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IrcsomeBot<kentaro_ohama> hi, I have problem which my firefox always open in second workspace10:48
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user|22how do I reset my pc back to windows setting on kubuntu17:31
user|22os my bad17:31
PrutserHello, is there anyone here who can solve my problem. Every now and then I get a black screen with only a mouse pointer after login. The only thing I can do is a restart. I would like a permanent solution. Who can help?19:17
le4Hello, passing by to report a bug.  Throughout the boot appears acpi bios error, acpi not found, problem loading x509 and other errors related to these.  Also in the terminal, with the command sudo tlp-stat -v, it shows that the distribution Kubuntu lts, on my laptop, is missing drivers, have an intel i3 1115G4, 4GB ram.  Thank you very much in19:39
valoriethis chan is not a place to report bugs btw20:02

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