gumerhola que tal ...00:17
gumerSaludos desde Lima Perú00:20
sarnoldhi gumer :)00:25
Sublevel4I have any issue that i am struggling to find out what the cause is, I have apache running on a machine. I can't get a response when I try to access it via IP address. I can ping it, I can get to another server that runs on a non standard port, I can get to other webservers on other computers on my network. I have confirmed apache is running.02:25
Sublevel4Localhost gives me a security risk but everything else I get "... .net took to long to respond".  Where do I even start?02:25
NickHI'd start by trying to telnet to the ip and port you exect it should be running on.02:27
Sublevel4it says connected02:30
Sublevel4on 80 and 44302:31
NickHOk. So, I'd need checking the apache logs to look for errors about why it is not able to serve web pages.02:31
NickHs/need/next be02:32
Sublevel4there are 18 lines in the error log, what kind of thing am i looking for?02:34
Sublevel4access log has nothing02:36
NickHTry watching the error log: "tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log" while trying to load a page in your browser.02:38
Sublevel4it didn't add anything the last entry is at Thu Aug 17 17:15:43.008517 2023. there was this [Thu Aug 17 17:07:42.233663 2023] [ssl:warn] [pid 878] AH01909: Sublevel4:443:0 server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name02:44
Sublevel4but that was ther a week ago and i could get to the site fine02:45
NickHTry changing the LogLevel in /etc/apach2/apache2.conf to debug. Don't forget to "systemctl reload apache2"02:47
Sublevel4there is this one as well - PHP Warning:  Module "imagick" is already loaded in Unknown on line 002:47
NickHOhh, hang on, so this worked a week ago?02:47
Sublevel4yes i had no issues as of last friday.02:49
NickHOk, what what changed?02:50
Sublevel4on that computer nothing that I remember changing. On Saturday I had to change routers, but I am pretty sure it worked after that. Sunday It was not working and havent' been able to get to it sense. I can get to other servers within my network its just the one.02:55
hyperedgewhat package supplies modinfo command?03:19
rboxdpkg -S can tell you what package a file is from03:20
hyperedgeI tried that, it says "dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern *modinfo*03:21
rboxa file contains a full path03:22
hyperedgeWith full path, this is the output. dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/bin/modinfo03:23
hyperedgeI am inside a container (I think). It is a rented system on the cloud. I want to run nvidia-smi, but it says Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch03:24
hyperedgeI am just trying to check the kernel module version of nvidia drivers03:24
rboxif its not installed, apt-file will tell you what package ownss a file03:25
rboxyou generally can't screw around with modules in a container03:25
hyperedgeI tried that as well, just "apt-file search modinfo" gives 2000 results, "apt-file search /usr/bin/modinfo" gives 0 results.03:29
oerheks!find modinfo03:30
ubottuFile modinfo found in anope, bash-completion, cataclysm-dda-data, fish-common, golang-1.19-go, golang-1.19-src, golang-1.20-src, grub-coreboot-bin, grub-efi-amd64-bin, grub-efi-ia32-bin and 64 others <https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=modinfo&mode=exactfilename&suite=lunar&arch=any>03:30
oerheksi bet bash-completion03:31
oerhekslaunchpad is a help, thanks Mark03:31
hyperedgeOh, ty ubottu, it's /sbin/modinfo I guess03:32
hyperedgeThe top level problem is that, I rented 4 GPUs on cloud and using tensorflow for training an ML model. All GPUs are visible to tensorflow and the distributed training works. But I don't think I am seeing speed improvements over a single GPU. I just want to see if all GPUs are loaded03:32
oerheksreducing the amount of typing sysadmins03:32
oerheks and programmers need to do on a daily basis.03:32
oerhekslazy is gold03:32
oerheks speed improvements over a single GPU ... on a cloud?03:33
hyperedgeyeah, why not?03:33
oerheksthat could contradict the 'cloud'03:33
oerhekswhy would you not have full power? bit per clockcycle?03:34
hyperedgewell, cloud could mean numerous things.03:34
oerhekstenserflow internal is a drag, how do you solved that?03:34
hyperedgeIDK, let's leave that (I guess). I want to run nvidia-smi. But ubuntu says this "Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch".03:35
hyperedgeCan I do something to fix that?03:35
oerhekseffin, more important issues than worrie about cpu config, you don't. exept in your AWS panel for example03:35
oerhekswhat are you trying to do?03:36
oerheksif i bing on that error ;  "Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch" then roll back to 47003:38
hyperedgeWell, IDK if that's possible, I only have access to a container03:38
oerhekson what, docker?03:38
hyperedgevast.ai, IDK what container tech they use03:38
oerheksjust a vpn?03:39
hyperedgeThey give me one ssh access and that directly puts me inside a container. Tensorflow usually reserves all VRAM at the start. If I see all GPUs loaded, I can be sure that I don't need any changes to my code. If all GPUs are not loaded, then I will have to modify the code I am using for training.03:41
oerheksTalk with them.03:42
hyperedgeAlright, thanks for the time!03:42
hyperedgeCan you guys help me find what version of nvidia drivers is being used? If I know that, I can install the corresponding nvidia-utils and get nvidia-smi to work.04:07
akikhyperedge: modinfo nvidia |less04:07
oerheksubuntu-drivers list04:07
hyperedgewell, that's how it all started. modinfo is not present in the container I am in04:09
oerheksor   lshw -numeric -C display04:09
hyperedgei installed kmod04:09
hyperedgenow it says "modinfo: ERROR: Module alias list not found."04:10
oerheksjust passthrough04:10
akikhyperedge: a container uses the host's kernel04:10
oerheksanother not understanding of container; why would it need drivers?04:10
hyperedgeOk, let's start over. I am inside a container. I type nvidia-smi, it says Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch. What should I do?04:12
hyperedgevery helpful. Thanks04:12
akikhyperedge: you should share the nvidia device file from the host into the container04:13
hyperedgeYou mean the files inside /sys or /dev etc? Those things are shared, I can access the GPUs inside the container.04:14
akikhyperedge: the error says something about a library version mismatch04:15
hyperedgeIf you meant the driver files (/lib etc), I cannot do that as I don't have access to the host.04:15
hyperedgeakik, well, that's what I have been saying from the start. If I know what version of nvidia drivers are being used, I can install the corresponding nvidia-utils inside container and run the command04:16
hyperedgeatleast, that was my line of thinking04:16
akikhyperedge: you missed a lot of details from the start04:17
hyperedgelet me know whatever details you want, i can share it04:17
akikhyperedge: ask your sysadmin to provide the host side details04:18
oerheksin your panel, i guess04:18
oerheksjust run your database/service, hardening is done by them.04:19
akikhyperedge: you can try dmesg04:19
hyperedgeWell, this is all I see in the panel oerhks (along with ip etc). https://0x0.st/HL_i.png04:20
hyperedgedmesg operation not permitted04:20
akikhyperedge: ok contact your sysadmin/provider04:21
oerheks 4090 on a container,..04:21
oerheksdo you calculate sunflares?04:22
oerheksmy co worker is rolling over the ground04:24
oerheksseriously, have fun!04:24
hyperedgeI am bleeding money, if all 4 GPUs are not being used, I have to switch to a single GPU04:24
akikhyperedge: btw what is that service provider with that big servers?04:28
hyperedgeakik it's vast.ai04:30
hyperedgeThey are very cheap too...04:31
akikhyperedge: they have a chat at https://vast.ai/ page ask them04:31
oerheksone can a doom server on it. more accounts than people living on earht.04:32
akikdiscord info here https://vast.ai/docs/overview/introduction04:32
akiksupport@vast.ai e-mail04:32
oerhekstwice, says john04:32
hyperedgeyeah, i did ask in discord, no comments yet.04:36
hyperedgeone person just said "it's a version mismatch between nvidia-utils and the driver module"04:36
hyperedgelike duh04:36
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YakovI need widget for Ubuntu which can shot few different time zones05:20
Yakovto be located near language and battery icons05:20
Yakovalso Need temperature widget, if there is one widget to cover this all would be awesome05:20
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TehdastehdasHow to view reviews in Snap Store? How to edit my review?06:05
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rfmTehdastehdas, maybe #snappy might care about those questions, I doubl #ubuntu does07:00
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TehdastehdasThanks rfm . They sent me to #ubuntu-desktop .07:16
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MarvinMartianI need some assistance with "make"09:42
MarvinMartianI'm trying to manually build a cpp project from git, but but make tried running node09:43
MarvinMartianI purged node and npm, and now I'm getting an error09:43
MarvinMartian"/usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory"09:44
messengerThe Lord Jesus Christ Already treat you with healthy body without ( AIDS ) , if your still an asshole than you deserve it ... .10:37
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LopeFun challenge I used to be a brute and would disable my devices using automatic DHCP DNS servers, instead I found ways to override with and instead of allowing ISP's crappy DNS server to be used etc.11:02
LopeSo I did something to this Ubuntu 22.04 installation but can't remember what I did.11:03
LopeNow I run my own DHCP and DNS server (working perfectly on all my other Linux and Android devices)11:03
LopeBut this system isn't taking my DNS server or DNS search domain.11:03
Lope`nmcli show` shows that it's using and
LopeNetworkManager manages the wifi connection.11:04
LopeI've removed and added the wifi network fresh, didn't touch anything about the connection.11:04
marcoagpintohow do I install MySQL in Ubuntu?11:04
LopeI've got nothing configured in any file/dir inside /etc/NetworkManager11:04
Lope/etc/resolv.conf is a symlink to ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf and it's showing nameserver \n options edns0 trust-ad \n search example2.org11:06
Lope/run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf is almost identical./11:06
LopeEverything in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf is commented out.11:06
LopeI've tried various suggestions in /etc/nsswitch.conf, no dice.11:07
LopeI've restarted the systemd-resolved (and it is running without errors) and disconnected/reconnected from WiFi every time I've changed any setting in hopes that it starts working, but thus far no dice.11:07
LopeSomehow I accidentally left my old DHCP server running and it was competing with the new one. For some unknown reason this particular system in question was the only one that arbitrarily used the old DHCP server.11:24
tomreynmarcoagpinto: this seems like a simple question, i would assume a web search would answer quickly. but maybe you did not know the package name? the package is called mysql-server11:24
JanCLope: it will use the first one to answer11:24
JanCso probably it was "closest"11:25
marcoagpintotomreyn: it is not for me, it is for a friend in another network11:25
LopeI guess the latency is different for different clients then, yes.11:25
LopeAll sub 1 ms11:25
Lopebut hehe, a win is a win.11:25
marcoagpintotomreyn: sudo apt-get mysql-server11:26
tomreynmarcoagpinto: yes, that should work.11:26
LopeJanC, I had accidentally left my old DHCP server stopped but not disabled. So after a reboot they were competing, unknown to me.11:27
tomreynmarcoagpinto: you're welcome. it's usually best for them (and us) when people seeking support join here themselves.11:27
JanCyou're not the first to have that happen to them  :)11:27
LopeMany days later, 10,000 context switches and lots of tremendously late nights and various life stresses all competing as well.11:28
LopeNext time I'll disable the fuckers.11:28
marcoagpintoI don't know if he speaks English11:28
LopeJust to be extra "stopped"11:28
LopeIn case I forget.11:28
tomreynmarcoagpinto: note there are non english ubuntu channels, too.11:29
marcoagpintoI didn't know :p11:29
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lbuntuis there someone?13:22
lotuspsychje!ask | lbuntu13:23
ubottulbuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:23
throwthecheeseCan anybody provide me with Lomiri binaries for 22.04?13:23
leftyfbthrowthecheese: lomiri isn't supported here. It looks like a dead project in fact. Feel free to ask for help here: https://forums.ubports.com/13:31
Sublevel4If i have removed and reinstalled apache and I still don't get a response when I try to access via localhost or the IP of the machine running apache. where do I look next?13:34
leftyfbSublevel4: logs13:34
leftyfbSublevel4: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/viewing-and-monitoring-log-files#1-overview13:35
leftyfbSublevel4: https://betterstack.com/community/guides/logging/how-to-control-journald-with-journalctl/13:36
leftyfbSublevel4: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-troubleshoot-common-apache-errors13:36
Sublevel4there are two lines in the access log. ::1 - - [18/Aug/2023:09:33:58 -0400] "-" 408 0 "-" "-"13:42
Sublevel4::1 - - [18/Aug/2023:09:33:58 -0400] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" and two in the error log - AH00489: Apache/2.4.52 (Ubuntu) configured -- resuming normal operations - AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/apache2'13:42
leftyfb!paste | Sublevel413:43
ubottuSublevel4: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:43
leftyfbSublevel4: I would start with the apache2 journal log to make sure apache is running13:43
Sublevel4ok sorry13:43
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webchat3During installation of Ubuntu Server with subiquity and attaching Ubuntu Pro can the installation be hardened during install?13:58
leftyfbwebchat3: sure, don't install ssh13:59
leftyfbwebchat3: beyond that, no. That is up to you13:59
Sublevel4leftyfb I have gone through all the "Troubleshoot Common Apache Errors" with no luck. I am trying to figure out the journalctl now14:00
webchat3I mean can usg be used to harden by applying a profile like cis_level1_server or cis_level2_server when installing Ubuntu Server?14:01
webchat3So it applies the appropriate rules during installation making the necessary alterations so it comes out hardened following installation? Think something similar to applying a security profile during installation like RHEL does.14:02
tomreynwebchat3: i would think you need to do so post-install, and likely post reboot14:02
webchat3That's a pretty big period non-hardened!14:03
tomreynwebchat3: but that's a question better asked in #ubuntu-server with the respective team14:03
webchat3Switching to #ubuntu-server14:03
ayjay_they so, i had been using bluetoothctl but its suddently stopped work.14:12
ayjay_tworking* br-connection-adapter-not-powered14:14
ayjay_tpower on fails14:15
ayjay_tsystemd is fine, hcitool shows no devices14:16
ayjay_twow it was softblocked? i dont even know what that is or why it would be softblocked... if anyone has any insight, id appreciate it14:40
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Sublevel4Leftyfb: the result of journalctl since last boot14:42
Sublevel4-- Boot c7506191b4984090a0f36e954a017b01 --14:42
Sublevel4Aug 18 07:58:29 sublevel4-ubuntu systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP Server...14:42
Sublevel4Aug 18 07:58:51 sublevel4-ubuntu systemd[1]: Started The Apache HTTP Server.14:42
Sublevel4Aug 18 09:16:36 sublevel4-ubuntu systemd[1]: Stopping The Apache HTTP Server...14:42
Sublevel4Aug 18 09:16:36 sublevel4-ubuntu systemd[1]: apache2.service: Deactivated successfully.14:42
leftyfb!paste | Sublevel414:42
ubottuSublevel4: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:42
Sublevel4leftyfb: I hope I did this right. the log https://pastebin.com/raw/2PuACkyr14:48
leftyfbSublevel4: do you have a firewall installed/enabled? Is this on a public machine? A hosted machine?14:49
leftyfbSublevel4: also, are you trying to access https://localhost or http://localhost?14:50
Sublevel4Leftyfb: not that i know of. No its is inside my local network and right now not accessible outside.14:50
Sublevel4Leftyfb: i have tried both. https give me refused to connect and HTTP takes forever then says it timed out14:52
leftyfbSublevel4: ( sudo lsof -i :80 ; sudo lsof -i :443 ; cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; sudo iptables -L -n ; sudo ufw status ) | nc termbin.com 999914:54
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Sublevel4leftyfb: https://termbin.com/bdrc15:00
leftyfblooks like apache is running and no firewall rules.15:01
leftyfbSublevel4: curl -s -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}' http://localhost15:02
leftyfbthat means it's working15:04
Sublevel4leftyfb: thank you for your help. where should I look next?15:07
leftyfbSublevel4: what is the issue again?15:07
leftyfbcurl can hit it just fine15:07
Sublevel4when i try to access via ip or localhost I get nothing times out or can't connect.15:09
Sublevel4leftyfb: i can reach another server that runs on a different port but nothing for the webserver15:10
leftyfbSublevel4: which browser? Do you have a proxy or something configured or the browser? adblock? plugins?15:10
leftyfbSublevel4: try a different browser15:11
Sublevel4Leftyfb: i have tried chrome and firefox on that machine as well as chrome, firefox and Safari on other machines that are local with the same results. maybe I need to wipe it clean and start over, ugh.15:13
throwthecheeseCan anybody provide me with Lomiri binaries for 22.04? I saw that 23.04 and up provides Lomiri in universe and I would really like to have a touch-friendly DE with decent global menus15:28
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tomreynthrowthecheese: you could look for a PPA providing any, or build them yourself. Or ask in #ubports15:52
xamindarhas anyone had issues with libreoffice on Ubuntu? It opens and performs copy-paste functions sxcruciatingly slow. Also, it can not write to my ~/ direcvtory, but it CAN write to any subdirectories. Really strange and not working correctly.16:02
xamindari've done nothing besides install it so this apprears to be an incorrect default setup. or I16:03
xamindarI'm missing something else16:03
* unkn0wn how to set auto completion on terminal ubuntu?16:05
lotuspsychjeunkn0wn: is TAB what you are looking for to autocomplete?16:07
unkn0wnlotuspsychje: like kali linux16:09
unkn0wnlotuspsychje: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1297969/what-tool-do-i-need-to-install-to-make-my-terminal-show-the-autocompletion-of-th16:11
lotuspsychjeunkn0wn: the volunteers can only support ubuntu and its !flavours here16:11
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iconoclastheroI have an install of 23.04 which i installed by $ sudo do-release-upgrade from 22.1016:26
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iconoclastheroi am getting messages saying that my 32 GB / partition is full (I have a separate /home and /library, the latter for media files, etc.).  the 32 gb / drive has only the OS and related stuff like /var/log, etc.16:28
iconoclastherowhen I do sudo du -sh, it shows 22 GB16:28
iconoclastherois there somewhere I should look for files left over from e.g., the upgrade from 22.10 to 23.04?16:29
lotuspsychjeiconoclasthero: to cleanup your system you could use stacer or bleachbit, see if you can find the bottleneck16:32
lotuspsychjeiconoclasthero: how much space did you have originaly on your 21.10 system?16:34
lotuspsychje22.10 sorry16:34
iconoclastheroi didn't change the size when i did the release upgrade16:34
iconoclastheroi'm looking at gparted and it says 34.18 GB16:35
iconoclasthero32.87 used16:35
iconoclastherostacer says there's 1.6 GB in application cache, the largest being ccache with ca. 500 MB16:36
iconoclastherogoogle chrome has 500 mb16:36
iconoclastherobut chrome is on /home16:36
lotuspsychjewhat about autoremove, does apt ask for it iconoclasthero ?16:38
iconoclastheroIt may, but when I upgrade, I use this alias: alias upgrade='screen -m bash -c '\''sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade -y ; sudo apt autoremove -y ; sudo apt clean'\'''16:39
iconoclastheroso it should be clean16:39
lotuspsychjeiconoclasthero: try gnomes internal baobab to detail up your 34GB partition16:40
iconoclastherowell... it says 18.? GB used16:42
iconoclastherobut it won't let me run it as sudo16:42
lotuspsychjebaobab is gui iconoclasthero dont run that as root16:43
iconoclastherothen how does it calculate the directories that i can't access as a normal user16:43
lotuspsychjeiconoclasthero: try something cli as disk analyzer16:46
lotuspsychje!info ncdu16:46
ubottuncdu (1.18-0.2, lunar): ncurses disk usage viewer. In component universe, is optional. Built by ncdu. Size 50 kB / 113 kB16:46
iconoclastheroi have ncdu16:46
iconoclastheroit says 22 GB run as sudo16:47
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iconoclasthero^-- $ sudo ncdu --exclude /home --exclude /library16:49
iconoclastherowhat about moving /snap onto a separate partition?16:54
iconoclastherothat will at least give me space and i don't have to move everything around to give / more space16:55
iconoclasthero/usr/lib is the biggest directory.16:57
iconoclastheroand looking at a 22.04 install, there are some big differences16:58
iconoclastherohttps://pastebin.com/G8EvnwDx <22.0416:59
lotuspsychjescan the whole thing with bleachbit16:59
iconoclastherohttps://pastebin.com/XJbAEdHw <23.1016:59
iconoclastherowhat are options for $ sudo bleachbit17:00
iconoclastherooh, i can't17:00
iconoclastherorun as sudo17:00
iconoclastherobleachbit https://imgur.com/a/0v6VISt17:04
iconoclastherodelete system/cache + system/localizations = 1.35 GB; delete APT/package lists  = 0.5 GB17:07
mzokuhow is youtube-dl on ubuntu 22 or yt-dlp?17:08
iconoclastheroyoutube-dl worked last time i used it17:18
iconoclasthero$ youtube-dl -x --audio-qualit=0 --audio-format opus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTvT4JNACss17:21
iconoclastheroworked fine17:21
iconoclasthero$ youtube-dl --version 2021.12.1717:21
iconoclastheromzoku, $ youtube-dl --list-extractors17:23
iconoclastherois interesting17:23
mzokugreat, on ubuntu 20 with youtube-dl there was a probkem with very slow dw speeds and it was because of the ffmpeg imcopatibility17:25
mzokuyeah, it is interesting, thanks :)17:26
iconoclastheroi buld my own ffmpeg and hadn't noticed a problem but i generally use it as a one-off so time isn't terribly important.17:28
mzokugood for you17:29
mzokuhave you or anyone else heard recently problems with dummy output on huawei d15? on ubuntu 20 there was no drivers, and I hoped with the nwe kernal versions and ubuntu 22 I will get sound17:30
webchat32Hello I am new here.17:31
iconoclastheromzoku, fwiw, i tried to follow the download instructions from https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl17:31
iconoclastheronamely sudo curl -L https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl17:32
iconoclastheroand what i got was a short script that says...17:32
mzokuthats how i download it with curl from github17:32
iconoclastheroi get Access denied:   Due to a <a href="https://openjur.de/u/2466945.html" target="_blank">ruling</a> of the Hamburg Regional Court, access to this website is blocked.17:33
iconoclastherowget gives me: 2023-08-18 13:33:04 ERROR 451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons.17:33
webchat32I want to know how to downgrade ubuntu version 23.04 to 22.04? Can anyone explain me the process. I need help here.17:34
leftyfbwebchat32: you don't17:34
leftyfbwebchat32: you install 22.04 from scratch17:34
iconoclastheroreinstall 22.04 and stick with LTS from now on17:34
webchat32 no i do not know the process it automatically updated.17:35
leftyfbno it doesn't17:35
iconoclastheroyou somehow did a $ do-release-upgrade17:36
iconoclastheroeither from cli or from the gui17:36
leftyfbwebchat32: ubuntu will never upgrade releases automatically. You had to have clicked through the process17:36
mzokuit geolocation thing17:36
webchat32i went to tech he install it but he does not off update17:36
leftyfbwebchat32: install Ubuntu 22.04 from scratch17:37
webchat32how will i do it?17:37
webchat32i use dual boot with windows.17:37
iconoclastheroi'm in the US...17:37
iconoclastherodownload 22.04 and put it on a USB stick and install it like you did last time17:37
iconoclastherojust boot up the USB and follow the prompts.17:38
leftyfbwebchat32: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-to-dual-boot-windows-10-and-ubuntu-linux-dual-booting-tutorial/17:38
iconoclastheroif you don't want to lose your /home info, and /home isn't on a separate partiton, don't tell it to format the partition17:38
raub1Does anyone know how to force screen (and tmux) to read the .profile/.bash_profile/.bashrc when I start it?17:42
raub1(I use both, so...)17:42
iconoclastherowhy do you think screen doesn't read those files?17:53
iconoclastherowhen i hit screen, I have my same prompt and all my aliases17:55
iconoclastherorabu1: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/622477/running-screen-and-immediately-run-other-commands17:57
leftyfbraub1: all of those get loaded when opening a new bash shell, regardless if it's a TTY or multiplexer17:57
raub1iconoclasthero: I have my .profile to load .bashrc which in turn set the prompt. When I run screen the propmpt I set is not shown18:01
iconoclastheroare you sure you're in bash when you run screen?18:03
iconoclastherowhat happens if you run screen bash -i ?18:05
raub1iconoclasthero: Just checked. echo $SHELL claims it is /bin/sh, which in turn is an alias to bash18:05
raub1iconoclasthero: I was just reading the link you provided18:06
iconoclastherowell, if I do which sh on 23.04, I see that there's /usr/bin/sh and /bin/sh.  those are simlinked to dash18:07
raub1Actually my issue is not in ubuntu; I just thought my question was generic enough18:08
iconoclastheroi see, what happesn if you run $ screen bash -i18:10
raub1Lemme try18:11
raub1That does the trick!18:12
raub1But CTRL-A C does not. Fun18:13
raub1(As in creating another session within screen)18:14
iconoclastherocould your screen be aliased?18:16
iconoclasthero$ type screen18:16
raub1it says screen is /usr/bin/screen18:17
iconoclastheroand whats in ~/.screenrc18:17
raub1iconoclasthero: https://paste.centos.org/view/b6cd349a (I like the colours used in their pastebin)18:19
iconoclastherotry moving that to e.g., ~.screenrc ; run screen ; see what happens18:20
raub1I guess my hardstatus string is boink?18:20
iconoclastheroi don't know what all of that is, but i don't have a .screenrc18:20
iconoclastheroso it apparently isn't necessary18:20
raub1Lemme try that18:21
iconoclasthero~/ $ mv .screenrc ~.screenrc18:22
iconoclastheroor mv ~/.screenrc ~/~.screenrc18:22
raub1I just realized I need to reprase my question: I use the "caption always" to define the window captions, so I know which host I am on which session18:23
raub1But, it reads the prompt, hence the original question18:24
raub1Anyway, back to screen18:24
iconoclastheroi'd look here: https://serverfault.com/questions/126009/how-do-i-ask-screen-to-behave-like-a-standard-bash-shell18:25
iconoclastheroanyway, good luck, i need to get going18:25
raub1Will do. And thanks. My google-fu is crap today18:26
leftyfbraub1: does running screen open /bin/bash if you don't have your custom .screenrc ?18:26
leftyfbbecause a stock Ubuntu 22.04 will run everything perfectly fine without a custom .screenrc18:27
leftyfbin fact, I tried the .screenrc you pastebin'd and it's working with that just fine as well18:28
leftyfbraub1: you got something screwy with your shell configs somewhere. You shouldn't be load /bin/sh as your shell anywhere18:28
mzokuhow to grep [12:39:49] Possible rootkits: 1, from the rkhunter log? (probably false positive but yet) when I grep warnings it doesn't show anything important (apart from No mail-on-warning address configured)18:29
raub1leftyfb: the machine in question has a lot of wrongness. I really want to kill it but righ tnow I have to put up with it until I can build a replacement18:29
throwthecheeseAny idea why am I getting an error from ld about fakeroot-sysv?18:29
leftyfbraub1: sounds like you're fighting a losing battle18:29
throwthecheeseFor context: I'm trying to build lomiri-ui-toolkit on 22.0418:30
raub1With that said "defshell" from the last url solved my original issue.18:30
throwthecheeseOn a virtual machine as I don't have enough space on my actual setup18:31
raub1leftyfb: my estimate is that it will take easily 6 months to get rid of all the crappy hosts here. I started a doc to find who runs which services and amd slowly populating it s I go. So, yes, rather frustrating indeed18:31
leftyfbthrowthecheese: you do realize the project hasn't seen an update in 8 months right?18:32
throwthecheesetbh the only reason I'm trying to set up Lomiri is that it has both native touchscreen support and global menus18:37
leftyfbthrowthecheese: you really need to seek support with it from the uports forums I linked you to earlier18:37
throwthecheeseMy current setup on my tab is XFCE with really clunky hacks18:38
throwthecheese* to make the touchscreen and stylus work18:39
leftyfbthrowthecheese: https://forums.ubports.com/18:39
throwthecheeseTried the unity7 package from the 22.04 repos and was disappointed19:00
throwthecheeseMy tabet screen didn't rotate automatically and the touchscreen misbehaves after manual rotation19:01
wasdHey, I'm getting an issue "ubuntu 22.04 has experienced an internal error". relating to xfce4-power-manager segfaulting. Do you know where crash report puts the core dump?19:56
PeGaSuSprobably /var/crash?19:58
wasdPeGaSuS: looks like it. Thanks :)19:58
PeGaSuSyou're welcome :D19:59
darkdrgn2khi all, im missing the dm-crypt modules from the -kvm kernels20:00
darkdrgn2kis there any way to copy them from anotehr package? generic is VERY big20:00
elias_aThis reminds me that I have not examined why the fingerprint reader of my thinkpad t450s won't some times wake up when login is required.20:01
elias_aVery irregular behaviour - cannot see any pattern.20:02
sarnolddarkdrgn2k: check the modules-extra package for your kernel -- you can't copy modules around, you have to use the exact modules built for your exact module20:02
elias_aSomeone gave advice on which log contains the stuff related to activation of fingerprint but I've forgotten it. Any hints?20:03
sarnoldelias_a: I've got a few guesses! :) journalctl, journalctl --user, /var/log/syslog, ~/.xsession-errors20:06
elias_asarnold: Wow! Thank you! No sleep tonight! :P20:06
elias_asarnold: I really have to dig a little this. Annoying little bug and I am going to crush it! :P20:12
wasdIs it possible to get the debug symbols for ubuntu packages to use with gdb? I'm unlikely to get very far trying to fault find in assembler20:13
sarnoldwasd: if you're on a newer release, debuginfod exists; there's also ddebs.ubuntu.com20:18
wasdsarnold: thanks. Looks like this is what I was looking for: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages20:19
sarnoldyup :)20:19
sarnolddebuginfod will probably be more reliable, ddebs is frustratingly fragile :(20:19
wasdsarnold: according to the first link, I should already have it enabled due to using gdb! thanks, I'll have another look why it's not prompting for the debug symbol download.20:21
wasdsarnold: Aha, "From Kinetic onwards". I'll follow the manual instructions for debuginfod. thanks again :)20:24
sarnoldwasd: happy debugging :)20:24
darkdrgn2kthere are no extra modules for kvm20:31
sarnolddarkdrgn2k: oh, interesting :/20:36
darkdrgn2khas one for azure and all the other flavours just not kvm20:37
darkdrgn2kwhat the diff between azure and gcs and the others20:39
sarnoldthe different clouds ask for different configurations, there's no easy way to know what exactly the differences are20:40
JanCmost likely the "extra modules" are not needed for kvm?20:44
sarnoldperhaps; I thought I'd heard that the only real difference between generic and kvm is that generic flushes data every five seconds and kvm flushes every thirty seconds, but (a) there's zero chance I could find that reference again (b) diffing the kernels is basically impossible so I'm not going to try20:48
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darkdrgn2kso the azure kernel has dm-crypt20:55
darkdrgn2knot the kvm one :(20:55
c0ld5n4pis there any arguments i can add to DD command to get some sort of status / progress indication when running DD on a large source drive??20:59
sarnoldtry adding status=progress21:01
c0ld5n4pok and then prob a dumb question but other then file count / size is there a way to run a check on the ISO output to confirm it copied everything correctly or made a proper like for like img?21:02
mzokuI wonder what could go wrong if I dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nvram, I need to reset the bios passowrd. Anyone have had issues with modprobe nvram?21:03
sarnoldthat's a challenging one to answer; if the original drive works well enough and is a mounted filesystem, you could use find and sha256sum to build a file list with checksums, and then you could use sha265sum -c  to validate the destination21:04
sarnoldmzoku: i've never tried but my guesses are (a) that's dangerous (b) wouldn't accomplish what you want to do anyway21:04
sarnoldmzoku: google around for bios unlock codes, some people have websites that host apps that help you generate reset codes21:05
mzokusarnold, there is python scripts that do the work, but not for my laptop ... why is it dangerous?21:05
sarnoldmzoku: I don't know what configuration is stored in that space, so overwriting it with something else runs the risk of breaking whatever it is that relies on the space21:06
elias_aWhy cannot I kill qbittorrent? After sudo killall qbittorrent I still get a pid number with pgrep qbittorrent.21:12
mzokuhow can i read this file zero?21:12
sarnoldelias_a: programs can block or ignore or handle and do nothing with almost all the signals21:13
mzokuelias_a, because perhaps there is a temp file in tmp or var/tmp that is still using it21:13
sarnoldelias_a: if you send a SIGKILL signal specifically, that one cannot be caught and will almost certainly do the job. try sudo killall -9 qbittorrent21:13
sarnoldelias_a: I don't know if pgrep will return zombies or not, but there's a (VERY SMALL) possibility that your qbittorrent process is a zombie and waiting for its parent to reap it21:14
sarnoldoh nice, pgrep -r  can select runstates :D21:15
mzokuI just cat dev/zero with no output and vents and temp are going crazy21:15
sarnoldthat'll probably run one, maybe two, CPU cores at full speed, yes21:16
elias_aThanks sarnold and mzoku - I'll get this solved later which is tomorrow. Midnight here. :P21:16
sarnoldgn8 elias_a :)21:16
mzokuhow many zeroez there is in this zero file :D21:17
sarnoldall the zeros21:17
darkdrgn2kis it possible to make a ubuntu install boot in single user mode22:17
c0ld5n4psarnold: thank you Find check sum I will read up more on that thats an interesting idea.22:31
c0ld5n4pis there anything in ubuntu that is able to open / view SWIM files or does that require a windows environment to open in an archive manager of some type?22:32
sarnolddarkdrgn2k: systemctl set-default rescue.target  would make it permanent, until you change it back to graphical.target22:56
sarnolddarkdrgn2k: if you just want it for one boot, youcould add systemd.unit=rescue.target to the kernel command line22:57
sarnoldc0ld5n4p: try this: find . -type f -exec sha256sum {} \; | sha256sum -c22:58
c0ld5n4psarnold: will do thank you. going into a meeting now will hope to attempt this in a few hours22:59
sarnoldc0ld5n4p: cool :) have fun22:59
tomreyncausative: please do not post off-topic content to this channel again.23:13
causativeoh sorry wrong channel23:14
diamat_tomreyn, come on23:16
diamat_he's just posting a nice song23:16
diamat_relax a bit23:16
acudoes anyone have a suggestion for server vulnerability scanners (open source)23:29
diamat_acu, try metasploit23:31
tomreynacu: openvas23:47

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