craigbass76I'm setting up a laptop, and don't want KDE. Is my best bet Xubuntu then running the ubuntustudio-installer ?14:48
OvenWerkscraigbass76: That would make sense, yes.14:50
OvenWerkscraigbass76: do note that the studio applications will pull in some of the KDE libs in any case but they should not run all the time.14:52
craigbass76That'll work. I just haven't liked KDE for a while. I think Fedora 4 was the last time I used it regularly.14:52
OvenWerksFor audio only and not the graphics tools that studio also comes with, XFCE is probably better.14:54
OvenWerksBut KDE has things like monitor set up that are harder to do with XFCE14:54
craigbass76I'm thinking of sticking it on my older laptop too, but you're right. When I tried Mint with Mate or XFCE, getting multiple monitors (via a docking station) working was near impossible. My son has gotten into astro-photography lately, so I may throw it on anyway and give it to him. He won't need the docking station capability anyway.14:58
OvenWerksHmm, I didn't have trouble setting up dual monitors but then mine were plugged in all the time. I do remember that if one wasn't plugged in at start up and added later I had to reset everything15:02
OvenWerksI think it is better now than then though.15:02
craigbass76Sounds about right. I think last November was the last time I tried it, and it didn't go well.15:03
craigbass76My main box is a mini PC though, which never moves - problem solved.15:03
craigbass76I accidentally tried to join #ubuntu-studio (with a hyphen) and got booted. Is that an unofficial channel?15:04
OvenWerksI have no idea.15:04
OvenWerksThere is no #ubuntu-studio so you were trying to make such a channel and it decided not to let you do so.15:09
craigbass76OvenWerks: Thanks a bunch - dd is done, and I'm booting to the Xubuntu iso. Have a fantabulous day.15:33
bhechingerNow that was a pleasant user interaction.22:07

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