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IrcsomeBot<Omarvx211> Hey so im useing kernel 6.2 and i got an update of kernel 5.15 is that normal? Should i update?04:02
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TexasRedHello to everyone. So I have a Windows SSD and an Ubuntu SSD and both worked fine until shutting down my PC last night. For whatever reason, Ubuntu decided to somehow choose another of my SSDs as a secondary boot option, though I've done absolutely nothing to elicit that. Now Windows works just fine, but I simply can't boot into Ubuntu. I've10:26
TexasRedformatted the SSD in question, still nothing. Windows works with no problems, Kubuntu again refuses to boot. I don't want to reinstall it yet again and lose my files yet again, what can I do? The UEFI setup shows that drive still, btw, even though it contains nothing..10:26
TexasRedThis drive in question is where I cloned my windows install from and so I get why the UEFI still has memory if it being bootable, but why did Ubuntu somehow decide to make it a 2nd option? I get that this somehow broke the GRUN bootloader, I don't even see it, I just see gnu grub version 2.06, this terminal supports minimal bash.. something.10:27
user|25Hi guys i remove libc6 and now my whole system is broken:D11:12
user|25What are the default source.list for kubuntu? My apt seems to be also broken.11:12
yossarianukremoving libc6 have broke your apt11:28
yossarianuki'd just copy files and reinstall at that point11:28
Unit193Technically fixable, but you'd have to do it from a live env.  And it's not the easiest thing to do.11:30
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user|25oke reinstall it is:(12:15
user|25thanks for the response!:)12:15
IrcsomeBot<lenny_kidd> @RikMills Can you please hide the members list from the group so that no one can see the members.12:54
oerhekshiding other users on irc would be awesome, but that is not possible15:04

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