Tm_Tikmaak: I recall they silently disappeared 2016/201708:22
Tm_Tmy memory isn't the best so need try find sources08:23
ikmaakthanks! i would like to find more info about that.08:23
ikmaakat the time i even tried to get my hands on one...08:24
Tm_T"sold out" 2016? https://web.archive.org/web/20160128110152/http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/devices08:25
ikmaaki wonder if they sold a lot of them, and to whom :)08:25
Tm_TI don't personally recall anyone buying one, maaaybe one pro 5 buyer but only maybe08:29
ikmaaki expect them to be used by businesses internally...08:30
Tm_Twhich would explain their disappearance, similar to openmoko neo08:31
ikmaakthe openmoko was used by some oil companies if i recollect correctly08:32
ikmaakwhich would correlate with the markets the meizu devices were sold.08:36
Tm_Tkey difference was with Openmoko that it was (mostly) open hardware so you could use it as a base board for wide range of custom applications08:44
Tm_Tthe Neo Freerunner case even had space left for additional sensors for that purpose08:44
ikmaakow? i did not know that. i would need to get them out of the drawer again to look... :)08:45
ikmaakhmm, i seem to remember something about it, but haven't played with it in a while.08:49
ikmaakalso, does anyone know if the fairphones are sold with ubports preinstalled, or are they libhybris devices that need self install?08:55
ikmaakon the fairphone site i can see no mention of ubports preinstalled08:57
ikmaakon the model 4 at least08:57
ikmaaki cannot find any info about fairphone selling preinstalled ubports09:01
ikmaakand all fairphones also seem to be halium devices, is that correct?09:05

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