blackboxswdbungert: yep,  the pip error traceback from pip during package deps install is basically that setup.py -> calling  setup_utils.get_version -> calling ./tools/read-version which falls over on shallow clones because git describe exits 128. This PR will fix that as tools/read-version didn't match the new error message coming out of git describe on failure.05:06
blackboxsw  Additionally, there was a sphinx version release today which dropped an extension setup_js_tag_helper which was used in our doc builds... so I've put up a PR that fixes both, read-version and pinning sphinx for the time being until our doc builds can cope w/ the missing extension for furo theme. https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/436605:07
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 4366 in canonical/cloud-init "read-version: fallback to get_version when git describe fails" [Open]05:07
blackboxswminimal/aciba/holmanb the above PR or something quite close to it is likely needed to fix RTD CI runs05:07
holmanb@blackboxsw merged, thx20:40

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