:54
vsevo1: When using the Russian keyboard layout on the login screen, the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+A" (to select all) doesn't work as expected. This can lead to inconvenience when trying to select text in input fields during login;10:54
vsevo2: Upon locking and unlocking the computer, certain windows, particularly observed in apps like gedit and the terminal, are getting placed under the Launcher panel on the left side of the screen. This results in obscured content and requires repositioning of the affected windows to regain visibility.10:54
DualityI am running a rpi4 with ubuntu server 22.04 and want to make use of sctp now I tried running lsmod to see if the modules were loaded and they are not, how do I get those modules into the kernel? I have another pi4 with ubuntu 21.04 (probably server not sure at all really) and its lsmod shows sctp modules11:11
Dualitybut I can't find anything on the 21.04 command history that indicates that that user installed those modules somehow11:12
waveformDuality, that may be one of the modules that was split into linux-modules-extra-raspi -- I'll just check11:14
waveformDuality, yup looks like it was -- if you "sudo apt install linux-modules-extra-raspi" you should be able to use it11:15
Dualitywaveform: wow thanks, I would have never figured that one out!11:19
Dualityhow did you check that by the way, for future reference for myself :)11:19
waveformDuality, with: "apt-file search /sctp.ko | grep -- -raspi"11:22
waveform(knowing it's a kernel module, so it'll have a .ko suffix, and limiting the output to kernel packages with the -raspi suffix as it'll probably appear in a ton of different kernel packages but we only care about the raspi specific ones)11:22
waveformbut it was also an educated guess on my part as the split of modules into modules-extra has led to quite a few questions like this -- it's why I started including an entry about it in the release notes (https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/jammy-jellyfish-release-notes/24668 -- but I realize the lack of an index on these makes them almost unusable, so I don't blame people for not reading them!)11:26
BluesKajHi all11:40
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Maarten-LaptopHello, I tried to install ubuntu on a laptop which I believe has eMMC storage on which ubuntu is now installed. It completed without any errors but on booting the laptop didn´t detect any operating system.11:59
Maarten-Laptop¨I believe has eMMC storage¨ because it shows up in disks as ¨SD Card Reader¨11:59
gordonjcpMaarten-Laptop: is it possible to boot off the SD card reader?12:06
gordonjcpMaarten-Laptop: you'd need to check that it's set to do that in the BIOS12:06
Maarten-Laptopgordonjcp: it´s the only storage in the laptop which came with Windows installed, thus yet it has proven possible to boot from it12:07
Maarten-Laptopgordonjcp: ok I tried running boot-repair and I got an error12:09
Maarten-LaptopError: NVram is locked (Ubuntu not found in efibootmgr).12:10
Maarten-LaptopIs there supposed to be no efi folder in /boot if there is only a single install?12:10
Maarten-Laptopgordonjcp: Apparently there´s two entries in the boot menu and the first one doesn´t work (probably from an earlier failed attempt?) but the second does12:27
gordonjcpMaarten-Laptop: this sounds like a legacy vs uefi boot thing12:31
Maarten-Laptopgordonjcp: it seems to be only an old efi entry no?12:32
Maarten-Laptopgordonjcp: I removed two entries called ¨Linux¨ using efibootmgr but one came back12:34
Maarten-Laptopgordonjcp: in /boot/efi/EFI there´s only BOOT and ubuntu, no linux folder there.12:36
Maarten-LaptopIn the bios there´s two entries.. ¨1. Linux¨ and ¨2. EMMC: CJNB4R64G¨, could that mean that the BOOT folder contains the ¨linux¨ entry and it defaults to that?12:48
Maarten-LaptopIt actually appears to be so, running efibootmgr -v shows that the Linux entry refers to \EFI\Boot\grubx64.efi13:00
waveformMaarten-Laptop, I've got jammy installed on my little acer laptop which has 64GB of eMMC inside it as the only storage, but I did have to disable secure boot to get it on there and I *think* it's still using legacy boot instead of EFI; I'll grab it and have a look in a mo13:15
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: thanks, it is installed and working b.t.w. so that´s not the issue13:16
waveformoh, I'm mistaken -- it is booting off EFI13:21
waveformand yes, it shows up as "SD Card Reader" in disks for me too13:21
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: I had not seen your reply until now, the problem is that there is an entry called ¨linux¨ as well as an entry ¨ubuntu¨ in the f12 boot menu, but the linux one is broken and is before the ubuntu one. I removed it from efibootmgr but it came back, the location (using efibootmgr -v) of the linux entry is \EFI\Boot\grubx64.efi.13:46
Maarten-LaptopAccording to the internet \EFI\Boot is the fallback folder. Not sure if it may be removed or not, not sure if only removing grux64.efi from \EFI\Boot is safe either.13:47
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waveformMaarten-Laptop, ah -- okay, I'll take a look in a mo, just got a meeting to attend but it should be a short one14:00
waveformMaarten-Laptop, okay -- apparently I've forgotten everything about how I installed this one as it appears it *is* using secure boot; efi is pointing at shimx64: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mQjn8PN9Nw/14:17
waveformand here's what's on the ESP: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MvQRVwWWCD/ (so apparently having just BOOT and ubuntu is "normal" there)14:18
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: I tried running boot-repair as well and it claimed successful repair, but didn´t change anything.14:20
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: if you go to the f12 boot menu do you also have both the entries linux and ubuntu or only one?14:20
waveformI'm not sure if it's F12 on here but let me see ...14:21
waveformMaarten-Laptop, ah, it was F12 but it was disabled in the bios which I'd also nearly forgotten the password for ... doh! Anyway, only "ubuntu" is in the F12 menu14:31
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: could you upload the pastes you shared to any other site that doesn´t require me to sign up or is that not allowed here?14:33
waveformMaarten-Laptop, oh sorry -- sure, it's just my default setting on pastebinit. Just a mo ...14:34
waveformMaarten-Laptop, https://bpa.st/2YYA14:35
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: thanks, the /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT folder has different contents for me14:36
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: BOOTX64.EFI is in lowercase bootx64.efi, fbx64.efi and mmx64.efi I have too, other than that I also have bkpbootx64.efi and grubx64.efi (which efibootmgr -v lists as the path for ¨Boot0001* Linux¨)14:38
waveformI would hazard a guess (I'm not so familiar with the PC boot sequence these days) that grubx64.efi is used when secure boot is not enable, and shimx64.efi when it is. I'm not sure the case would matter given the ESP is FAT formatted (case retentive but not sensitive in modern variants), but again I may be wrong about that14:40
waveformI vaguely recall mmx64.efi is something to do with secure boot, but I've no idea what exactly14:41
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: what command did you run to print the file sizes?14:43
waveformMaarten-Laptop, "ls -lR /boot/efi" to recursively list the whole ESP14:43
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: the entries in /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT that are both there on your machine and on my machine are of exactly the same file size in bytes, thus I´d say that´s pretty likely that they are exactly the same files14:45
waveformcertainly sounds likely -- I don't imagine there's that much churn in the shim or GRUB's EFI bits14:46
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: I ran boot-repair which deleted everything inside /boot/efi, should I be concerned?14:51
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: on restart it repaired itself but also the deleted grux64.efi reappeared14:57
Maarten-LaptopCould it be that it is not actually removing it and the bios can still see it?14:57
waveformgiven /boot/efi is the ESP (the EFI system partition which holds the EFI binaries) ... yeah, I'd say deleting everything on there doesn't sound good. Slightly surprised stuff just reappeared14:58
waveformafraid I have to disappear for another meeting but I'll check back after if there's anything else you need me to have a look at on the laptop15:00
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: I deleted both bkpbootx64.efi and grubx64.efi and now it´s gone from the f12 menu15:00
Maarten-Laptopwaveform: thanks for the help15:01
pydevi am using 22.04 i see a very strange behavior on shell, baiscally the scrollbar goes to bottom everytime15:03
pydevi do not know how to go up.....15:03
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jhutchinspyre: Shift-Page Up16:13
jhutchinspyre: Oops.16:13
ApostleInTriumphHi. I'm unable to browse files using SFTP since upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04. What could be going wrong?17:04
rfmApostleInTriumph, can you connect to the server with ssh?17:20
ApostleInTriumphrfm yes17:20
oerheksprobably ssh-rsa issue, obsolete protocol17:31
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 26921 in videolan/vlc "Can't connect to sftp after host update to Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish)" [Closed]17:31
oerheksfix; adding HostKeyAlgorithms +ssh-rsa to /etc/ssh/sshd_config17:32
oerheksor use ed25519  https://askubuntu.com/a/140952817:33
almostdvsoh.  is rsa depricated ?17:33
rfmwell, OP is gone, but wouldn't a protocol problem show up in ssh connects too? (Kind of what I was going after asking aobut ssh)17:34
almostdvsunderstood. I just didn't know. will have to update all my keys if so17:35
almostdvslooks like it is deprecated since late 202117:35
almostdvsJust when I thought I had a decent workload.  That's going to be a lot of work17:37
rfmalmostdvs, just reading around, seems rsa keys are still ok, just one signature algorithm is gone, better ones like rsa-sha2-256 are still ok-17:39
rfmalmostdvs, I suspect as long as both sides are reasonably up-to-date everything is ok17:39
almostdvssignature algorithm..17:40
almostdvsI will have to grok that17:40
almostdvsbetter to check everything anyway I suppose17:40
oerhekshave fun!17:42
paracusiahello friends, AFAIK undervolting is not possible under linux for nvidia... is it possible with AMD gpus?17:52
oerheksparacusia, that would be a #hardware question; depends on the motherboard.17:53
alex96good evening everyone. I am installing xubuntu 23.04 on an old iMac and am having problems with the wifi drivers. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks17:58
oerheksalex96, what wifi device exactly?  lspci should give a list with devices, find the line and paste that one here?18:00
paracusiaare you sure oerheks18:01
paracusiaare you sure oerheks, I thought it depends on the driver18:01
alex96oerherk it's a Broadcom BCM436018:01
paracusiaalex96, look in "dmesg" for any clue and post it here18:02
oerheksparacusia, yes, some motherboards can do something. not really an ubuntu issue, with software18:02
toddcalex96: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:02
paracusiaoerheks, any proof on this? sounds like bs... sorry. The API is not exposed in nvidia driver under linux, has nothing to do with the mobo18:02
paracusiaoerheks, think you misunderstood it, CPU undervolting is possible via BIOS/mobo18:03
alex96what do u need from dmesg ?18:04
oerheksparacusia, then you answered your own question, i would check #hardware for this18:04
paracusiaoerheks, you better read before answering - no offense. I asked about AMD and not nvidia... just wanted to enlight you18:06
paracusiaalex96, try "dmesg | grep -i "wifi"18:06
paracusiathanks anyway for your hint oerheks :) Will try #hardware18:07
alex96paracusia empty, if I grep using  4360 I have "Broadcom 4360 WLAN found"18:08
paracusiaalex96, check "ip l", is there some "wlan" or "wifi" device listed?18:08
alex96paracusia, nope18:09
paracusiaalex96, try to find out the drivername for your card (which your already found out: Broadcom BCM4360), then check if the module is already loaded with "lsmod | grep <modulename>"18:11
oerheksalex96, what driver is in use? lspci -nnk | grep -A2 028018:11
oerheksor sudo lshw -C network18:11
alex96paracusia, ok, give me a minute18:11
alex96paracusia, empty18:14
paracusiatry to load it manually with "modprobe <module name>"18:15
alex96oerherks, kernel driver in use: bcma-pci-bridge18:15
alex96paracusia, ok, give me a minute. I now move to the iMac using tethering.18:16
paracusiatake your time buddy18:17
oerheksinfo bcmwl-kernel-source18:17
oerheks!info bcmwl-kernel-source18:17
ubottubcmwl-kernel-source (, lunar): transitional package for Broadcom STA Wireless driver. In component restricted, is optional. Built by broadcom-sta. Size 8 kB / 21 kB. (Only available for i386, amd64.)18:17
oerheksinstall dkms bcmwl-kernel-source  and reboot?18:17
oerheksdkms builds the package18:17
alex96give me a moment. I'm moving to the iMAc, sorry18:19
elias_aDoes some piece of software that can be run on Ubuntu support 7zip files with password?18:20
oerhekselias_a, p7zip-full18:21
oerheks!info p7zip-full18:21
ubottup7zip-full (16.02+dfsg-8, lunar): 7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Built by p7zip. Size 1,158 kB / 4,720 kB18:21
paracusiathumbs up18:21
elias_aoerheks: Kiitos paljon! Grazie mille! Thanks a million! :P18:23
oerhekshave fun!18:23
alex962paracusia, I'm writing from the iMac now. What do u wanna try? Thanks18:26
paracusiaalex where R U18:28
paracusiawb alex18:29
paracusiawhats up18:29
alex962I'm writing from the iMac now. What do u wanna try? Thanks18:29
paracusiahello, yes, alex96218:29
paracusiayou are connected via ethernet cable now, right?18:29
paracusiaand want to make wifi going18:29
elias_aoerheks: Oh well... I can't make it work. :/18:30
elias_aHave to read some documentation...18:30
alex962paracusia, I'm using usb tethering now. And I want to make wifi going18:31
paracusiaalex962, did you try to load the module manually18:33
alex962paracusia, no, can u tell how can I do it18:33
paracusiaI told you buddy18:35
paracusiawait I will copy/paste18:35
paracusiadid you found the modulename?18:36
paracusiamodprobe <modulename>18:36
elias_aoerheks: nvm - I did not know the syntax. Here's the correct one I believe: https://www.2daygeek.com/zip-7zip-encrypt-decrypt-password-protect-files-folders-linux/18:36
alex962paracusia, modprobe reposns is empty18:37
alex962sudo modprobe 436018:38
alex962modprobe: FATAL: Module 4360 not found in directory /lib/modules/6.2.0-26-generic18:38
alex962sudo modprobe 436018:39
alex962modprobe: FATAL: Module 4360 not found in directory /lib/modules/6.2.0-26-generic18:39
paracusiaI don't think thats the right module name buddy18:40
alex962paracusia, how ca I find it? Please18:41
paracusiaalex962, try "modprobe bcm43xx"18:41
paracusiaand check "dmesg" afterwards, and "ip l" also, there should be a new interface or an error in dmesg18:41
alex962modprobe bcm43xx18:41
alex962modprobe: FATAL: Module bcm43xx not found in directory /lib/modules/6.2.0-26-generic18:41
alex962ip l18:42
alex9621: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100018:42
alex962    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:0018:43
alex9622: enp3s0f0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100018:43
alex962    link/ether 68:5b:35:8d:56:4e brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff18:43
alex9623: enx661d7e917310: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100018:43
paracusiahold on alex96218:44
alex962paracusia, https://dpaste.com/5N6TZL6ME18:45
paracusiaalex962, try "modprobe b43"18:45
alex962ok, no worries18:45
paracusiaand check dmesg/ip -l again18:45
alex962paracusia, empty18:45
paracusiathats good, so it was loaded18:45
paracusiacheck dmesg / 'ip -l'18:45
paracusiaoerheks, please take care of alex, need to go... take care buddy18:49
Guest3726thoughts on snap?19:02
u0_a390does anyone know a ubuntu touch port that works with my device ( Samsung Tab S8+ ) i dont want to accidentally break my device, so i was wondering if anyone already made a port.19:05
ubottuInformation about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports19:06
tomreynit's a different project19:06
u0_a390sry i thought they were bacically the same thing19:07
tomreynno worries ;)19:07
herbert51nabend an alle19:18
herbert51ich hab nach dem letzten update bzw softwar aktualisierung einige probleme. kann mir da mal jemand helfen. 1 der schreibtisch ist leer. liegt zwar noch im ordner alles wird aber nicht mehr angezeigt19:20
tomreyn!de | herbert5119:21
ubottuherbert51: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:21
herbert512. der verschlüsselte ordner läst sich nicht mehr öfnen, fusermount: mounting over filesystem type 0x7366746e is forbidden kommt als fehlermeldung19:21
webchat13Ever since I updated to Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS, my ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 isn't recognizing my external monitor. The connection is USB-C to USB-C. The computer recognized the monitor before the OS update. My Macbooks recognize the monitor. Help?19:31
tomreynwebchat13: delete (or move out of the way) the file   ~/.config/monitors.xml   and use Settings -> Display to reconfigure your screens.19:36
tomreyni missed one step: after deleting it, reboot, then reconfigure.19:37
webchat13tomreyn, thanks. But no monitors.xml file in my .config folder.19:48
NetEchohey folks I'm trying to install an update to plexmediaserver as root user but I keep getting permission denied. N: Download is performed unsandboxed as root as file '/root/plexmediaserver_1.32.6.7371-b6a09ad81_amd64.deb' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)19:50
ravagejust ignore it19:51
ravagethe update is done19:51
NetEchoah ok19:51
NetEchoI did an upgrade to the latest ubuntu lts earlier and now I'm having issues with plex so hopefully this solves it19:51
tomreyn"N:" means 'notice', the lowest criticality of messages apt would issue.19:52
NetEchooh perfect thanks19:53
tomreynwebchat13: monitors.xml is wayland related, apparently you don't run wayland then (but Xorg). i think its xorg.conf configuration file goes to ~/.local/share/X11 or something nowadays19:54
webchat13tomreyn, i'm in my ~/.local/share file. no sign of X11 or xorg.19:58
webchat13or X19:59
tomreynhmm, "env" should tell what you're running19:59
tomreynecho $XDG_SESSION_TYPE20:00
webchat13from which directory do i run the command?20:00
NetEchowell it would seem the latest LTS ubuntu breaks plex :(20:00
tomreynwebchat13: any20:00
tomreynNetEcho: you could also phrase this as "plex is not compatible to the latest Ubuntu LTS"20:01
WaVIsn't the latest LTS 22.04?20:01
tomreynyes it is20:01
WaVI have plex and it is running fine20:02
NetEchoany way to roll back to the previous version?20:02
NetEchothe command I used to upgrade was do-release-upgrade20:02
tomreynrelease downgrades are unsupported20:02
NetEchoso my server is now useless20:02
webchat13tomreyn, echo $XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE) returned bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(' , and echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE returned ubuntu20:02
oerheksNetEcho, why not the plex snap? https://snapcraft.io/plexmediaserver20:03
tomreynwebchat13: oops, i should have foreseen that.20:03
WaVPlex works fine with 22.04. You may want to search the logs and see what is wrong.20:03
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tomreynwebchat13: quoting would help: echo "$XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)"20:04
NetEchoWaV since upgrading an hour ago now the audio constantly freezes. it was working fine pre-upgrade20:04
webchat13tomreyn, nice. it's wayland20:04
tomreynwebchat13: so i assume you have the default gnome-shell graphical desktop on wayland. and you probably have nvidia graphics with a proprietary driver?20:06
NetEchooerheks: problem with moving to a container is I'd have to spend the weekend manually going through each user profile marking every item watched. it'd be faster and less work to nuke the server and start from scratch which is also a long task20:06
webchat13tomreyn actually i have Mesa Intel Xe (TGL GT2)20:06
tomreynwebchat13: is that a dedicated intel gpu, or integrated into the cpu?20:08
WaVNetEcho: what version did you upgrade from?20:10
webchat13tomreyn, wow no idea. all i can say is the graphics card came built into the computer from lenovo, and i installed the standard ubuntu distro20:11
NetEchoWaV could this be some sort of codec issue?20:12
tomreynwebchat13: is it a laptop?20:12
tomreynah, "ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9" sounds like a laptop. so it will be integrated most likely20:12
WaVNetEcho: Go in the Plex Web app under logs while playing something20:13
WaVsee if there is anything that stands out.20:13
WaVIt could be a number of things.20:13
NetEchokk 1 moment20:13
oerheksMesa Intel Xe (TGL GT2) under wayland?20:13
tomreynwebchat13: hmm, i'm not sure where to look then, you can try reading your system logs  (journalctl)  and the gnome inintialization there.20:14
webchat13what am i looking for? something related to monitors?20:14
tomreynyes, or graphics / video20:14
webchat13will do. thanks20:15
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tomreynoerheks has a point there, though i don't think this would stop an external monitor from working at all20:15
NetEchoWaV: do you know where the logs are?20:15
oerheksuse the oem kernel or ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers >>>  https://devicetests.com/using-iris-driver-intel-iris-xe-graphics-ubuntu20:15
oerheksi would go for oem first20:15
oerhekstomreyn,  worth a try..20:16
oerheksor on 22.04 at least the HWE option20:17
webchat13thanks, folks. so i'm just installing oem and seeing if that resolves the monitor detection issue?20:17
WaVNetEcho: Click the wrench, and under "Manage" there should be a menu that says console.20:17
oerhekshwe > oem > oibaf20:17
webchat13oerheks, thanks. what does this mean?20:18
NetEchoWaV thanks I'll update you once it does it again20:18
oerheksfirst try HWE20:18
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack20:18
oerheksif that does not fix external, the OEM20:18
oerhekselse newer mesa, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/OEMKernelppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers20:19
NetEchoWaV nothing shows up in console when it does it20:19
oerheksbut the last one is a last resort. not really supported here20:19
webchat13got it. thank you!20:19
NetEchotrying it in the web player20:20
alex96hi, I need to make permenent changes20:21
alex96hi, I need to make permanent modprobe's changes20:22
alex96someone can help me? Thanks20:22
oerheksalex96, for B4320:23
alex96oerheks, yeah, it's for the iMac. I resolved but now I need to run modprobe every time I reboot the computer20:24
alex96sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma20:24
alex96sudo modprobe wl20:24
oerheksmake a file sudo touch /etc/modprobe.d/broadcom.conf20:26
alex96after this?20:26
oerheksecho " b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma " | sudo tee -a  /etc/modprobe.d/broadcom.conf20:26
oerheksbut why all drivers20:27
oerheksif wkl is enough, just that20:27
wkmango"-r" probably means blacklist20:27
oerhekserr if wl is enough just that20:27
wkmango*remove... so add a blacklist command perhaps20:27
oerheksoh right wkmango20:27
alex96echo " b43  wl " | sudo tee -a  /etc/modprobe.d/broadcom.conf20:27
alex96like this?20:28
oerheksi think only b43 .. test that?20:28
NetEchoWaV: yeah nothing showing up in the console, it's doing it for both direct play and transcoded videos in both the plex client and web clients20:29
alex96oerheks, ok, now I test it20:29
wkmango@oerheks, blacklist is 1 line in a modprobe.d file, but to load, it's a modules-load.d file, 1-line-per-module20:31
jhutchinsI have the NSF feed.  No info in the narration.20:31
jhutchinsI have the NSF feed.  No info in the narration.OAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOA20:32
alex96it doesn't work20:35
alex96oerheks ^^^^20:37
cbreakalex96: I think a line like 'blacklist XYZ' in some /etc/modprobe.d/blaclist-xyz.conf file would correspond to not loading the module, similar to modprobe -r XYZ unloading it20:39
WaVNetEcho: Not sure. I just know it works well on my system. Other than a complete re-install, you can try what another user in here suggested and use the snap?20:39
alex96cbreak, so something like this:20:41
alex96blacklist b43 ssb brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma20:41
alex96in a .conf file in /etc/modprobe.d20:41
alex96am I right?20:41
cbreakI think so, yes20:42
NetEchoWaV but then I lose all my user watched statuses and that's 10+ years of data gone20:42
wkmangoalex96, if you're interested - `man modprobe.d` for blacklist, and `man modules-load.d` for loading a module20:42
wkmangoit's 1-per-line for both20:42
NetEchoand I know nothing about snap20:42
wkmangoI think your 2 modprobe commands need 1 file to blacklist and 1 file to load20:43
cbreakalex96: yeah, I think wkmango is right, you'd have to have one line per blacklist xyz20:43
cbreakthere are probably other files you can imitate already there20:44
jhutchinsNetEcho: Do you not back up your data regularly?20:44
alex96ok, so I need to create a file for the black list and one for the load20:44
NetEchojhutchins: it's the database for plex itself , it doesn't migrate when paths change20:45
NetEcholast time I switched systems for plex I had to spend 2 weeks manually marking every item watched on the server for each user20:45
jhutchinsThat's a remarkable oversight, not being able to back that up.20:46
NetEchoyeah it's not ideal20:46
NetEchoI'll try the snap route though if I can figure it out because the alternatives also require as much work20:46
NetEchois snap basically another package manager?20:47
cbreaksnap is more a way of packaging applications along with the whole OS userland20:47
cbreakalong with some isolation, a proprietary hosting service, and some other annoyances20:47
cbreakit's primary competitor is flatpak20:48
NetEchoyeah going the snap route gets rid of my library watched status :(20:48
NetEchoif I can find where snap stores the database I may be able to migrate it if the paths are identical for everything20:49
cbreakit will store them somewhere inside ~/snap20:50
NetEchooh perfect20:50
cbreaksnaps are annoying to deal with20:51
cbreakI can for example not drag & drop images into snap slack if they're not inside ~/Downloads (or maybe inside ~/ ? not sure)20:51
NetEchowell if it gets rid of this bloody issue I'll take it20:51
cbreakbecause snap blocks access to the general filesystem for applications inside it20:51
NetEchojust waiting for the library to do it's mojo then I'll test20:52
NetEchoWaV: same issue with the Snap install20:57
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untredoes ubuntu support iframes?21:28
jhutchinsuntre: You're talking about inline html frames?21:29
untreyea but i want them in the terminal21:29
untrei wanna be like iframe.src = 'blah.com' and display it in links21:29
jhutchinsuntre: So you want links to support iframes, or you think the shell should somehow support them?21:30
jhutchinsuntre: You might be able to do something using xdg.21:31
jhutchinsI don't think the idea is compabible with how teletype emulators work.21:31
untreseems like a major design flaw21:32
jhutchinsThat's why you have browsers within the shell.21:32
jhutchinsuntre: Have you ever dealt with an actual teletype as a computer interface?21:33
NetEcho_WaV: Thanks for your assistance, it would appear the issue is actually my new router my buddy suggested hooking back up to the modem and the problem seems to have gone away21:36
oerheksNetEcho_, have you checked if there is a bios update for that router?21:38
NetEcho_oerheks: did one when I deployed it21:38
NetEcho_wonder if it's some strange QOS21:38
AavarIn ubuntu "df" shows many devices for docker. Is this normal? Why is it not the same on armbian?21:51
Guest17It's also extremely cool when you wipe your ass with a transgender pride flag after you've had a shit23:11
oerheks!ot | Guest1723:12
ubottuGuest17: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:12
oerheksnot even go to ubuntu-offtopic for that, kiddo23:12

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