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tewardok so00:19
tewardi have info00:19
tewardmatrix one is dead00:19
tewardwe can irc service and set up our own bridge service integration or use the relay bot we already use and just add it to matrix00:20
tewardthe second is easier00:21
lubot[telegram] <teward001> but cant change it here in noman's land00:29
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Que?01:20
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> You probably can join this from any home server I would imagine. https://matrix.to/#/#lubuntu-devel:lubuntu.me01:23
tsimonq2$ dput ssh-ppa:lubuntu-dev/qt6-mantic ../libqt6xdg_3.11.0-0ubuntu1_source.changes02:13
tsimonq2Builds successfully locally. Submitted a patch upstream.02:13
tsimonq2And it all built: https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/qt6-mantic/+packages02:31
tsimonq2It's likely we'll need that packaged, might be the next step. Then some real porting work can be done.02:33
tsimonq2Otherwise please @guiverc @LeoK etc. if you come across any issues with LXQt 1.3, please let me know.02:33
guiverccurrent mantic daily has 1.2... will it progress there tsimonq2 or you want us to check via ppa?02:35
tsimonq2Published in Jammy Backports main, should be half-migrated in Mantic, might need to manually migrate the packages from my image above02:37
tsimonq223:21 < lubot> [telegram] <tsimonq2> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/d8bdb9db/file_9842.jpg02:37
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> In Jammy you should also notice a font difference02:40
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> @Roberalz do you run Backports?02:41
guivercack & thanks tsimonq2 ...  it's saturday my local so I'll have UWN hat on shortly..   i may not be able to look for a few days02:41
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> No worriesn02:41
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> I just want someone else to say "it works" XD02:42
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> @teward001 did I break it yet02:42
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> Yes, but I'm on vacation and I don't have a PC in front of me (re @tsimonq2: @Roberalz do you run Backports?)02:42
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> Sorry02:43
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> No worries02:43
* guiverc notes some lxqt package upgrades (1.3) on my mantic system... 03:20
* guiverc now has neofetch reporting LXQt 1.3 as my desktop (primary box)03:24
lubot[telegram] <teward001> always (re @tsimonq2: @teward001 did I break it yet)03:34
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> wxl: btw since I know you missed him, Fritz is still around: https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/the-end-is-near/4429/1005:20
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> can confirm LXQt 1.3 after applying updates to latest ISO https://imgur.com/aQOHxLm - well done (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <guiverc> now has neofetch reporting LXQt 1.3 as my desktop  (primary box))06:29
guiverc:)  pcmanfm-qt still reported 1.2; I didn't explore that (still in queue) etc.. as UWN/News my focus today..06:31
guiverci'm using my primary system using mantic/1.3  (though xfwm4 and not openbox)06:31
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> can confirm https://imgur.com/a/5HHEC8n LXQt 1.3 after applying updates to latest ISO Mantic .. (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <guiverc> now has neofetch reporting LXQt 1.3 as my desktop  (primary box))06:33
guivercthanks @Leokolb 06:38
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> Thanks :) - libfm-qt and friends are stuck waiting on glibc12:25
guivercfyi:  I didn't notice any difference in lxqt.   however that was me using it normally, and not exploring & looking for issues etc.12:30
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Tested backports latest Jammy daily ISO and all good with LXQt 1.3 @tsimonq2 also PCManFM-Qt now 1.3 .so looks good!😉17:58
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Also tested latest Manic daily and PCManFM-Qt still 1.2.1 although other apps 1.3 ..@tsimonq2 but assume you know that ..cheers18:07
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> Ta / yes :)18:08
lubot[telegram] <teward001> @tsimonq2 wheres my money19:23
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i assume we have not gotten any s390x tests :P  i may have access to an s390x VM to attempt install of Lubuntu and stuff but we will see.19:24
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i do have an s390x dev vm19:24
tsimonq2$ dput ssh-ppa:lubuntu-dev/qt6-mantic ../pkg-kde-tools-neon_0.0~ubuntu1~ppa1_source.changes23:33
tsimonq2Trying to get kf6-extra-cmake-modules taken care of as well.23:39
tsimonq2Love it, the build requires Qt 5 but the tests require Qt 6. Amazing.23:43
tsimonq2Could, potentially, just say "screw the tests." :P23:44
lubot[telegram] <teward001> ye i wouldnt.  if it needs qt5 and qt6 and are mismatched then we have a package problen23:46
lubot[telegram] <teward001> it should not require both and if it does then the package is broke23:46
tsimonq2build deps aren't runtime deps23:47
tsimonq2dput ssh-ppa:lubuntu-dev/qt6-mantic ../kf6-extra-cmake-modules_0.0-0~ubuntu1~ppa1_source.changes23:50
tsimonq2Does not actually compile anything. Just installs pre-made CMake files.23:50
tsimonq2And it seems to install detection for KF6, so meh.23:50
tsimonq2Next step will be kwindowsystem.23:50
tsimonq2That will unblock some stuff. qtermwidget might be feasible right now.23:51
tsimonq2I have a feeling all arches will FTBFS on depwait.23:52
tsimonq2Yeah, all of the C files are in tests/, lol23:53
tsimonq2Mostly Python.23:53
tsimonq2And yep, depwait. Nice.23:54

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