infinity9question about lightdm-gtk-greeter: my login background fades out to the desktop background before i even login. how do i stop it from doing that?19:30
infinity9(i'm on a different distro, by the way. just asked in this channel because i saw lightdm-gtk-greeter is on xubuntu's github)19:31
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, i didn't quite catch you.19:36
infinity9diogenes_Vx15: i'm using lightdm to login to my xfce desktop. i have it set to display a certain background wallpaper at the login screen. however, when i get to the screen, the wallpaper fades out within a second, showing the desktop wallpaper i would see _after_ i login19:37
infinity9really, it shouldn't be doing that until after i enter my username and password, so i want to figure out why it's happening19:38
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, so you want to simply add a different wallpapper for the login screen which will be persistent up until you enter your credentials?19:41
infinity9it's not so much that i want to add a different one. i just want whatever one i add to be persistent19:43
diogenes_Vx15how did you add the current one?19:44
infinity9the standard way. i pointed lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf to an image in /usr/share/lightdm/backgrounds19:45
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, run: cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf | nc termbin.com 9999 19:48
diogenes_Vx15share the url19:48
infinity9i don't have the "nc" command. what package contains it?19:51
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, netcat19:54
infinity9diogenes_Vx15: https://termbin.com/rkvub19:56
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, try to add there: transition-duration = 1000020:00
diogenes_Vx15let's see if that makes any difference.20:00
infinity9diogenes_Vx15: that just caused it to fade slowly over several seconds rather than right away20:06
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, run: apt-file show lightdm-gtk-greeter | nc termbin.com 999920:07
diogenes_Vx15if you don't have apt-file, install if: sudo apt install apt-file20:08
diogenes_Vx15after that run: sudo apt-file update20:08
diogenes_Vx15and only after that run the command i gave you.20:09
infinity9i'm not running the apt package manager. i'm on gentoo20:09
infinity9i believe lightdm-gtk-greeter comes with lightdm by default in this distro20:10
infinity9and i'm on lightdm 1.32.0, which appears to be the most recent version20:11
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, i thnk there should be something that overrides the config, run: ls /usr/share/lightdm/20:11
diogenes_Vx15are there any files?20:12
infinity9it just contains the "backgrounds" directory20:12
infinity9i've seen that some users have their images in /usr/share/pixmaps. could that be the issue?20:12
diogenes_Vx15ok, i'm not familiar with Gentoo but as a workaround you can increase this delay: transition-duration = 10000020:14
diogenes_Vx15also add this one: transition-type = none20:16
infinity9i'll keep looking for a solution. thanks for your help20:18
infinity9diogenes_Vx15: found it. just had to set user-background to false in lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf20:31
infinity9thanks again20:31
diogenes_Vx15infinity9, no problem, glad you figured that out.20:31
xu-irc21wHi, I have just now installed Ubuntu on my Macbook pro mid 2009 15 inches, I completly erased the OS and installed only thUbuntu (I did it on purpose). NOw suince the mac is heating up a lot I would like to install a lighter version like Xubuntu. HOw could I do that? Should I o bott pressing ALT while having a USB stick with ISO of Xubuntu flashed21:54
xu-irc21wwith Balena Etcher?21:54

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