lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> New Calamares settings coming for Mantic once it builds.01:01
tewardwell I passed out.  Guess my travel lag was far more than i expected.01:50
tewardwxl: incoming DM as soon as synapse-admin reloads.01:50
lubot[matrix] <wxl> teward on Matrix?01:51
wxlneither apparently02:17
wxlMatrix is preferable though @teward00102:17
tewardwxl: E:NOACCESS at the moment02:21
tewardbut since you're here on IRC I'll send you the reg code for our matrix.02:21
tewardwxl: had issues getting synapse-admin up :p02:23
lubot[matrix] <wxl> okie dokie then02:26
tewardonce you're registered have fun.  we DO need to make international support chans if we're hunting that02:28
tewardbut we restricted registration on matrix for Lubuntu to lubuntu.me addresses so.02:28
tewardi.e. we control who can reg with the code.02:28
teward*consumes homemade tomato soup*02:28
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> new lubuntu-default-settings uploaded to mantic. This should take care of the double Picom starts.11:22
wxlwhere's the old cdimage crontab? i can't find it for the life of me. or when do our isos build again?15:28
wxlwell judging by logs it looks like i have at least 90 minutes so i guess that answers that15:29
wxl@teward001 how's that sandbox? or are you still on vacation? if the latter, when do you return?15:30
lubot[matrix] <wxl> this is a weird one. near as i can tell, the lxqt-panel.qss file is the same as it relates to DesktopSwitch (you can grep for that) as Clearlooks16:12
lubot[matrix] <wxl> actually i take that back16:16
lubot[matrix] <wxl> our default buttons have a very poorly defined default state16:17
lubot[matrix] <wxl> but i can't imagine it would lead to the problem16:18
lubot[matrix] <wxl> i would hate to redo the entire theme just to discover the issue is something else siiiiigh16:20
wxlhuh that reply didn't came through but i was referring to lyn's comment re: lxqt-appearance16:32
lubot[matrix] <wxl> well here's a discussion on the subject so we'll see what happens https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt/discussions/246216:52
wxl^ there's our answer. it's just an image17:40
wxlshould be a simple fix in lubuntu-artwork17:47
tewardwxl: got a specific OS version you want installed?  It wasn't intended to be a GUI btw18:36
lubot[matrix] <wxl> Don’t care. Newer is probably better than older. GUI not needed.18:37
teward*loads up 23.10 daily from the daily images loud*18:38
tewardwxl: details in your IRC because I don't have matrix working at the moment for me18:48
lubot[matrix] <wxl> I’ll check later but thanks18:51
wxlso are we going to see ubuntu-classic-fonts in mantic then?23:41
wxlseed i mean23:42
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Excellent question.23:42
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> The new fonts are quite different.23:42
wxlmight be a good thing for a poll23:43
wxlmaybe take screenshots23:44
guiverci don't care... if we can document change I'll be happy...   myself it'll just be another package I add (along with nfs-common, aptitude etc) as its different & i don't usually get 'miffed' with aesthetics 23:44
wxli don't care too much either but some folks get really wound up about it23:46
wxlthus this gives the most vocal folks a chance to feel like they've been given an option to feel heard… and we're educating quietly in the process23:46
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> That is sound reasoning.23:47
wxli'm just still laughing over here that i could have corrected myself with s/\(see\)/\1d/ but that's a rather long way to do so XD23:48
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> XD23:48

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