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pvl1hello, i need some help with subiquity and curtin. dont seem to understand how to pass along a disablement of the resizefs step. OR really, the ultimate goal is to use existing partitions11:22
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pvl1actually now im struggling with just getting curtin to recognize the software raid12:21
hwpplayer1hi people !12:51
QuarkFor machines built with MAAS, but later taken out of the scope of it (moved the different subnets, not under MAAS management), what does it needs to happen so that they get IP from a different DHCP (not MAAS DHCP)?12:51
hwpplayer1Do you know any document about cluster computing and parallel computing with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server12:52
hwpplayer1maybe official Ubuntu documents/manuals12:54
Quarkhwpplayer1, https://www.particleincell.com/2020/ubuntu-linux-cluster/12:57
hwpplayer1Thanks Quark 12:58
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pvl1I cant seem to figure out how to pass the apt settings onto curtin23:31
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