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blackboxswholmanb: thanks for the merge friday. aciba/holmanb, there are a couple of PRs that I think we still need to land to cleanup jenkins and get 23.3 out for release. I've marked known issues and pull requests we want in the release as "priority" label  so we can work them out. Brett I think you are already working on the ansible issue right https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/issues/4356?16:54
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Issue 4356 in canonical/cloud-init "Integration test failure: test_ansible_controller" [Open]16:54
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holmanbblackboxsw: no problem22:46
holmanbblackboxsw:  yep, still working on the ansible issue22:46
holmanbblackboxsw: didn't wrap it up today - I was focused on wrapping up reviews and merging some outstanding PRs22:47
holmanbhopefully tomorrow22:47
blackboxswthanks holmanb yeah, I'm still looking over James' keyboard PR.23:09

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