lotuspsychjegood morning01:35
oerhekssnap refresh03:46
webchat72Hi, we tried to install Ubuntu 22 in Arm architecture, but we were unable to install and faced issues.06:06
webchat72After finishing all the processes, it shows a blank. We wait more than 20 minutes with no changes, then we repeat the same process as in the Ubuntu documentation, this time connecting to the serial console.06:06
webchat72In the serial console, it shows "Please remove the installation medium and press enter", but it doesn't display on the monitor.06:06
webchat72Can you help with this issue?06:06
webchat72we tried ubuntu 22 server..06:07
marcoagpintoguys?! sorry for the off topic message11:06
marcoagpinto[12:04:39] <marcoagpinto> how do I install MySQL in Ubuntu?11:06
marcoagpintotomreyn: thanks11:33
leftyfboerheks: finally got those case badges sent out yesterday 15:03

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