lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> I would be surprised if fonts-ubuntu isn't provided by fonts-ubuntu-classic00:49
PowderedChocolatI am currently using Lubuntu 22.04.2, I just saw Lubuntu's website has released 22.04.3, should I re-install Lubuntu to use 22.04.03, or would a simple apt-update apt upgrade make my system match this new LTS version?07:27
guivercPowderedChocolat, if you apply all security fixes (ie. `sudo apt update` to update software lists & `sudo apt full-upgrade` to apply all upgrades) you'll have been using 22.04.3 by the weekend BEFORE 22.04.3's official release.07:32
PowderedChocolatwoah cool07:32
guivercthe official release relates to the ISO release; installed systems already having upgraded07:32
guivercISO, ie. something you can download & install fresh (all updates included on that ISO)07:32
PowderedChocolatIs tehre any advantage to re-installed the newest ISo07:33
PowderedChocolator should I just sudo apt full-upgrade07:33
guivercNo advantage... I'd just upgrade normally...07:33
PowderedChocolatok great07:33
PowderedChocolatIs the LTS support timeframe the same?07:33
PowderedChocolatSupport lasts just as long07:34
guivercon https://fridge.ubuntu.com/2023/08/11/ubuntu-22-04-3-lts-released/ you'll read  "As usual, this point release includes many updates and updated installation media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation."  ie. it's a 22.04 system still ; the .3 only showing what upgrades you've applied to it.07:34
guiverctry using `neofetch` from terminal , or `lsb_release -a` to see what you're running :)07:35
PowderedCocholatI need guidance to upgrade my LUKS version from v1, to v2.07:38
PowderedCocholatI did a LUKSDUMP and it shows Version: 1 meaning I am probably using the less-secure PBKDF2, when Version 2 LUKS uses Argon2id. How do I upgrade? I'm using Lubuntu 22.04.2 LTS.07:38
dragon_Has anyone had issues with printers lately?16:48
dragon_I tried to print something at work, and neither printers turned up, my pc doesn`t find any. I haven`t used printers since before the summer holiday in june16:49
dragon_...then they worked fine16:49
wxlprinters and issues are synonymous with one another but there's no new regressions that i know of16:49
dragon_I am in Lubuntu 23.0416:50
dragon_I have to look into it, and make things work again16:51
dragon_I have had issues with a particular HP printer a long time, I need to download a software to handle it in windows too. 16:51
dragon_But this time, the ones nothing turns up on the list of printers16:52
lubot[telegram] <teward001> if printers arent discoverable on your network you'd have to add them individually.16:55
lubot[telegram] <teward001> not all printers are openly discoverable.16:55

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