mrc3hi. where can i download 22.04.2 from? links are 404 on the download page18:27
Eickmeyermrc3: 22.04.3 is out, download page needs to be updated.19:26
EickmeyerI've been busy dealing with a car window replacement, so priorities. Patience is required on everyone's part.19:26
mrc3Eickmeyer, fantastic! found the 22.04.3 iso. thank you!19:29
Eickmeyermrc3: You're welcome. I just updated the download page, but it might take a while for the CDN to re-cache.19:30
mrc3did it just get published? i thought i browsed the releases directory earlier and did not notice 22.04.319:30
Eickmeyermrc3: Probably. You must've hit it at just the wrong time.19:30
EickmeyerThe publishing is done at Canonical, so I was completely hands-off.19:31

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