user|19what is minimal system requirment to install kubuntu 22.04?01:34
dabblerminimum requirements are generally very low in linux-land. i'd search for recommendations for KDE in general. or describe the system you have in mind, especially CPU and RAM02:47
dabbleruser|19 ^02:48
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fusion1181Hello All: I am unable to launch snap applications from the GUI (pinned to taskbar, kmenu, ALT+F2). However, when I launch them from a terminal window they work perfectly fine. Removing the pinned app and then re-pinning the running application also does not work.12:20
fusion1181Does anyone have any ideas what might be the cause?12:20
fusion1181I am running KDE Plasma 5.24.7, Framework 5.92.0, QT 5.15.3, Kernel 6.2.0-26-generic (64 bit) under X1112:22
fusion1181under Kubuntu 22.0412:22
weedmicfusion1181: I suspect there is an issue with your .cache - try this to narrow it down:  open terminal and type "killall plasmashell;plasmashell > /dev/null 2>&1 &" (this will reset plasma), leave it open.  see if things work.  wait 5 mins and close the terminal.  if this worked, then delete .cache and do makedir .cache to put it back.12:26
fusion1181that did not seem to effect the behaviour12:32
weedmicthen that is not the issue12:56
fusion1181weedmic: Thank you for the suggestion13:02
fusion1181When I launch from the terminal I get an error about AppArmor policy that prevents sending message but the app still loads. Could AppArmor policies prevent it from loading in the GUI but not the terminal?13:04
oerheksfusion1181, what span exactly?13:07
fusion1181Authy Desktop, teams-for-linux13:15
oerhekssnap refresh # and see what happens after that.13:39
BluesKajHi all13:48
fusion1181oerheks: all snaps up to date. Still same behaviour. Very strange13:53
oerhekscontact the maintainer?13:54
oerheksteams-for-linux is not official/discontinued.13:55
fusion1181Is Authy desktop also unsupported? I don't see anything that states it is14:02

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