jrwrenLooks like we are going full hog and replacing our breaker panel with a Span panel. I hate smart home stuff and internet of shit, but this thing looks great.17:24
greg-gjrwren: what sold you on it?18:08
jrwrenthe SPAN car charger sounds sweet. it integrates with the panel and I plan to keep 100A service so the car charger will actually fluctuate the amperage based on what is left. Like… say I have 30A draw for AC and another 20 for dishwasher, microwave, hot water heater, etc, etc… you get the idea. if I had a dumb old panel the 100A breaker would trip from trying to draw too much, but the span car 18:08
jrwrencharger will just lower the draw. pretty cool.18:08
jrwrengreg-g: panel replacement is necessitated by the 50yo pushmatic breaker we currently have.18:09
jrwrenWhen I went to sign up for the "free" home charger installation it specifically said, no obsolete pushmatic supported18:09
greg-gnice combo then yeah18:10
greg-gI like the intelligent car charger amperage idea (and if you had battery backup how it prioritizes circuits)18:10
jrwrenyup. it seems pretty great.18:10
cmaloneyvery cool19:39

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