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utkarsh2102did I make it?15:54
utkarsh2102I think I did15:54
utkarsh2102the Matrix server is down and it sucks.15:54
utkarsh2102kanashiro: did you figure out a way to revive that? :P15:54
kanashiroutkarsh2102 yes :)15:55
utkarsh2102are you connected via Matrix?15:55
kanashirono, via IRC directly15:55
utkarsh2102oh, hah15:55
sil2100Who was selected for the chair last time?16:00
sil2100I guess I missed one of my chairing sessions, right?16:00
utkarsh2102hey there!16:01
utkarsh2102it was me, I chaired last time16:01
utkarsh2102happy to do it this time, too16:01
kanashirosorry, missed last meeting due to the malfunctioning of the matrix bridge16:01
utkarsh2102oh wait. Last time I missed it because of the same reason :P16:02
utkarsh2102I chaired the meeting before16:02
seb128hey there!16:02
utkarsh2102wait a sec, we don't have anything on our agenda today16:02
utkarsh2102should we skip?16:03
sil2100I don't see anyone selected for the chair last time16:03
rbasakThere are plenty of standing items. We generally prioritise applicants. If we skip when we don't have applicants, nothing else ever gets discussed.16:03
sil2100Are there any action items that need review?16:03
rbasakIt might be that there is nothing needing discussion, but we don't know that if we don't look :)16:03
utkarsh2102rbasak: I didn't find anything worth discussing16:03
rbasakHave you checked the ML etc?16:04
utkarsh2102rbasak: exactly why I said what I said with a link.16:04
utkarsh2102nah, that's why I _asked_.16:04
bdmurrayLet's start the meeting and go through stuff for the record.16:04
utkarsh2102#startmeeting Developer Membership Board16:07
meetingologyMeeting started at 16:07:05 UTC.  The chair is utkarsh2102.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology16:07
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick16:07
utkarsh2102#topic review of action items16:07
utkarsh2102#subtopic rbasak to document the decision on Keeping IRC meetings moving16:07
rbasakCarry over please16:07
utkarsh2102rbasak: :)16:08
rbasakIf there's time after this meeting before the hour is up I'll do it then.16:08
utkarsh2102#action carried over16:08
meetingologyACTION: carried over16:08
utkarsh2102okay, I don't find anything else to mention now. Anything else?16:08
utkarsh2102#topic AOB16:08
seb128not from me16:08
utkarsh2102not from me either16:09
sil2100Nothing from me right now16:09
rbasakThere is a private thread. Can it be made public?16:09
utkarsh2102wait, what? I don't see a private thread16:09
rbasakStarted 21 July to developer-membership-board@16:10
utkarsh2102oh got it!16:10
rbasakI asked in the thread and nobody replied16:10
utkarsh2102right, I want to reply to the list. But happy to do it publicly, too. No objections from my side.16:10
bdmurrayI'm okay with it being public.16:11
rbasakOK thanks! I can opine once it's public :)16:12
rbasakSorry I'd have asked in the agenda if I'd thought of that in advance.16:12
rbasakI was just thinking about recent ML threads.16:12
rbasakI've not nothing further to ask.16:12
utkarsh2102no worries, we all missed that.16:12
utkarsh2102bdmurray: anything else from my side?16:13
bdmurrayI think Outstanding mailing list requests to assign was skipped over16:15
bdmurrayAnd "Open TB bugs"16:15
bdmurrayIf there is nothing there fine but we should follow the process. ;-)16:16
utkarsh2102wait, why do we look at open TB bugs?16:19
seb128if only we had that keeping meeting moving rule in action16:19
seb128it shouldn't take 20 min of us sitting there16:19
utkarsh2102anyway, given there's nothing else16:19
utkarsh2102I'll adjourn this in16:19
rbasakIt is in action.16:19
rbasakIt's currently documented in the ML thread.16:20
meetingologyMeeting ended at 16:20:06 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-08-21-16.07.moin.txt16:20
seb128rbasak, I was being sarcastic16:20
rbasakOK, sorry.16:20
seb128but I do find it frustrating to have to sit on IRC for 20 min to conclude that there is nothing needed and that we don't need a meeting16:20
seb128that should be taking 3 min max16:20
utkarsh2102oh, I thought it's TB bug thingy is in the agenda16:20
rbasakYeah we should be able to race through those agenda items pretty quickly.16:20
utkarsh2102but yeah, I knew about the sarcasm ;)16:20
utkarsh2102seb128: precisely why I asked really quickly in the first place, before the meeting16:21
rbasakI don't care about the formality either, FWIW. Just that somebody does check and confirm that there's nothing outstanding in those places.16:21
seb128utkarsh2102, I think we should cruise through the agenda items16:21
utkarsh2102I don't think that should be SOMEBODY. That should be EVERYBODY.16:21
rbasakIt only needs one person. No need to duplicate work.16:21
utkarsh2102seb128: from next time, we'll drive thru @765 mph. ;)16:22
rbasakWe've had previous discussions about nominating chairs.16:22
seb128utkarsh2102, excellent! :)16:22
seb128didn't we decide to do it? I did bring the topic but that was before my holidays and I didn't manage to restore $workmode yet16:22
utkarsh2102can't we just the names next to "DMB meetings for 2023" about who'll chair?16:23
seb128but yes, we should have a chair nominated and going through the few bullet point/checking/stating nothing needed should be matter16:23
rbasakI thought we did, but nobody seemed to know who was to be chair.16:23
utkarsh2102instead of picking one each time16:23
rbasakutkarsh2102: I like that idea.16:23
seb128the issue is that when once person is off we usually pick the next one or backup16:23
seb128and it screw the rotation planed16:24
utkarsh2102anyway, I oughta run for now. it's 10 PM here! ;)16:25
utkarsh2102see ya! \o16:25
seb128thanks, and see you next time :)16:26
sil2100rbasak: I checked the logs from the previous meeting and I didn't see anyone mentioned there as the chair16:26
sil2100Maybe it happened after the endmeeting16:26
sil2100So wasn't recorded16:26
rbasakWhat if we nominate all chairs and backup chairs for all the year's meetings in advance, and if they're both absent, then fall back to trying to pick one at the time, *but* also swap the entries?16:26
rbasakEg. rbasak is absent and was supposed to chair. seb128 volunteers to do it instead, so the rbasak entry for chair in the schedule is swapped with a future meeting where seb128 was to chair.16:27
rbasakSo when you're volunteering you're not even volunteering for an extra chairing, just bringing a future commitment forward.16:28
rbasakIf somebody is persistently absent then that will still be a problem, but it was anyway.16:28
rbasakAnd it'll only be in 1/7 meetings if 1/7 people are persistently absent, for example.16:29
sil2100Seems like a possibility indeed16:31

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