wxlmy suggestion would be dropping libreoffice-draw in lieu of krita01:04
wxldo we have any sort of art person right now?01:37
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Negative.01:38
guivercfor the simple things I usually do, I just use lximage-qt we provide..  (ie. adding arrows & simple stuff for bug reports).   As Lubuntu is 'light' is see no need for more myself; people can `apt install krita'` or gimp as required03:42
guivercwe could always document alternatives in discourse for those that require more..03:44
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> What kind of disk usage impact does that have?04:22
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> I'm certainly not opposed, since Krita is freaking amazing04:22
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> I would, however, be opposed to adding a lot to the ISO ;)04:22
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> wxl: I guess that falls back on me XD04:23
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> #SimonsFault04:23
guivercmantic has passed feature freeze, isn't it too late for mantic?04:24
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> https://phab.lubuntu.me/F78684 XD04:25
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/207bd934/file_9859.jpg04:25
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> guiverc: If it's our seed, as RM I have wiggle room04:25
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> I can't do huge things like a Qt transition or more-than-one-seed packages like SDDM, but stuff like Calamares we can slip by04:26
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> With careful thought and consideration, of course04:27
wxlwell chris left it seems but lximage-qt can't crop so even for light image editing, it doesnt' quite cut it16:22
wxland we'll never get it, either: https://github.com/lxqt/lximage-qt/issues/28816:25
-ubottu:#lubuntu-devel- Issue 288 in lxqt/lximage-qt "Add crop feature to LXImage-Qt" [Closed]16:25
wxlas for libreoffice-draw, we can't get rid of it without getting rid of libreoffice-impress and i suspect we probably want to keep that16:28
wxlwe add 297mb for krita https://dpaste.com/6Z2VHTT5H16:36
wxlmysql-common is an odd depend by itself but ok16:38

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