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blahboybazIs there a right way to change the default directories that come with an ubuntu installation? Does renaming a default directory break anything you might not find out about until later on (aything at all)? Does deleting a default directory break anything you might not find out about until later on or would there be references to it hanging around that aren't obvious? Is it possible to add directories01:57
blahboybazsuch that it behaves in ALL ways identical to the default directories that come with a fresh install? (For example: default directories appear in the shorcut menu in nautilus - not in the section below but in the upper section - by defaul behavior). What about the default configuration of other programs that default setting to a directory it expects on the system (downloads folder for example)? Is that01:58
blahboybazpart of each application's code so that there is no way to correct its default settings outside the application (ie: centrally)?01:58
oerheksyes renaming a default directory break all01:59
oerhekstry it02:00
blahboybazIs there a way to do it without causing a problem though?02:00
blahboybazno thanks02:00
blahboybazthat's why I'm asking first02:00
oerheksi do not support such weird request, sorry.02:00
blahboybazwell ok02:00
blahboybazSo what if one does not like the default organization of his home directory? To bad?02:01
oerhekswhat is wrong with /documents /pictures and so on?02:04
blahboybazoerheks: I have a productivity methodology I like and would like to implement on my machine02:20
oerheksblahboybaz, for the visable folders, hint; https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man5/user-dirs.dirs.5.html02:25
oerheksyou could override names with ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs, i understood you wanted to move/edit/rename all folders.02:26
oerheksmake the folders first, then edit02:26
oerhekslogout/login, remove standards.02:26
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alligatorjoewhat is with polari constantly crashing on jammy03:51
alligatorjoewhy not pull it from the repo until it is stable03:51
alligatorjoedoes anybody else have problems with polari even when you are not logged into any channel03:52
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alligatorjoewhy not pull some of this sorry trash from the repos when they are not stable03:55
alligatorjoepeople don't really need 587 irc apps anyway03:56
webchat3I have ubuntu 22.10 installed, battery starts and stops charging automatically till it reaches 95%03:57
webchat3What may be the issue?03:57
alligatorjoewebchat3 i don't know i have a lot of problems with the battery charge issue also on a compaq/hp laptop that apparently did not even check out a few kernels on the sorry hardware before they released it03:58
alligatorjoewebchat3 i constantly have to keep disconnecting the charger, turning off the laptop, then unplugging the battery pack and reinstalling everything just for it to start charging again03:59
alligatorjoeleave it to american trash to never understand how to build a computer03:59
alligatorjoewebchat3 but it was a hand me down by someone who did not want to deal with all the headaches so i can't complain really since i did not and would not pay those scum a dime for their hardware trash04:00
webchat3I dont understand the problem, its working fine after 95% but if battery goes below 87% it shuts down. I have installed new battery just a year back.04:01
alligatorjoewebchat3 well like i said why do you think i was given a free handmedown laptop with  suckass chips04:01
alligatorjoeturbooo last time i saw a turbo switch was on the old 486 mobos04:03
alligatorjoeturbooo but the damn browser people keep screwing customer's hardare right and left and now you can't hardly browse the internet on an old 486 mobo, even in turbo mode04:05
alligatorjoeits all those egotistical, maniacal, diabolical04:07
alligatorjoeits all those egotistical, maniacal, diabolical, "UPSTREAM" mfers that constantly try to act as if they belong at the top of some sorry pyramid scheme, like the pharoah turds of ancient Egypt04:08
alligatorjoeas if pissants belong DOWNSTREAM while elitists few belong UPSTREAM04:09
alligatorjoeafter all just look at the knights of the round (table), that despised pyramid schemes with elitist tyrants at the top and all the downtrodden and mistreated below, and instead wanted a circle with a few more elitist FEW at the top to screw the masses below04:15
alligatorjoeas if OLIGARCHY solved all the problems of MONOPOLY/MONOPSONY04:15
alligatorjoemost down-to-earth people say fuck those elitist UPSTREAM mf'ers UP ( way UP) their mf'ing ass04:20
alligatorjoethey are nothing but a gang of Caligula's and pure filth like any other politicians of history04:22
alligatorjoeof any country04:23
alligatorjoemost POLITICAL tyrant(s) get disposed of one way or another,like any Caligula, or Senator, when the people have had enough of being screwed in the ass by those elitist bastards, and usually the people say give us a little time and we WILL find some dirt on the bastards as justification for exterminating them....after all DIRTY LAUNDRY is not only a song but a MONEY-MAKING business.....and people04:32
alligatorjoealways like to find DIRTY LAUNDRY on someone to justify to themselves and others why the damn POLICITIANS of this world should be sent on a fast train to HELL04:32
alligatorjoeDIRTY LAUNDRY was never only a video-clip song04:34
alligatorjoethe fuckin scumbags played the same game on Anne Bolynn of England, wife of HENRY HITLER 8th, and also on Joan of Arc04:38
fooOn Mac OS X, I used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy from USB DriveA to USB DriveB. DriveA is ext4 (original data from Ubuntu) and DriveB is APFS (encrypted). I did a du -sh on each of the drives after this, both are reporting 4.9T. Is this enough certainty to wipe the ext4 drive? (Was using paragon on OS X for read only access of ext4). I'm about to wipe it... I get paranoid when deleting data and curious if this05:42
foois a simple decision for others or if there's more you'd do. :) https://bombich.com/features says "Post-Backup Verification" and "On-Demand Integrity Check" - this is likely fine to wipe the ext4 drive. I'm probably overthinking this.05:42
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cbreakfoo: what's the purpose of this backup? Just getting the data? Or getting a bootable linux?10:36
cbreakI would be somewhat confident to expect CCC to copy the raw data, but I would not expect it to make it bootable, since booting linux typically requires a separate /boot partition, and / or efi partition, depending on your setup10:37
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bitbingeHi! Is there a GNOME-based Ubuntu-based liveUSB iso that fits in 4GB? Something that'll be as good as vanilla Ubuntu liveUSB for testing a computer.12:44
ioriaubuntu budgie is 3.4 giga12:48
cbreakbitbinge: https://ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads, the latest LTS seems pretty much exactly 4GB12:49
bitbingecbreak, there's something wrong with it though. Not suitable for using as liveUSB.12:49
cbreakis there?12:50
cbreakI've not tried the newest iso, but most of them seem to work ok12:50
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Geox10is aanybody here ?13:22
foocbreak: thank you for your response, not bootable, just copying data. :)13:23
foocbreak: I'm curious what other people would find "acceptable" - although I'm nearly certain this is fine.13:23
Geox10it works13:36
BluesKajHi all13:52
foocbreak: Going to use rsync -cvr /driveA /driveB and see what it says.13:58
m33chwhats up14:58
jhutchinsfoo: Make sure you can read random files on the target device.  If so, you should be fine.  On the other hand, USB devices are typically not reliable backup storage.  They're OK if you retain the original source.15:50
foojhutchins: thank you. Out of curiosity, would you say SSD is more reliable? These are still spinning disk drives, too.16:21
foojhutchins: eg. USB C to SSD16:21
jhutchinsfoo: SSDs and spinneys are more reliable than flash drives, which are the main problem with USB backups.16:52
jhutchinsfoo: It's not the connection that is the problem, it's the tendency of flash drives to spontaneously become corrupt/unreadable.16:53
jhutchinsThey are much better than they used to be.16:54
jhutchinsI guess the rule should be modified to say "any file you only have one copy of".16:54
foojhutchins: thank you. In that case, yeah, I'm dealing with spinneys. :)17:04
foojhutchins: 2 8TB drives. rsync them nightly. Connected via USB.17:04
jhutchinsfoo: That sounds solid.17:26
foojhutchins: thank you. And to confirm, is that a genuine comment, not being sarcastic? Haha. :) Just want to make sure I'm interpreting ya correctly17:36
untrewhat makes ubuntu better than debian?17:42
rboxwho said its "better"17:42
rboxi doubt that17:43
kaleidodebian smokes crack, whereas ubuntu is a purveyor of only the finest of the devil's lettuce.17:54
jhutchinsfoo: It's sincere, my backups go over USB to an external SSD.18:13
foojhutchins: Thanks. What filesystem you running?18:16
foojhutchins: nice, I've heard some great things about zfs.18:18
foojhutchins: thank you for sharing! I'm excited to get this all dialed the way I awnt.18:18
jhutchinsext has the most tools and utilities available, it's well established and I've never heard of anybody having trouble with it, other than corruption with power loss before we got journaling.18:19
foojhutchins: true, zfs is much smaller community!18:30
foojhutchins: you use rsync to transfer data over between your drives?18:30
foojhutchins: I'm currently doing rsync -cvr /driveA /driveB before I wipe one of the drives. As a checks and balances to Carbon Copy Cloner.18:31
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jhutchinsfoo: I use rdiff-backup.  I have used rsync a lot for various file transfer tasks.  If you deal with NTFS or VFAT you need to tune the options for large transfers.18:52
epaphus1Hello. If I want to use the previously  installed geoip module in iptables to limit all the ports that docker manages to the outside world by country. Whats the best way to do si in a way that it will a.) survivie reboots, and b.) Not get overwritten by docker or create a conflict when it iterfaces with iptables?20:10
oerheksto keep a particular version, pinning20:10
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto20:10
oerheksi am not sure about docker though]20:11
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oerheksthere is #docker here on libera, maybe you need to register first20:12
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JeffHIs there an app or web package I can install to manage an ubuntu server from a Mac?22:05
tomreynJeffH: openssh-server22:13
JeffHha. I've got that.. I can access via 'ssh host'.  Just curious if there was a web package or app I could install on Mac.22:14
tomreynif you're looking for a way to manage an ubuntu server without really understanding what you'll be doing, there is webmin22:14
tomreynmac already has an ssh client installed, that's all you need if you are taking the route of learning how to manage a server from a shell, which i very much recommend.22:15
tomreynif you're looking for a way to store configurations or profiles for ssh, that's possible on its configuration file.22:16
tomreynthere are probably also graphical applications for OS X for file transfer via sftp / ssh. i remember cyberduck or something? but this would be better asked on an OS X channel22:17
ravageim sure there are also GUI applications for the mac to manage connections22:17
ravagei just dont know any :)22:17
ravageand gone22:17
tomreynoh, that was quick22:18
ThermoriaxWhy use ssh when you can use something that probably involves Electron??? ;)22:57
untrebecause anything goes in linux and the bar is so low since its free22:58
loswedsededQuestion about 2 packages: yt-dl and youtubedl. Apparently, yt-dl is updated regularly, whereas youtubedl hasn't been updated in the last year. I don't know exactly which one I installed23:45
loswedsededhow do I check?23:45
loswedsededi gts trickier: I believe I installed yt-dl from 2 sources: apt via synaptic and from git, but the both work simultaneously?23:46
oerhekstype yt-dl in terminal?23:46
oerhekswhich yt-dl23:47
oerheksi bet most of them do not work anymore.. yt changed policy23:48
loswedsededwhat bothers me is git shows yt-dlp's latest version as 2023.07.06. My computer tells me the 2023.02.17 version is the newest one, but I installed from an ppa via synaptic and it clearly lists the version as 2023.07.0623:49
loswedsededoerheks, it works, well, it worked again after updating/installing23:50
loswedsededbut I don't know what exactly I installed23:50
oerhekslatest version as snap; edge https://snapcraft.io/yt-dlg23:50
oerheksgood luck!23:51
loswedsededpfff, snap23:51
loswedsededtime to purge23:53
iconoclastheroone of my screens keeps getting weird and flickering23:58
iconoclastheroit shifts to the right and wraps around and then there's these flickers23:59
iconoclastheroi rebooted and it went away, but this is a reoccuring problem./23:59

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