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TheKSource Code Pro make my eyes hurt while looking at the terminal for too long, what font do you guys recommend to use instead01:01
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Yakovis PPA dangerous for systems? Last time I remember it caused some bugs (could be wrong)01:14
rboxppa doesnt "cause bugs"01:15
rboxinstalling crappy software from a ppa could cause problems... sure01:15
sarnoldwhatever you install from a ppa has full unconfined root access to your computer, so be sure you trust it01:16
Yakovyes, its trusted, but still might be crappy01:16
leftyfbdon't install "crappy" software that you apparently trust01:18
Yakovvendor is known but still valgrind sees a lot of issues01:19
Yakovis that crappy or not? :)01:19
sarnoldprobably normal amounts of crappy :) did they package up their own copies of anything?01:20
Yakovthis I dont understand01:21
leftyfbYakov: we can't comment on the quality of 3rd party repo's or software. Good luck01:21
sarnoldsome ppas "need newer versions of openssl" or something like that -- those sorts of repos usually cause lots of problems.01:22
YakovI got my answer, thanks, folks01:22
sleepingshellHello, hoping I could get some help. I have a Romed8-2t mobo. I have 8 drives plugged in (2 SSD, 6 HDD) through 2 miniSAS HD connectors. I have plugged in a GPU to one of the PCI slots, and after doing so, 4 of the HDDs are not showing up anymore. However, they are seen when I boot into a live arch iso01:23
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sleepingshellThey don't show up when I run lsscsi01:24
nik0nIm having strange issues while trying to use a egpu...anyone had any success?01:24
rboxsleepingshell: they show up... but htey.. but htey dont?01:25
rboxbut they do...but they dont...01:25
sleepingshellrbox: they show up in the a live arch ISO, but now when I boot into my install Ubuntu01:26
rboxnewer kernel maybe?01:26
sarnoldsleepingshell: maybe compare the dmesg output of both the ubuntu and the arch system01:26
sleepingshellBut they show up when the GPU isn't plugged in01:26
sleepingshellthe only thing I think si relevant in dmesg is "SATA link down (SStatus 0 Scontrol 300)01:27
sleepingshellI also see "ata3: DUMMY ata4: DUMMY..."01:28
TheKWhen i use the curl command and output it to a file, the entire website is stored in one line, why this happens?01:28
rboxthek: because thats waht it downloaded...01:29
TheKwhat? no way! when i curl https://www.google.com/ -o file.txt everything is okay, it cant be the site in just one line01:30
rboxwhy c an't it be?01:31
nik0nWhenever i try to switch to nvidia graphics mode and reboot with my egpu plugged in i get a bluetooth hci0: Malformed MSFT vendor event. Ive tried egpu switcher, also adding "allowexternalgpus" to my xconf file. Ive run lspci and can see that the gpu is there, ive allowed access via TBT, and installed the latest nvidia driver. Currently pulling my hair out =\01:31
TheKrbox its impossible for any website dont have at least ONE identation, and im talking about a taller website01:32
TheKi guess its a file issue, but dont know how to solve it01:32
rboxnew lines in html is irrelevent01:32
sarnoldTheK: newlines are wasted bytes01:32
sarnoldTheK: the browser doesn't need them01:32
nik0nI can run the nvidia-smi and see my egpu even when hot-plugging but games just always launch using iGPU01:33
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TheKevery \n byte weight as much as any ascii character, thinking about it being wasted or not is such irrelevant01:34
sarnoldif you put them every 80 characters, that's over 1% of the file wasted on something almost nobody will ever see01:35
sarnoldyou can look around for an html pretty-printer if you want something less horrible to read01:35
geniiSo long as html nested tags are in order no spaces tabs or newlines are required01:36
P1roHi, im trying to setup a systemd for periodic borg backups, i do call a modified script, the backup is actually creating, but on systemd i got failed and last line i got Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $DISPLAY right now im using ubuntu02:27
leftyfbP1ro: what does the script do actually? It sounds like it's trying to call some GUI application related to your desktop session02:28
P1roleftyfb: no, its actually a normal borg backup tru ssh, this one actually https://bpa.st/raw/JXLA02:34
rboxnotify-send is gui02:35
leftyfbP1ro: that said, you could enable the service as --user with systemctl (after disabling the existing service)02:36
leftyfbalso: export BORG_REPO="ssh://$remote_user@$remote_host/$remote_folder"02:36
leftyfbthe ssh:// might be trying to call your default file manager02:36
Unit193Just to ensure you've heard of it, borgmatic makes backing up with borg a bit easier.  If you already know of it and it doesn't fit your usecase, then by all means carry on! :)02:38
P1rothanks, didnt know notify/send was a gui app, what alternative i can use to keep track of it, im running as root to be able to read&proctect passwords using files02:38
leftyfbsend an email02:40
leftyfbor call a 3rd party service to send you a notification02:40
P1rothanks, will test02:41
sleepingshellso trying to boot into 23.04 livecd to see if that will fix my issue of hdds not being seen, but it seems that the live server gui wont show up? Can I not install through an nvidia GPU?02:51
leftyfbsleepingshell: there is no live server "gui"02:53
sleepingshellleftyfb: well I meant either a shell or the install tui02:53
basenjisFact, surver has no GUI02:53
sleepingshellyeah gui was the wrong word, meant tui02:54
leftyfbsleepingshell: maybe try adding nomodeset to the kernel options02:54
Sublevel4I have an ubuntu machine that apache has been running on for a while. For some reason starting yesterday, I can't get a response when I try to go to the page via a browser. It says the site can't be reached ... took to long to respond. get the same thing on localhost and if I put port 80. I can get to another server that is running on port :809002:59
Sublevel4but nothing from the webserver. the firewall is off as far as I can tell. I have tried a lot of things that I have read about but so far nothing has fixed it.02:59
leftyfbSublevel4: is apache running? If so, how did you confirm? Did you check if the server is listening on port 80/443? Did you look at your apache logs?03:00
sleepingshellleftyfb: that doesn't fix it. Last lines are "mounting root file system...Begin: running /scripts/nfs-top...done.\nBegin: Running /scripts/nfs-premount...done."03:02
Sublevel4i ran systemctl status apache2, I have not checked the ports and I have looked at the error logs but didn't see much, but then again wouldn't know what to look for03:02
leftyfbSublevel4: ( cat /etc/os-release; uname -a ; sudo systemctl status apache2 ; sudo lsof -i :80 ; sudo lsof -i :443 ) | nc termbin.com 999903:03
Sublevel4PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS"03:07
Sublevel4VERSION="22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)"03:07
leftyfbSublevel4: you didn't copy/paste what I requested03:07
leftyfbSublevel4: please include the parens and the pipe to nc03:08
leftyfbnow you have you wait till your quiet mode expires03:08
P1roleftyfb: whats the best way to manage exit status for systemd?03:09
leftyfbP1ro: what do you mean exactly?03:09
Sublevel4I apologize, I have run what you ask for now.03:11
leftyfbSublevel4: ok, now paste the resulting termin.com URL here03:11
P1rowhen i do status of a unit service,  how i can send if error or not?03:11
P1roi know if script end with error it will be show on status, showing last few lines03:12
P1rothats the best way?03:12
leftyfbP1ro: if you're going to send a status of your script, put that into your script. the systemd service is only going to write out to journal logs03:12
leftyfbSublevel4: ok, then next step is to look through your apache logs while you attempt to hit the web page03:13
leftyfbsorry, but I have to head out now03:14
Sublevel4ok thank you I am looking at the logs now03:16
Fastidiusany apt gurus around...  I have a dictionaries-common stuck with a redirect do different file issue and I cant figure out how to get it out of fix-broken03:30
Bashing-omFastidius: 2// What is apt doing now and for how long ?03:32
Fastidiuserrored out,   theres a bug for it03:33
Fastidiusjust need to uninstall the package and reinstall rather than upgrade but I cant get it out of the fix-broken dialog when doing it03:34
Fastidiusapt remove dictionaries-common says unmet dependencies still which is what im trying to resolve becasue apt cant do it for me03:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 322448 in dictionaries-common (Ubuntu) "dpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/share/dict/words.pre-dictionaries-common'" [Undecided, Confirmed]03:36
Fastidiusthis si the bug03:36
Bashing-omFastidius: I am not a "apt guru" by any means - but I can help you poke about at this.03:48
Fastidiuswell im certainly poking so tell me what you think....right now I think im looking for the link it wants to replace and deleteing it03:50
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Fastidiusok so after deleting the link its moving forward again.......I dont really understand how this hasnt been fixed but its an old v17 dist03:52
Fastidiussame as why the sources.list for old versions dont have fixed sources.list03:52
unix__does anyone know what this means? https://0x0.st/HLHd.jpg04:06
i-Areosi think grub problem04:07
unix__it's a bug in my acpi bios04:08
i-Areoshttps://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/734349/acpi-bios-error-bug-could-not-resolve-symbol-sb-pci0-rp09-pegp-nvdn-ae-n  unix__04:10
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XgatesAny wireguard users here? Since the last few updates, not sure which, wireguard is no longer working.04:17
XgatesEven from the term as 'sudo wg-quick up wg0' it shows a connection and a little data sent, but nothing received....04:17
XgatesI've not touched any settings, I've only updated 23.04 and wireguard was working fine a few weeks ago, and then today I try to connect and nothing...04:18
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floownHellobuntu. I have a simple cron question: https://pastebin.com/rNRznEe305:11
floownI have search on Google05:11
lotuspsychje!cron | floown05:14
ubottufloown: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto05:14
grolongofloown: crontab -e to edit your crons?05:18
upthanks for the acpi help05:19
floowngrolongo, I have only one line, as notice in the pastebin05:20
floownI have done a crontab -l for root05:20
floownIt's on a server05:20
ituyou are missing your cornjob in syslog?05:23
itu*cronjob  , @floown05:23
floownI have done a: # grep CRON /var/log/syslog | grep mysqlbackup05:26
floownI have tree results for the tree last days05:26
floownBut I can find the command line who launch the cron. I had program it since several years05:27
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floownitu, thanks, I'm reading the links05:58
floowncat /etc/crontab give me the result I search. Solved. Thanks to all.06:03
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kerxphiloxHi all, how can I restart a network interface with nmcli?07:43
kerxphiloxI'm running a ubuntu instance as a guest in a vmware workstation machine and I am not getting any network connectivity.  I am running NAT and the interface 'ens33' is showing down.  I have tried restarting the NetworkManager service, but that doesn't bring the interface back up07:43
kerxphiloxOh, 'sudo nmcli networking on' did the trick07:48
kerxphiloxI wonder why networking was set to off?  it was working fine the whole time07:48
tomreynlogs might know07:53
kerxphiloxtomreyn: what logs are going to tell me about the networking specifically?07:55
tomreynnon-specifically, systemd-journal07:56
tomreynjournalctl -u NetworkManager -b07:59
tomreynkerxphilox: ^07:59
bobdobbsI'm on ubuntu 22.04. I installed a ppa and then tried to install a package. The package wouldn't install. I removed the ppa. Now my apt is broken: I can't update or upgrade without an error preventing me from doing so08:59
oerhekscan you pastebin the output of sudo apt update ?08:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:59
bobdobbsoerheks: https://dpaste.com/BMAKFX2Y209:01
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bobdobbsoerheks: the error is on line 6409:01
oerheksyour problems begin in lin 3809:03
oerheksbionic and focal sources in jammy .. what a mess09:03
oerheksand xenial too..09:03
bobdobbsshould I remove some of the ppa's? How do I do that?09:04
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:06
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:07
oerhekskxstudio has no jammy packages https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-debian/+archive/ubuntu/apps .. that is one09:07
throwthecheeseCan anybody send me UnityX binaries?09:07
bobdobbsSo what do I do from here?09:08
oerheksthe wrong ones you find in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ but you should use the software center09:10
oerheksman, i have no time to look them all up, did any of them actually install a package?09:10
oerheksdid you add them all today?09:10
bobdobbsoerheks: not all today, no. I've added ppa's over the last year (I guess) as I've added packages09:11
throwthecheeseI'm looking for either: UnityX binaries or a touch-scroll emulator09:12
oerhekssome of those external sources need apt-transport-https09:12
oerhekskubuntu-ppa/backports, are you using KDE or gnome?09:13
oerheksthe wrong ones you find in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ > jconti09:16
bobdobbsI'm not sure what 'wrong' means in this context09:17
oerheksmaybe  prerelease.keybase.io too..09:17
oerhekswrong, no releasefile = no packages for jammy09:18
oerheksman, what a mess.09:18
oerhekscannot find launchpadcontent.net/ubuntuhandbook1/emacs09:18
oerheksmaybe time to backup your precious data and start over?09:18
oerhekslotuspsychje, i am afraid ppa-purge is of no use :-(09:20
bobdobbsoerheks: you think that there is no recovery from this?09:24
throwthecheeseI'm looking for something that can give X11 DEs touch-scroll functionality. Touchscreen scrolling won't work with Zotero (as well as a number of other applications) on X11 (XFCE) for some reason. So far I've tried touchegg + xdotool, with disappointing results09:24
oerheksbobdobbs, i doubt it, yes. keep this dpast list, reinstall, and add your selection one-by-one to see if they gove errors09:27
bobdobbsoerheks: reinstall my os?09:28
oerheksuse PPAs at your own risk ..09:28
bobdobbsIs there any way out of this manually?09:29
oerheksalso you have sources from xenial, focal, bionic.. did you upgrade this machine from that time?09:29
bobdobbsNo. I started with a fresh install of 22.0409:30
oerheksstart with removing jconti and kx-studio in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/09:33
oerheksalso prerelease.keybase.io09:33
oerheksthose never gave packages09:33
oerheksthen run apt update again and post it here. i might be gone in 30 minutes..09:34
bobdobbskk. I'll remove those list files09:34
bobdobbsoh wups. I didn't remove the kxstudio entries. Will do that now09:37
oerheksoke, and a paste of the content of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ would help too09:40
oerheksi see sidekick-browser, i wonder if that is a valid one09:40
oerheksa troublemaker09:40
bobdobbscontent of /etc/apt/sources.list.d: https://dpaste.com/CKHL7G65V09:41
bobdobbsand I'm reading an article on what "configured multiple times" means09:42
oerheksarchive_uri-https_packages_microsoft_com_repos_edge-jammy.list <> configured multi times <>microsoft-edge.list09:46
oerhekskeep microsoft-edge.list09:46
bobdobbshey, I think I might have fixed the issue09:47
bobdobbswell, I think I at least fixed the immediate symptom09:47
bobdobbsoerheks: so, the problem started when I tried to install a ppa for emacs. I think it was the official ppa for it09:47
bobdobbsoerheks: looking at my sources.list/list.d, it had two entries with the word 'emacs' in the filename. I removed them both09:48
bobdobbsThen I did 'apt --fix-broken install', and that completed without erro09:48
bobdobbsI think from here I'll install the snap package for emacs09:49
oerheksnow run apt upgrade or better apt dist-upgrade09:49
bobdobbsrunning 'update' now...09:49
bobdobbsI still get a tone of warning with 'update', but no errors09:49
bobdobbsok 'apt dist-upgrade' doesn't do much, but it doesn't error out either :D09:50
oerheksoke, have fun!09:51
oerheksbtw kubuntu backports is of no use, i guess09:51
bobdobbsthanks oerheks :)09:51
bobdobbsI can't even remember why I have kubuntu anything installed.09:51
bobdobbsoerheks: I think I was trying to set up DAW for audio at one point.09:51
oerheksoh, kx studio howto perhaps..09:52
bobdobbsthat might explain the kxstudio stuff. Even though I don't even recally what it really is09:52
bobdobbsk, I'm gonna be super careful about new packages from now on. I might even reinstall and start over sometime in the next couple of months, just to be sure09:53
oerheksit is fun experimenting.09:54
oerheksbut after 15 years i stick to stable...09:54
bobdobbsyes... until months later when I need to get some work done and the residue of Past Me's experiments bites me in the butt09:54
* bobdobbs shakes fist at Past Me09:55
user_py  WARNING: The script pytesseract is installed in '/home/xyz/.local/bin' which is not on PATH.10:10
user_py  Consider adding this directory to PATH or, if you prefer to suppress this warning, use --no-warn-script-location.10:10
user_pyHi, is there any way I can solve the above problem?10:10
oerheksThe recommended place to define permanent, system-wide environment variables applying to all users is in: /etc/environment10:16
oerheksor the long story, https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-add-directory-to-path-in-linux/10:17
user_pyOkay, thank you10:20
user_pyLet me try10:20
oerheksyou need to restart after edit to take effect10:21
user_pyalso, how do I edit the file, because the environment file says that it is read-only10:22
oerheksedit with sudo10:24
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ograuser_py, $HOME/bin is automatically in everyones PATH (if you created that dir) ... just create it and move your script there from the hidden .local/bin ... that saves you from tinkering with PATH at all11:00
user_pyThanks ogra11:25
fourkhave you guys heard of dialectical materialism? Ubuntu is material, made of 0s and 1s, and also it's development process is dialectical, covering distinct phases of development in contradiction with other developers.11:27
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de-factowhy is logout and login not sufficient for having a new group membership applied to a user?13:03
de-factodo i really need to reboot for this shit?13:03
de-factoi can do exec su -l $USER13:04
de-factobut why does gdm not do something like that at login?13:05
elias_aI am using a localized version of Ubuntu. Can I force a certain sw to use english menus instead of the localized ones? I need to use a certain sw that has been so poorly that it is not possible to use it.14:12
nteodosioPrepend LANG= to the command line invocation.14:12
TLunaI want to distribute my software to owned machines running Debian and Ubuntu, without uploading packages to public repos. While browsing manuals, I don't grasp this well: are there major differences in this task for Debian and Ubuntu, or can I just learn Debian packaging?14:17
leftyfbTLuna: step #1: get your package into Debian14:18
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jhutchinsTLuna: Do you have your own internal web server?14:49
TLunajhutchins, a web server can be arranged, but doesn't apt support other ways to fetch?14:53
zphinxTLuna: https://blog.packagecloud.io/how-to-create-debian-repository-with-reprepro/14:54
jhutchinsTLuna: I'm not sure.  The official repos haven't used FTP in a long time.14:56
jhutchinszphinx: http is a better protocol for distribution anyway.14:57
TLunajhutchins, so it is about making generic Debian repo, and it will work fine with Ubuntu, right?14:57
jhutchinsSigh, I'm forever grabbing the wrong link.14:57
jhutchinsTLuna: Yes, it should work fine.  Might be a hitch or two getting the configuration right, but a lot of people use local repos so they can download once and share.14:58
TLunaThank you14:59
acetakwas(Not sure if this is the right room). My new job will involve me using a MAC. I've never used one. Always replaced Windows with a Linux installation or used it via a VM. What should I know? I don't want it being a bottleneck to hitting the ground running.14:59
jhutchinsTLuna: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal14:59
jhutchinsacetakwas: Mac users will tell you it's all instinctive, but it still takes learning.  If you have a local Apple store, they may have classes.  Knowing the system gives you a lot more power than just guessing.15:00
oerheksrunning ubuntu on a mac?15:01
oerhekswhat mac exactly?15:02
oerheksm1, m2 ..15:02
acetakwasoerheks, Not sure yet until I receive it. I'm a MAC noob. Always avoided anything Apple, but I want to put sentiments aside now and focus on the job.15:04
acetakwasjhutchins, Thanks.15:04
oerhekstons of howto' s ..15:05
oerheksso, not going to post them all15:05
acetakwasoerheks, Talking about "running ubuntu on a mac", I could spin VMs in the cloud, but I'd have to be responsible for security. I'll mainly be using it to manage resources in Azure in a cloud engineer type of role.15:06
oerheksvirtual box, vmware fusion ..15:06
oerhekshttps://mac.getutm.app/ but paid15:07
oerheksoh, cross posting..15:07
throwthecheeseIs there any build services for Ubuntu? I'm asking because I want to install UnityX and I can't find binaries for it15:10
oerheksthrowthecheese, no15:11
oerhekswhat is UnityX?15:12
oerheksoh, build it yourself? https://gitlab.com/ubuntu-unity/unity-x/unityx15:12
throwthecheeseI'm afraid I don't have enough space for that15:13
oerhekspackages are outdated, sorry https://launchpad.net/~unity-x/+archive/ubuntu/devel15:13
throwthecheeseThat's why I need a build service15:14
throwthecheeseI would like to know whether Unity fully supports tablet PCs beforehand15:16
leftyfbthrowthecheese: that would be a question for the Unity community15:18
jhutchinsthrowthecheese: Or something for you to test on your actual hardware.15:18
oerhekshttps://ubuntuunity.org/download/ test it?15:18
throwthecheeseI currently use XFCE with tons of hacks in place as the default Ubuntu desktop setup dropped global menus and not having global menu functionality is a dealbreaker for me15:20
throwthecheeseThe only working global menu addon for GNOME is buggy as hell15:20
throwthecheeseHowever, XFCE has poor support for tablet PCs15:21
oerheksthrowthecheese, ^ ^15:30
* unkn0wn how to install chatgpt?15:55
* unkn0wn on ubuntu15:56
oerhekswe have no chatgpt in our repos, sorry15:56
oerheksit is a browser thingy?15:56
unkn0wnoerheks: on terminal15:56
leftyfbunkn0wn: you don't15:57
unkn0wnoerheks: ???15:57
oerheksif you find a howto, let us know?15:58
unkn0wnoerheks: ok15:59
leftyfbunkn0wn: https://www.omglinux.com/chatgpt-command-line/15:59
oerhekswe still won' t support it, 3rd party apps. but nice to know15:59
leftyfbfirst result on google for "chatgpt command line"15:59
unkn0wnoerheks: mkdir chatgpt16:00
unkn0wnoerheks: python3 -m venv venv16:00
leftyfbunkn0wn: please don't16:00
unkn0wnoerheks: source venv/bin/activate16:00
leftyfb!paste | unkn0wn16:00
ubottuunkn0wn: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:00
unkn0wnoerheks: pip3 install shell-gpt16:01
unkn0wnoerheks: or pip install shell-gpt16:01
oerhekscarefull with pip ..16:01
leftyfboerheks: I blame you :)16:01
* oerheks crawls in the corner, and eats birthdaycake16:01
* unkn0wn Anyone know how to get chatgpt api get for free?16:02
leftyfbunkn0wn: no16:02
leftyfbunkn0wn: this is an ubuntu support channel. Nothing to do with chatgpt16:02
unkn0wnleftyfb: ok i will install chatgpt on terminal ubuntu help me16:04
leftyfbunkn0wn: we cannot support 3rd party applications16:04
unkn0wnleftyfb: which channel help me on this problem?16:07
leftyfbask chatgpt ;)16:07
unkn0wnleftyfb: chatgpt api yes16:08
oerhekstry ##openai16:08
unkn0wnoerheks: thanks16:09
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hescomy puppet manifest, when trying to start mysql, errors out with: "Provider systemd is not functional on this host".  /usr/lib/systemd/system/mysql.service exists and is populated.  What might I be missing, please?17:25
leftyfbhesco: can you start mysql using systemctl from the command line?17:28
leftyfbhesco: what release of ubuntu is this?17:28
hescoI see it respond: System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.17:29
hescoVERSION="20.04.6 LTS (Focal Fossa)"17:30
leftyfbhesco: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; sudo systemctl status mysql-server ; sudo systemctl start mysql-server ) | nc termbin.com 999917:30
leftyfbhesco: if you don't have systemd installed and running, you're either not running Ubuntu or running a highly modified version that we cannot support17:31
hescoI am running this in docker, using the phusion base image: https://registry.hub.docker.com/r/phusion/baseimage/17:31
oerhekshi mint17:31
mintHow are you?17:31
leftyfbhesco: I'm pretty sure docker containers won't have all the systemd bits by default17:31
mintI m russia17:32
oerheksi hope you do not run mint, as we do support that.17:32
leftyfb!support | mint17:32
ubottumint: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:32
oerheksc/do not17:32
leftyfbhesco: you'll need to contact the maintainer of that image for support17:32
hescothe puppet-labs/mysql module hard codes systemd based on the facter fact: ::operatingsystemmajrelease17:34
leftyfbhesco: you might try #puppet17:34
hescook, thanks.17:34
hescoon a machine running systemd, what does top or `ps aux` report as the process running with PID 1?17:43
hescohow would I query a system to determine what the init system in use is?17:44
leftyfbhesco: /sbin/init17:44
hescoI see: /sbin/init -> /lib/systemd/systemd17:45
hesco`systemctl start mysql` returns for $?: 117:51
hesco`service mysql stop` returns for $?: 017:51
hescois there some way, without attempting to start an actual service that I can runs a similar test to detrmine which init system I should use?17:53
oerheks"Ubuntu, plus modifications for Docker-friendliness, and solves the PID 1 zombie reaping problem " .. how would we support such custom image?17:53
hescoby answering the question I just asked.17:53
zphinxhesco: who -r17:54
leftyfbhesco: apt list --installed systemd17:56
hescoat the moment I anticipate a fork / pull request of the puppetlabs/mysql module, which will test for usefulness of the actual init system before making an assignment to: $server_service_provider in the mysql::params class.17:56
leftyfbhesco: also, you answered your own question, look at where /sbin/init is linked to17:56
hescozphinx: returns an empty result, $?: 017:57
zphinxhesco: who -r in a regular gives a empty response?17:57
zphinxregular shell*17:57
leftyfb"who -r" only gives you the run level17:58
leftyfbit will not determine the init system17:58
hescoleftyfb: systemd/focal-updates,now 245.4-4ubuntu3.22 amd64 [installed,automatic]17:58
hescoN: There are 2 additional versions. Please use the '-a' switch to see them.17:58
zphinxleftyfb: thats not what he asked17:59
leftyfbzphinx: [13:53:07] <hesco> is there some way, without attempting to start an actual service that I can runs a similar test to detrmine which init system I should use?17:59
leftyfbthat's exactly what he asked18:00
zphinxsee the previous two questions18:00
leftyfb"runs a similar test to detrmine which init system I should use"18:00
leftyfbhesco: you are running a highly customized image of ubuntu, it's main customization has to do with the init system. Please seek support from the maintainer of the image18:01
zphinxhesco | `systemctl start mysql` returns for $?: 1 hesco | `service mysql stop` returns for $?: 018:01
hescoleftyfb: systmd returns a result code of 1; service returns a result code as 0.18:01
hescomy question is not specific to the phusion/baseimage.18:01
leftyfbexcept it is18:02
hescoit relates to a generic means for querying a system for the effective means for using the init system18:02
oerhekswhat did #docker reply?18:02
leftyfbwe gave you multiple ways of determining, both fail due to the customized distro you're running. On a normal distro the tests wouldn't fail18:02
zphinxleftyfb: ok major copout18:03
hescodespite the systemd symlinked from /bin/init, attempts to use systemd fails.18:03
zphinxhe's obviously referencing systemd18:03
leftyfbhesco: you're running a system that has essentially broken systemd in some way18:03
leftyfbhesco: it's not ubuntu as it does not come broken by default18:04
hescoI get that.  I am seeking guidance on how to write an effective work-around to this broken system.18:04
oerhekswhy not use the original ubuntu ? https://hub.docker.com/_/ubuntu18:05
zphinxhesco: to answer your question, no app can tell you what init level you should run you app at, who -r will however tell you the init you are operating at.18:05
zphinxand systemd mainly does not deal in init levels, its mainly where and how to launch with regards to services and other units18:06
leftyfbzphinx: hesco: has never even said the word "level" in here, let alone asked how to determine what init level to run at. They are asking how to determine which init system it running18:07
leftyfbhesco: if you're going to run bespoke images that do not conform to standards, you're going to have to write bespoke checks for those systems. In this case, you'll need to contact the maintainer of the bespoke image to determine what they changed in order to write a check for it. If you need your puppet manifest on other bespoke systems, then you'll need to add additional bespoke checks for those system based on how those systems are configured.18:11
leftyfbIf you stick with standard distro's and images, none of this is needed as you can stick to standards to check things18:11
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hescoswitching out my base image would require far reaching changes across a code base built over five or six years based on phusion/baseimage as our base image.18:13
leftyfbhesco: good luck18:14
hescook, it seems that `systemctl start foo` (a non-existent service) produces the same $? result code and the same error.  It does not even reach the question of whether a service, foo, is available is not even reached.18:24
hescoI think I can work with that.18:24
hescoThanks folks, for your time and attention helping me work through this issue.18:24
oerheks!cookie | zphinx leftyfb18:25
ubottuzphinx leftyfb: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:25
zphinxhesco: out of pure curiosity, did you get a proper exit code?`18:26
hesco`systemctl start mysql` returns for $?: 118:27
hesco`service mysql stop` returns for $?: 018:27
hescosphinx: ^^^18:27
zphinx hesco: echo $?18:27
leftyfbhesco: stop will always return 0 unless the system is started and fails to stop18:28
leftyfbyou can't go by that18:28
zphinxecho $? will however return the exit code of the previous command18:29
hesco`systemctl start foo` returns same error message and $? result code.  `service foo start` returns error message: 'foo: unrecognized service' and $? result code 1.18:30
leftyfbhesco: also, even if you were running on a system with a proper systemd running, starting a service will give you exit code 1 if the service fails to start. You can't use these exit codes to determine if you're running systemd or not18:30
zphinxwill make no sense if its part of a script though18:30
leftyfbhesco: You can't use these exit codes to determine if you're running systemd or not18:30
hescoapparently not.  But if I harvest those error messages, that does seem determintive.18:31
leftyfbit's not determinate18:32
zphinxi give up18:33
leftyfbhesco: if mysql isn't running and you attempt to start it. Getting an exit code of 1 can mean: - it failed to start due to a config issue/permission issue/filesystem issue/etc - it can also mean you're not running systemd18:34
hescobut the error message: "System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate." seems useful.18:36
leftyfbyeah, it's telling you systemd is disabled by your image maintainer18:37
leftyfbthe exit code will still be 1 and won't tell you anything other than 1 or more things are wrong18:37
leftyfbthe proper way to do this is to find out how your maintainer disabled systemd and write a check for that18:38
jhutchinsleftyfb: In the past I've encountered versions of MySQL and it's forks that would not start with a normal installation.  They required that you do some initial configuration.  Sometimes it was just setting the password, at other times some configuration would be needed.19:13
leftyfbjhutchins: correct19:13
leftyfbit would give you an exit code of 119:14
jhutchinsleftyfb: This was intentionally done so that the server would not start on installation, but only when configured.19:14
jhutchinsIt has varied with distributions, releases, and forks.19:14
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XgatesAnyone use Wireguard in Ubuntu? I'm running 23.04 and all year long, every time there are updates, Wireguard is constantly breaking, not working with these updates.20:11
XgatesNow, just this past week, I can't get it working again, this time something has really borked the system and I made a bug report on Launchpad...20:11
XgatesAnyone else running into Wireguard issues also in 23.04?20:12
jhutchinsXgates: What are you hoping to use a VPN for?20:19
XgatesUbuntu just released a new LTS version, I'm going to go install that and see what it does, won't take me long to get it up and running...20:24
jhutchinsStill doesn't say why.20:25
ray_howdy: - I keep getting this message with every boot - https://imgur.com/a/CoPtDQU20:34
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jhutchinsMust be drive-by day.20:56
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de-factowow pipewire audio also has glitches, just like pulseaudio, it just stops to output for split seconds even with all audio sinks in the kernel unloaded22:31
de-factowtf why is audio with linux still such a cursed territory ?22:31
de-factomultimedia is still not there for linux, quite sad22:32
oerheksde-facto, RT kernel might be a help 😀22:34
oerhekshi esarin22:34
Eickmeyeroerheks: Don't mislead, RT kernels aren't the silver bullet for audio.22:34
ubottuThe RT kernel is the Linux kernel with special realtime patches applied. It is not available in Ubuntu. See also !lowlatency and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/RealTimeKernel22:35
de-factoi dont think its a kernel issue, the sound server probably just shares architecture bugs with pulseaudio, e.g. trying to do too much stuff automatically22:35
oerheksdoes it occur on rt too?22:35
de-factoi havent tested22:35
Eickmeyeroerheks: On an improperly configured machine, it can.22:35
de-factoi am not aiming at low latency or such, i just want one audio playback without jitters22:36
de-factolike single source, single sink no glitches22:36
de-factonothing fancy really22:36
oerheksoh i see, just found the part tuning.22:36
Eickmeyeroerheks: Also, note that the RT kernel is only available with pro and on LTS.22:37
de-factoi wish there was a way to deactivate all automatic changes in audio servers22:37
de-factoit should just remain in a functioning state without ever trying to automatically map things ever22:37
Eickmeyerde-facto: It sounds like you're just venting and not actually wanting any help.22:38
EickmeyerIf that's the case, this isn't the channel for you.22:38
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:38
de-factoi am trying to solve this issue for years, its pretty frustrating22:39
EickmeyerStill, sounds like you're venting and not wanting help. This is a help channel, not a discussion channel.22:39
de-factoi tried all kinds of pulseaudio settings, now installed pipewire on 22.0422:39
de-factoit was less with pipewire but still occurs22:40
Eickmeyerde-facto: Again, you're not presenting a question.22:41
de-factothen I blacklisted snd_hda_codec_hdmi then it was gone for a bit but now it happened again22:41
de-factoEickmeyer, in case you didnt understand, my question is: how to configure a sound server in a way that allows it to play back audio without output switching or glitching22:42
Eickmeyerde-facto: You said 22.04, correct? What flavor of Ubuntu?22:43
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours22:43
de-factoor even plain?22:43
EickmeyerSo, Ubuntu Desktop. Got it. If you're having that much glitchiness, then it sounds like you're having22:43
de-factoi am using gnome shell22:43
EickmeyerNo, the proper term is Ubuntu Desktop, not vanilla or plain.22:44
de-factoi think no flavor yeah22:44
Eickmeyerde-facto: Audio is largely dependent on your CPU and RAM. How much RAM and what's your CPU?22:44
de-factoIntel i7 860 with 16GB RMA22:45
de-factoits not on heavy load, it mostly just idles22:45
EickmeyerOk. The next thing I'm wondering is if you have a DGPU because Gnome tends to work on graphics compositing a lot, which will use compositing quite a bit.22:46
Eickmeyerer, that was redundant. 😅22:46
de-factoi think, but i am not sure, its the sound server thinking there is a new device and reconfiguring its output or such22:46
de-factothats why i blacklisted snd_hda_codec_hdmi22:46
Eickmeyersnd_hda_codec_hdmi is merely for audio output via hdmi. Do you have anything plugged-in to your HDMI?22:47
de-factoyes a TV is my monitor22:48
EickmeyerAnd it's only a codec, not a device, so blacklisting a codec is never permanent.22:48
EickmeyerAre you using the TV for the audio as well?22:48
de-factonot right now, i am using a analog audio (headphones)22:54
de-factorealtek ALC889A22:56
Eickmeyerde-facto: Ok, then I think I know what's going on. Try switching your HDMI cable. I think you have a faulty HDMI cable that is disconnecting/reconnecting and causing the system to think it's connecting again, so the HDMI takes-over the audio from the headphones.22:57
EickmeyerThat or a faulty connector, either way, not an Ubuntu issue.22:57
de-factoshouldnt i see that in the logs somwhere?22:57
EickmeyerNot necessarily.22:57
EickmeyerEspecially if the system considers it normal operation and not an error.22:57
de-factoi never have any display issues though22:58
EickmeyerDisplay issues wouldn't be affected if it's only the audio conductors that are having issues.22:58
de-factohdmi is a digital protocol22:59
EickmeyerBelieve me, I know. Audio/video tech of 30 years.22:59
EickmeyerThere's still specific digital conductors for audio.22:59
de-factohow can i disable that in the driver?22:59
de-factoi dont want hdmi audio recognized by the sound server23:00
EickmeyerWhy do that rather than change-out the hardware (cable)?23:00
de-factobecause i dont think the cable is faulty23:00
EickmeyerThat's not possible. The EID is being recognized by the system as audio-capable, so it gets turned-on.23:00
de-factoits probably a driver glitch or such23:00
Eickmeyerde-facto: no.23:00
de-factohow can you exclude a driver glitch ?23:01
de-factoand know that its a hw issue instead?23:01
de-factoi am not convinced23:01
oerheksmy bet it works better with a dedicated pcie soundcard..23:01
de-factobut i also think it may be related to the hdmi somehow, hence my blacklisting23:02
EickmeyerWell, I'm the lead of Ubuntu Studio, so you're actually chatting with the expert on Ubuntu's audio, so you're going to have a hard time finding a higher authority on the subject matter here, de-facto .23:02
de-factoi see23:02
de-factointeresting i blacklisted snd_hda_codec_hdmi23:05
de-factobut after an update its loaded again23:05
topcat001Is it possible the TV itself is suspending/resuming its audio due some sort of power saving feature?23:05
de-factoand thats where the issues began23:05
topcat001does it happen if the TV is in standby?23:05
de-factoits my main monitor23:05
de-factoi dont use my computer without the monitor23:06
de-factoso the issues began when it was loaded again23:06
de-factohence its most likely related23:06
de-factobut why? "blacklist snd_hda_codec_hdmi" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:07
topcat001blacklist does not mean it cannot be loaded23:07
Eickmeyerde-facto: As I stated before, that's a codec not a driver.23:07
EickmeyerAnd topcat001 is correct.23:07
topcat001you should really listen to Eickmeyer and try a different cable23:08
de-factowell since that is loaded the issues began23:08
de-factoi dont have a different cable23:08
chonkinhello.  I have Ubuntu 18.04.1  and it can no longer boot. I was running out of space on a /var mount and deleted snaps related to gnome.   I can get a command line with internet connection.   What should I try next?23:08
topcat001also that ^ does not mean that the underlying problem is not the electrical/digital audio connection23:08
topcat001de-facto: does the TV have a setting to disable audio completely?23:09
Eickmeyerde-facto: You came here asking for help and aren't taking the help. You've been given the help by two people and are still refusing. Is there anything else you need?23:09
de-factowhat am i refusing?23:09
Eickmeyerde-facto: Our advice. You need to get a new HDMI cable and try that before proceeding any further with hacks that may or may not destroy your OS.23:09
topcat001if you cannot change the cable rn, try it later when you're able. Maybe you can check the TVs setting now just as a sanity check.23:10
Guest87Anyone here able to help me out with an odd issue?23:13
Eickmeyer!ask | Guest8723:13
ubottuGuest87: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:13
Eickmeyer!eol | chonkin23:13
ubottuchonkin: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:13
Eickmeyer!bionic | chonkin23:14
ubottuchonkin: Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) was the 28th release of Ubuntu. Support ended May 31st, 2023. See !eol, !pro and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2023-May/000290.html23:14
de-factomy suspicion is that this module (snd_hda_codec_hdmi) somehow tells the sound server "there is a new sink, reconfigure" and that then causes the glitches when its loaded, but i am not sure23:14
chonkinEickmeyer:   I do not intend to use this copmuter. I only need to see configuration files on it before I scrap it for a new release23:15
Guest87Point taken, so ive been having an odd issue where an internal drive keeps randomly unmounting and remounting as another drive name, eg its mounted as data once reconnected it was back as data1 then data 2 etc, Drive health is fine and its just for a jellyfin setup so not sure why this is happening, I am running Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS23:16
de-factohow can i blacklist enforce?23:16
Eickmeyerchonkin: Policy is that community support has ended. Sorry.23:16
Eickmeyerde-facto: Once again, you are not listening to our advice and are harping on this blacklist.23:16
de-factolook i am very sorry but i dont have another cable here, or another PC to use23:17
de-factohence i want to remove that module to get rid of the glitches23:17
Eickmeyerde-facto: Did you try what topcat001 suggested in the meantime until you can acquire another HDMI cable?23:18
oerheksGuest87, could be a failing drive, can you pastebin the output of;  sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX where X is the drive letter?23:19
de-factono setting to disable audio in tv23:21
de-factothe issue was gone without that module loaded, at least i think so23:21
de-factohence my question: how to blacklist enforce that module23:21
Guest87oerheks SMART Error Log Version: 123:22
Guest87No Errors Logged23:22
de-factopossibly related in dmesg: "snd_hda_codec_hdmi hdaudioC1D0: HDMI: ELD buf size is 0, force 128" then "snd_hda_codec_hdmi hdaudioC1D0: HDMI: invalid ELD data byte 0"23:22
Guest87idk how much of the output you wanted but this seems to indicate the drive is fine23:22
Eickmeyerde-facto: Ok, then you're just going to have to wait to get a new HDMI cable. Blacklisting any module isn't necessarily permanent. So, no, if you've already done it and it's still loading it's probably not possible.23:22
de-factoit was possible before the update23:23
oerheksGuest87, does the UUID change too?23:23
Eickmeyerde-facto: Sorry, no further help. You're frustrating me and others.23:23
de-factoi am asking a simple question: how to blacklist enforce a module in ubuntu23:24
EickmeyerNot considering hardware issues is a logical fallacy.23:24
oerheksjournalctrl could show that23:24
Eickmeyerde-facto: It's not necessarily possible for all modules. Take that for an answer.23:24
Guest87oerheks so far I havent been able to check if that changes, the device name in the disks app shows the same name, just its mount locaiton changes23:25
de-factoi am not saying that its NOT an hw issue, i am saying that 1) i have no cable, hence i can not try this right now 2) the issue went away when that module was no loaded 3) i want to try this again to see if that cures it, so i can replicate the correlation23:25
Eickmeyerde-facto: You're being combative. Stop.23:25
Eickmeyer!coc | de-facto23:26
ubottude-facto: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv23:26
de-factowhat? I am not combative, i am stating facts to disect the issue. if unloading that module would make the glitching go away it would help blaming it on hdmi, including hw sync issues23:27
Eickmeyerde-facto: No, I've told you that you need to be patient and wait until you can properly troubleshoot the issue before blaming the software. NOBODY ELSE IS HAVING THE ISSUE exept you.23:28
de-factowell nobody else has exactly this system setup23:28
de-factobut loads of HDMI cables probably are faulty23:28
EickmeyerThat's what I'm saying! That's why it has to be your setup!23:28
Eickmeyerde-facto: Just take it one step at a time and try my suggestions *first* before blaming the software.23:29
de-factowhy cant i blacklist a module?23:29
EickmeyerBECAUSE YOU CAN'T.23:29
de-factoi can load it again23:29
de-factook i stop this here. this is not helpful.23:30
EickmeyerLook, we're going in circles. You tried blacklisting it, it loaded anyways.23:30
EickmeyerIf that happens, there's no way to blacklist that particular module.23:30
EickmeyerEnd of discussion.23:30
topcat001de-facto: At your own risk, you can override the module using the "install" command that modprobe provides. This is different from blacklisting (which should be undone)...23:30
oerheksit is unusual that unmounting/remounting randomly happens and changing device name, i would expecting UUID change too. check journalctl  when it happens again. note the UUID now, to compare23:31
topcat001something like: /etc/modprobe.d/module_name.conf containing the line: install module_name /bin/true. See man modprobe.d for an explanation.23:32
Guest87oerheks yeah thats what I will do now, note it down then check if it changes if it happens again23:33
Guest87if the UUID changes what would that indicate?23:33
topcat001Achtung!!! Please document and remember that you did this, as this can cause grief later.23:33
oerheksGuest87, that there are numbers changing in S.M.A.R.T. .. you claim it does not.23:34
topcat001I stress again that this is a stop-gap measure.23:34
oerheksor that the mobo sata interface is failing23:34
Guest87oerheks ahh ok, ill wait and see but lets hope its nothing big23:34
Eickmeyerde-facto: ^ topcat001 Correct, and one reason why I *hate* giving that advice because that can break systems like none other.23:35
oerheksGuest87 me too23:35
topcat001yes I am actually regretting it now :)23:35
topcat001much better to understand and fix the real issue than the symptom23:36
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sarnoldoerheks: btw, it's probably best to suggest the RT kernel only for environments that need it, like robotics or automobiles or high-frequency trading; standard audio stuff should do just fine on the standard kernels. a small handful of people can benefit from the lowlatency kernels, but those shouldn't be necessary very often23:56

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