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Eickmeyersarnold: I'd say lowlatency is good for most pro audio purposes, hence it being default in Ubuntu Studio.00:02
de-factointeresting that made it unload00:07
de-factonow it loaded snd_hda_codec_generic and it offers me hdmi audio00:08
de-factowhich ... works00:08
de-factolets see if those glitches come again or not00:08
fraznelhey all, i'm trying to sleuth out what version of ubuntu is running on a remote machine in the past i've used uname -a to great effect here but this is giving me something unexpected for me. I'd expect a version number and release name (along with kernel version etc)00:12
fraznelinsteand its telling me its Linux zangoose 4.15.0-156-generic #163-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 19 23:31:50 UTC 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:13
frazneltheres no release named zangoose but i can assume this is from late 2021 (at least when it was compiled)00:13
sarnoldthat's a hostname00:13
frazneli cant find any information on ubuntu's site about a kernel version or package named "zangoose" i do get a lot of pokemon references though00:13
sarnoldlsb_release -a usually works00:13
oerheks4.15 is bionic era00:14
sarnoldyeah here we are .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/4.15.0-156.16300:14
frazneloh geez, thanks ,i've been using a bad command for that all along, never tried lsb_release, is that a binary thats usually built along with the kernel or a utility ubuntu usually includes00:15
sarnoldeven if that machine has livepatch configured, we haven't produced any patches for a kernel that old for a year. that machine needs a reboot into a newer kernel.00:15
sarnoldfraznel: it's from the lsb-release package, which is standard on ubuntu, but not always on other distributions. so its utility is a bit limited, but handy when you've got an ubuntu on hand00:16
* sarnold all hands on board00:16
fraznelyeah, i don't have control over it. its a host sitting in some vfx shop somewhere, i gotta get a set of libtorch libraries compiled for it. I got the linker version but dropped it on finding the ubuntu version00:16
fraznelvfx shops surprise me, their other option, i don't even know what kernel they are using or os but they have some image that uses cuda 10.2 still in production00:17
fraznelsarnold, thanks again! I'll try getting them to run lsb_release -a00:18
frazneland of also thanks oerheks :)00:18
de-factohow can i have hdmi audio ... working without snd_hda_codec_hdmi  ?00:20
sarnoldfraznel: if you really have to compile for bionic, you can probably get there pretty easy with lxd; something like sudo snap install lxd ; sudo lxd init ; lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 u18 ; lxc shell u1800:21
fraznelde-facto, you checking modules loaded or also things compiled in00:21
sarnoldde-facto: maybe your system is haunted? heh00:21
de-factoi mean i am happy if things work without glitches ... so far00:22
de-factoi leave it like this to observe00:22
fraznelsarnold, its all foobar'd by nvidia, they need a cuda 11.6 capable version, afaik the only way to link against the cuda toolkit is to have an actual cuda capable machine set up but would love a way around that :), i only have amd setups at home so I always end up grabbing a cloud machine or requesting a build box for these things00:23
Eickmeyerde-facto: Or, don't look a gift horse in the mouth? But just know that what you did is, in fact, dangerous as topcat001 said.00:23
de-factoyes i decided to do it on my own risk00:23
de-factoi want to find out more and learn00:24
EickmeyerWell, this isn't exactly a discussion chat. For that there's #ubuntu-offtopic.00:24
de-factoits about finding out a solution for a problem i experience on ubuntu00:24
EickmeyerRight, which is done.00:25
de-factoi just wanted to report back the progress, will observe now for a few days00:25
Eickmeyerde-facto: Right, we don't report back on that here.00:25
de-factoi do00:25
Eickmeyer!guidelines | de-facto00:26
ubottude-facto: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:26
Eickmeyer!support | de-facto00:26
ubottude-facto: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:26
de-factoyes its about support on ubuntu about my audio issue00:26
Eickmeyerde-facto: But you have the solution to your problem. The rest is irrellevant to this channel.00:26
de-factothe task is to understand what is happening so maybe I can collect enough info for a bugreport00:27
EickmeyerThen report the bug, not here.00:27
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:27
de-factotell me which code of conduct did you think i did not honor?00:28
wkmangode-facto, an inexperienced user unloading kernel modules thinking that you know what you're doing is pretty stupid00:28
wkmangojust call it a day00:28
de-factoi always stay on the issue, others maybe not. i am done here00:29
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fooIn the tiny chance someone is familiar with caddy/sirtunnel (ngrok alternative): https://github.com/anderspitman/SirTunnel - I've got this all working, except I can't run it with nginx on the same server (which also uses port 80). Getting this error: admin.api       request error   {"error": "loading new config: http app module: start: tcp: listening on :80: listen tcp :80: bind: address already in use",01:14
foo"status_code": 500} ... I can't seem a way to change the default port 80 with caddy (which sirtunnel uses). Curious if someone else see's something I don't here.01:14
topcat001de-facto: If your TV has HDMI-CEC then try also turning that off.01:15
de-factoit has that, and i can disable that, but i think i leave it on for now with the changed modules01:18
fooActually, I may have figured it out... seems this is used for an auto HTTP -> HTTPS redirect.01:18
de-factothanks topcat001 i will try this later with the orig module the more i can find out the better01:19
sarnoldfoo: there's some --listen parameters throughout https://caddyserver.com/docs/command-line -- you might be able to edit the script to to launch caddy on another port01:21
foosarnold: hey, thank you. I really appreciate you taking a look. Spent a few hours trying to change this, will see what I can find with that. I have adjusted the listening port but it seems to be different - it's not HTTP listening, it's the daemon listening. eg. I've chagned it here: https://github.com/anderspitman/SirTunnel/blob/master/caddy_config.json#L6 - it's possible this is different, will double check01:21
foowhat you're suggesting01:22
sarnoldfoo: heh yeah I was very surprised to not spot an '80' in that file :)01:23
foosarnold: :)01:23
foosarnold: gah, I think this is what I want: https://caddyserver.com/docs/json/apps/http/servers/automatic_https/ - but I can't seem to set it in the json file.01:58
fooI want to disable that, that's why it's listening on port 8001:58
* foo continues digging01:58
sarnoldit'd be handy if this thing would have a button to spit out a config blob..01:59
sarnoldI never hand-write json so it doesn't come naturally to me, anyway01:59
foosarnold: Same. https://bpa.st/XXQA is what I have.02:01
foosarnold: https://caddyserver.com/docs/json/ example of config02:02
fooI wonder if I can set the http_port here *tries that instead02:02
sarnoldfoo: that sure *looks* like it ought to work .. try handing that file to caddy alone, and see what it does?02:03
foosarnold: ok, I think this http_port worked... checks*02:03
foosarnold: well I'll be darn. Simply your presence helped me solve this. Grateful for your willingness to support... thank you. :)02:03
foosarnold: ... got it.02:03
sarnoldirc is like that :)02:04
sarnoldask for help, and it goes away..02:04
Bashing-omsarnold's magic aura does it again :D02:05
sarnoldfoo: did you set it to something like 1000? :)02:05
foosarnold: 8844 :) I don't care for the HTTP -> HTTPS redirect02:07
fooBashing-om: srsly.02:07
sarnoldoh that's a pleasing port number :)02:07
sarnoldI'm moderately annoyed by the http -> https redirects, but begrudgingly understand hem02:07
* foo nods02:08
foook, I got this working. Now, in a perfect world, the ssh user I'm setting up can *only* run this python script ... eg. ssh -tR 11111:localhost:8888 louie-tunnel ./sirtunnel.py name.local.domain.com 11111 ... but I'm not sure how simple that is to set up02:40
MaxpmI think that's doable in the authorized_keys file.02:40
MaxpmSomething like: restrict,command="sirtunnel.py" <public key>02:43
fooMaxpm: that. would. be. awesome. I could kiss you.02:45
fooMaxpm: ... if it works.02:45
fooMaxpm: ... I'll wear PPE.02:45
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PowderedChocolatI recently learned LUKS2 is much stronger against brute-force than LUKS1, how do I determine which version of LUKS i'm using?07:17
PowderedChocolatI need guidance to upgrade my LUKS version from v1, to v2.07:25
PowderedChocolatI did a LUKSDUMP and it shows Version: 1 meaning I am probably using the less-secure PBKDF2, when Version 2 LUKS uses Argon2id. How do I upgrade? I'm using Lubuntu 22.04.2 LTS.07:25
weedmicPowderedCocholat: what does it have to do with ubuntu?07:39
weedmicok, i c u want to upgrade07:39
PowderedCocholatI need guidance to upgrade my LUKS version from v1, to v2.07:40
PowderedCocholatI did a LUKSDUMP and it shows Version: 1 meaning I am probably using the less-secure PBKDF2, when Version 2 LUKS uses Argon2id. How do I upgrade? I'm using Lubuntu 22.04.2 LTS.07:40
nteodosioNot an expert, but I think you will need to re-create the volume.07:43
nteodosioAlternatively, the article explains that you are secure with a very strong password. Changing that is a way easier solution if the former is correct.07:43
weedmicI believe the current form is 1.4 that is in the store - so if you want to go beyond with a unvetted version, you need to do it manually.  go to their site, download, install, etc.07:44
weedmicPowderedCocholat: ^ (forgot your name in the reply)07:44
PowderedCocholatyeah my pass is strong07:44
PowderedCocholatbut I want to be using the latest and strongest, LUKS207:44
PowderedCocholatI dont think Lubuntu GUI installer supports it by default07:45
weedmicas stated, I believe it is 1.407:45
PowderedCocholatwhat is? Lubuntus LUKS version?07:45
PowderedCocholatLuksdump says Version: 107:45
weedmici searched muon for luks, and chose "bruteforce-luks", says version 1.407:48
weedmicdon't have dump w regard to luks (or is it regards - english is so difficult).07:49
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cousteauI'm connected to a Ubuntu machine via xrdp, through a VPN, over a slow connection (dunno what the hell is wrong with this machine's connection but it's slow as hell).  In short, Ubuntu runs very slow.  Is there a way to make the desktop environment more fluid / more remote desktop friendly?09:25
cousteauUbuntu 20.04 with the default desktop environment (I think it's Gnome 3)09:25
cousteauAlternatively I could install XFCE or another lightweight desktop environment09:26
cousteauBut if there's a way to make the default DE "simpler", that'd be preferable09:26
cousteauFor example, in XFCE, I'm able to select between turning desktop composition on and off (this will basically switch between a "plain" WM, Metacity I think, and a HW accelerated one with some animations and transparencies and shadows).  Not sure if there's a similar option in Gnome.09:34
ogracousteau, there is no such mode anymore in GNOME, it is 100% compositor based ... but that should not reaally cause slowness over RDP or VNC ... (it surely would via something like XDMCP)09:47
cousteauogra: well, the more animations and shades the desktop has, the less the video can be compressed before being sent, and the slower the remote desktop transmission will be10:04
cousteauBasically, whenever there's an animation, the remote desktop feels unresponsive10:04
cousteauBack in the day I had a great deal of success on a slow machine by simply changing the window theme to a simple one (I think this was before desktop animations were a thing, or at least something enabled by default)10:05
cousteauHm, maybe I can tell the xrdp server to compress video more aggressively10:05
footprintsyou can turn the animations off with gnome-tweak10:06
weedmiccousteau: you can install any DE you like.10:08
cousteauweedmic: I know, that was plan B10:13
cousteau(now, telling xrdp to use that DE is another thing...)10:13
weedmic:D plan B could also be no DE and just use cli10:14
cousteaufootprints: for some reason that didn't work, some animations still seem to be performed10:14
cousteauweedmic: well, I use apps that are graphical, so that's not an option :(10:15
cousteau(maybe I could do some magic with X redirection, but that'd imply installing an X server on my local Windows machine...)10:15
cousteauBut yeah, whenever possible I just ssh into the machine10:16
cousteauSo it was solid advice actually10:16
footprintsfor goodness sakes!! peace on earth!!10:26
lotuspsychjecan we help you footprints10:26
footprintssorry was watching too much news10:27
footprintsi know the rules10:27
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pvl1hello, i need some help with subiquity and curtin. dont seem to understand how to pass along a disablement of the resizefs step11:16
lotuspsychjepvl1: you might wanna try #ubuntu-server where the server experts gather11:21
pvl1figured i ought to start there as well, thanks!11:21
Yakovwhat is the most compact (small consuming app) virtualisation for Window XP on ubuntu11:25
Polochon_streethi! I'm trying to associate a certain mime type with firefox snap (in 23.04) with a specific program, through "System Handler". I put a desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/program.desktop, and did xdg-mime program.desktop default my-mime/mime, but I still get "no application found"11:55
Polochon_streetwhen clicking on the "find packages...", it looks for the exact same mime type I entered as xdg-mime default, so I'd assume this part is right at least11:57
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ograPolochon_street, there is a mime cache in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/mimeinfo.cache ... (not sure how snapd handles it internally though)12:03
ogra... perhaps just adding a line there is enough (though i suspect it will be re-generated on snap refreshes)12:04
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Polochon_streethmm, is there a way to add stuff there permanently? Doesn't seem it cares the least about what I put in the /usr/share/applications/ folder12:08
ograPolochon_street, i dont think there is, the data is likely obtained from the .desktop files during snap install an refresh and generated on the fly ... you could ask in forum.snapcraft.io though12:11
Polochon_streetanother solution would be to install non-snap firefox, I guess12:12
ograsure, just note that it isnt supported here (or anywhere officially)12:13
Polochon_streettrue that12:14
Polochon_streetbut in theory, adding `my-mime/mime=program.desktop` in `/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/mimeinfo.cache`, and putting my program.desktop in `/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/program.desktop`, opening the link and using `System Handler` should work?12:16
Polochon_streetbecause I still get `No application available` after clicking System Handler12:16
ograwell, snapd migh indeed do more during generaion of these files at install/refresh ... like updating any system caches etc12:18
QuarkFor machines built with MAAS, but later taken out of the scope of it (moved the different subnets, not under MAAS management), what does it needs to happen so that they get IP from a different DHCP (not MAAS DHCP)?12:29
ograQuark, probably #ubuntu-server is the better channel for such a question ...12:33
QuarkThanks okra.12:51
BluesKajHi all13:48
otisolsen70I am trying to make a network service available to the internet on an OCI instance with Ubuntu. I have added an iptables rule to allow port 8000 (-A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW -m tcp --dport 8000 -j ACCEPT) but nc -vvz myserver 8000 gives timeout. Shouldnt this work? Full iptables -L INPUT here: https://paste.yt/p25212.html13:49
leftyfbotisolsen70: can you access it if you temporarily flush all iptables rules?13:50
otisolsen70leftyfb, that is iptables -F INPUT, right?13:51
leftyfbI usually just run sudo iptables -F13:52
leftyfbbut yeah13:52
_ELFrederichErr:8 https://package.perforce.com/apt/ubuntu jammy InRelease13:55
_ELFrederich  The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 7123CB760FF18869 Perforce Software (Package Signing) <support+packaging@perforce.com>13:55
_ELFrederichDid perforce change their GPG key?  Something like that I'd think there'd be an announcement right?  That's a big deal... or they got hacked or something.13:56
leftyfb_ELFrederich: you'll need to contact perforce for support with their 3rd party repo. It looks like their key expired13:56
oerheksNOTICE: 14 August 2023 is the expiration date of the Perforce packaging key13:56
oerheksnot our problem13:56
oerheksthe fix is on their page, good luck!13:57
_ELFrederichoerheks, ahh... nice, thanks13:57
otisolsen70leftyfb, strange, I still get timeout after -F. So I guess somethign else is blocking....14:14
otisolsen70strange because it works on the other services I run...14:14
oerheksmaybe your OCI panel?14:15
leftyfbotisolsen70: contact Oracle support14:15
ArtfulDodgerHey! On a fresh Ub 22.04 server I typed "sudo passwd" instead of "passwd" to change my pass. Hence, I created a password for root. I'd like to cleanup this, how do I revert back to the default?14:18
leftyfbArtfulDodger: https://askubuntu.com/a/2045314:20
ArtfulDodgerawesome ty leftyfb :)14:21
leftyfbArtfulDodger: I found it by searching for "ubuntu disable root password" on google14:21
leftyfb3rd result14:21
ArtfulDodgerI was not sure that was about disabling anything, I just wanted to revert to the default so I did not have the right keywords14:22
otisolsen70oerheks, I am not really sure what to look for, but I will try and see if OCI has something akin to NSGs on Azure14:22
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warmroberti accidentally ran a command locally meant for a remote machine that regenerated my initramfs with every possible module. on reboot the only way i can get to my ubuntu desktop is to get dropped at initramfs, running `cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/nvme0n1p3 ubuntu--vg` `vgchange -ay` `exit` and then it prompts me for my disk unlock key and finishes boot16:19
warmroberthow can i make it do those 2 steps automatically and prompt for the password on bootup again16:19
warmrobertadditionally there is already an entry in /etc/crypttab16:20
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ianliuIs it possible to make "xdotool key" to fire multimedia key events? Such as volume up?16:44
ianliufound it, xdotool key XF86AudioRaiseVolume16:49
iomari891greetings, I'm running low on disk space in my / folder. But I have plenty of space on another drive. How can I move my /snap folder to that drive to free up space?16:51
iomari891in theory, I want to move the folder then link it back to it's default location /snap.16:52
oerheksthe fix is on their page, https://www.perforce.com/perforce-packages16:53
iomari891oerheks: is that for me?16:53
oerheksi find no solution to move snaps, even with bind it gives errors?16:55
oerheksyou might want to reask in #snappy16:57
iomari891I'll try to boot to a usb live distro then do the move/link and see if it blows up.16:58
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rfmiomari891, I think /snap is just a mountpoint for the various squashfs files.  All the actual space is consumed in /var/lib/snapd, that's what you'd need to move.17:13
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flips^ Freshly installed 22.04/jammy. i5 PC, shrinked win10 partition, created a small 2 M part for BIOS boot and 35 GB for Ubuntu. Installed fine. EFI partition (sda1) mounted to /boot/efi, in /boot/efi/EFI I see ubuntu dir in addition to Microsoft. During boot I never see grub. F10 for boot menu, I can select the second SATA03 entry and ubuntu boots straight away (no grub). In BIOS elsewhere and18:31
flips^Windows boot order thingie, I don't see Ubuntu18:31
tomreynflips^: it's not clear whether you installed ubuntu in uefi mode or bios mode, and how you want it to be installed / booting. or really what the issue is you're trying to solve or the question you're asking.18:47
flips^The disk is GPT, I want to run Ubuntu, but didn't want to remove Win10. Now the user has to press F10 for boot options to boot ubuntu. I tried grub-install /dev/sda, no help19:05
flips^So the question is what I can try to get GRUB loading on this PC ... (Usually the installer does this fine, and my knowledge is dated/mostly limited to how MBR works)19:21
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oerhekswhy nott installing ubuntu in uefi mode? it uses the same EFI partition as your windows ..19:28
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:28
flips^oerheks: Didn't I do that? Thought I selected for ubuntu to coexist ...19:29
oerhekswhy the seperate bios partion?19:31
sarnoldoverseasons: any chance you can fix your connection?19:31
oerhekstomreyn asked the same, this is not clear19:32
flips^oerheks: The installer said I needed a biosgrub partition, complained, I had no idea why ;-p19:32
oerheksmaybe you *did*  start in uefi mode, but then you need to switch every time you boot.19:32
oerheksehm you made those partitions, the installer could have found the efi one, if you have booted the iso in uefi19:33
flips^I tried only making one partition, then the installer complained19:33
flips^EFI partition existed all the time ...19:33
flips^I can do a clean install again ... so remove the 2 MB BIOS boot and linux part and leave empty space?19:35
oerheksnot sure why it does not fin the existing efi .. disable secure boot temporary?19:35
* oerheks turns on desklight19:36
flips^Secure boot is disabled. And Windows fast boot19:36
tomreyn"The installer said I needed a biosgrub partition" - if this is so, it would mean the installer was booted in bios mode, and the install was pointed to a disk with GPT partition table.19:38
oerheksare you in ubuntu now? to check if you did efi;    [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "Installed in UEFI mode" || echo "Installed in Legacy mode"19:39
oerhekstomreyn, yeah, i suspect that too19:39
flips^currently booted from the usb installer, so check if /sys/firmware/efi exists in the linux root partition ... booting into it again, nope, no /sys/firmware/efi there19:42
oerheksoke, you started in legacy19:43
flips^So, need to recreate install medium. I used the mentioned/recommended Windows tool. Option was only UEFI or BIOS mode, IIRC ...19:43
flips^Can I just dd the ISO to the USB again, or need to read up on creating UEFI mode booter?19:44
oerhekscheck the manual howto force to boot in EFI mode.. maybe your screen shows a boot option hotkey19:45
flips^If I see /sys/firmware/efi when booted from the USB, I should be good?19:47
tomreynfrom the installer usb? yes then.19:48
oerheksno, that is not valid. only when you boot from an installed system19:48
tomreynwell it means the installer was booted in uefi mode, and that's the requirement for installing in uefi mode?19:49
flips^Think I was able to get BIOS to UEFI boot the USB device ... Opening shell after booted shows the efi dir in firmware ... Then I'm removing the partitions and retrying ...19:49
throwthecheeseHow do I jail my cursor? I'm trying to make touch-scrolling available on Zotero using touchegg and xdotool but I can't seem to avoid selecting text while scrolling19:55
flips^tomreyn / oerheks and it works! Thanks, guys! :)20:00
tomreynyou're welcome20:00
oerhekshave fuN!20:02
steveStupid question: I've never used a desktop environment on linux - I've only used terminal. I'm working with ubuntu and gnome for the first time - how do I start a terminal within gnome? Is there a terminal app?20:16
oerheksctrl alt t20:18
leftyfbsteve: hit the start/super key and type: terminal20:18
leftyfbor CTRL+ALT+T20:18
oerheksif you browse through programms, you find terminal, or type the searchbox20:18
leftyfbyou can open it like every other program (firefox, editor, etc)20:19
sarnoldthere's a few other keyboard shortcuts listed on https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/shell-keyboard-shortcuts.html.en -- but I'm dissapointed it didn'tlist this one, I wonder how much of it is right20:19
oerheksctrl shift t : to open a tab in your browser again20:20
dkt_ok call you in 10 minutes20:35
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steveI can't figure out how to even open the search. I'm using VNC and none of my mac metas seem to be going through.20:49
steveInterestingly, I open a file browser window and click "Open in Terminal" and it just does nothing20:49
steveIs it possible that I don't have a gui terminal app installed?20:50
leftyfbsteve: it's because you're trying hot-keys on a mac over vnc20:50
steveYeah, I assumed that was the case20:51
steveThis is an ubuntu install on AWS20:51
leftyfbsteve: why run a GUI on a remote AWS instance?20:52
steveSo there's a good chance I didn't install all the right stuff20:52
steveI'm working on a python project that involves tkinter and the mac version of tkinter (and all of the other libs that I need) leaves a lot to be desired20:53
leftyfbsteve: why not run Ubuntu in a VM on your local machine?20:53
steveSo I figured I'd just spin up a VM20:53
steveBecause I don't want my macbook to become a toaster :p20:53
leftyfbI run VM's on my XPS 13 just fine20:54
oerheksthen use the menu, as 3 people told you20:54
steveAlso space constraints20:54
steveoerheks: there's no terminal listed in the menu20:54
leftyfbthen you didn't install a standard Ubuntu desktop20:55
oerheksthen contact your aws friends20:55
leftyfbsteve: if you can get to a tty, then try installing gnome-terminal20:56
steveSays it's at latest version already20:56
steveAnd by the looks of it, the AMI I used was (mistakenly) unbuntu server20:57
oerheksso, it is in your menu20:59
steveNo, it's definitely not.21:00
oerheksoke, then it is not an ubuntu issue, but aws. good luck!21:00
mitchdzsteve: do you still need help? I've installed a graphical instance on AWS EC2 before and can compare the setup.21:00
oerheksmitchdz, a desktop on aws surely shows terminal.21:01
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stevemitchdz: no need ATM - I'm going to switch to a proper ubuntu desktop AMI21:04
steveThank you though21:04
mitchdzSounds good21:04
Guest81I've a question21:12
Guest81My computer runs python3.921:12
Guest81I want to use 3.10 for development work21:12
Guest81how do I do this without bricking my system unexpectedly21:12
oerhekson what ubuntu version?21:14
oerheksit is available for 22.04 LTS https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python3.1021:16
oerheksinstall it, then run sudo update-alternatives --config python21:16
Guest81currently on 20.0421:16
Guest81should I should upgrade to 22.0421:16
oerheksoh sorry,, no go21:16
Guest81*should I just21:16
oerheksyes please21:16
leftyfbGuest81: Ubuntu 20.04 has python3 version 3.8.2, not 3.921:17
leftyfbGuest81: either way, you could just run Ubuntu 22.04 in an LXD container21:17
oerheksthere is deadnakes ppa with 3.10 for focal, but do not use that21:17
Guest81that sounds like an unnecessary level of complication21:18
leftyfbGuest81: lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 myfirstcontainer21:18
Guest81I was thinking of deadsnakes but that seems rather meh21:18
oerheksglad i could give that warning. that is, if you want to produce sane development21:19
joseph1evening: Since kernel 6.2 update im getting errors on boot.21:36
jeremy31joseph1: boot in a 5.15 kernel, then remove linux-generic-hwe-22.04 and the newer kernels21:38
joseph1jeremy31,  do i need to re-install 5.15 ?21:39
jeremy31joseph1: 5.15 would be package linux-image-generic21:41
joseph1synaptic uninstalls old kernels by its design.21:41
joseph1so , installing 5.15 - then uninstalling hwe 22.04 will fix this ?21:43
jeremy31You may have to remove some 5.19/6.2 kernels with Synaptic21:44
joseph1ic - maybe.21:44
joseph1After playing musical kernels with the inception of 6.2 sure has my head spinning.21:45
jeremy31Been a couple years since I did it, I removed the hwe kernel package when I installed 22.0421:45
joseph1it did it automaticaally, i tried that manually.21:45
joseph1I tried 5.15 hwe and it was missing in synaptic21:46
jeremy315.15 should be linux-image-generic21:48
joseph1ok - install 5.15 generic - then - un install hwe 22.04 ??21:49
joseph1why wont cononical do that in an update ?21:50
jeremy31You should reboot into 5.15 before removing21:50
joseph1i know. ya.21:51
joseph1should i un install nvidia 535 before transition ?21:52
joseph1lol - who screwed up.21:56
joseph1some one did and no-one is saying a word.21:57
oerheks before transition?21:57
joseph1yes - before changing kernels and hwe.21:58
oerheksno need for uninstall, i guess21:58
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joseph1nice thanks.21:59
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joseph1so -were back to GA ?22:00
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tomreynthat's what you wanted, right?22:00
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joseph1i guess - not too sure - if 6.2 depends on hew - how does that effect updates22:01
joseph1ill give it a shot - thanks for your help.22:02
joseph1That did the trick - thanks people.22:14
joseph1Thanks fellas - That worked.23:35
joseph1Now - i need to - un-install nvidias site drivers so i can re--claim my m.223:36
joseph1im scared to run the un-installer.23:37
joseph1I guess i need to procure protocol - wish me luck - el-oh-el.23:40
joseph1I know: but : - I have a new win 11 install - i installed ubuntu and it borked the boot loader - no - i dont have a disk.23:45
joseph1on another hd.23:45
oerheksunlikely ubuntu did that.23:45
oerheksand one can download the windows iso from the  microsoft site23:46
joseph1i have a so called pirtaed disk.. who knows. -- if i dl the win11.. will that change the owner ??23:47
oerheksps=prober is disabled from some time now, maybe that is why grub does not see windows. for security reasons23:47
joseph1right lol23:48
oerheksgood lucj23:48
oerheksno seriously, your licence is in your bios stored, unless you wiped keys23:49
joseph1it was working till - i several times denied theur cloud version.23:49
joseph1I hate modern bios23:50
joseph1wait- this is on a 2013 g600 dell bios23:50
joseph1well, used to be - i transfered it from a gigabyte with a i323:51
joseph1who knows23:52
oerheksyes, uefi capable https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c0427203223:52
joseph1ill reaearch it.. thanks oerheks23:54
joseph1have a super day ubuntu heros.23:54
oerhekshave fun!23:54
joseph1Rock-On !!23:54
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