CroranMy PC doesn't seem to like UEFI-ready Live USBs. Is there an easy way to make an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS live USB with legacy boot only?00:38
akikCroran: i'd think the iso still supports bios boot mode. did you try?00:44
toddcCroran: assuming standard ubuntu 22.04 uefi turned off in bios and booting to the non uefi usb the installer will due both with no issue.  we need more details to help you00:44
akikCroran: turn uefi csm on in your uefi settings00:46
akikCroran: or if it just fails turn off uefi00:46
JanCyou can't "turn off" UEFI00:50
Crorani tried. my system boots to a non-blinking cursor and hangs there01:02
Croranmy system does not have settings for CSM01:02
CroranI guess I will break out the old USB DVD drive and see what old bootable versions I have on disc.01:09
OpenSourceakik, and others, I was able to get it working01:18
OpenSourceI switched to debian instead, got a 32bit machine only, build wine, hunky dory01:18
OpenSourceThanks for your time from before!01:18
akikOpenSource: which ubuntu version?01:23
akikoh debian01:23
Croranlol. 2 hours f'ing around with live USBs for Ubuntu and clonezilla. hook up the USB DVD and it boots first time.01:25
CroranI can only imagine how many novice users end up sending their pre-UEFI systems to landfill after failing to load Ubuntu.01:25
akikCroran: so in which mode did you boot your system?01:31
akikCroran: bios or uefi?01:31
Croranakik: honestly not sure. the 'BIOS Setup' has no settings related to Secure boot or CSM. So I assume it's BIOS, and I assume that's why the 22.04 LTS live USB I made and the Clonezilla Ubuntu UEFI live USB I made both failed.01:32
akikCroran: if you see /sys/firmware/efi you booted in uefi mode01:33
Croranakik: I see acpi, dmi, memmap. no efi.01:33
akikCroran: ok so it booted in bios mode01:34
Bashing-omooppps ^^01:35
akikwhat's the correct way to reinstall a package's config file i removed?01:36
akikapt-get reinstall doesn't do it01:37
akik"Not replacing deleted config file /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-master.conf"01:37
Croranakik: could probably browse to the package on the ubuntu website and download the .deb there and then 'un-ar' it and find your conf file.01:38
akikCroran: i'd like to use apt-get to do it01:39
Croranakik: isn't apt-get deprecated?01:39
akikapt search test >/dev/null01:40
akikWARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface.01:40
akikfound this command from serverfault to reinstall missing config files:02:36
akikUCF_FORCE_CONFFMISS=1 apt-get reinstall dovecot-core02:36
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elias_aCroran: Why do you think apt-get would be deprecated? :O07:47
weedmic"The difference between apt and apt-get is not just that apt is a newer version of apt-get. The apt command was designed as a more user-friendly alternative to apt-get, combining the functionality of multiple package management tools for user convenience." amazon07:51
elias_aweedmic: What does that to do whether apt-get is deprecated or not?08:01
weedmicI could see how someone might think it is or becoming deprecated based on such a search.  but it is NOT deprecated nor slated to be (as far as I know).08:08
lyrHi there. I've a french keyboard & mapping, which allow me to type characters like ë ö ä, typing ¨ then e o a. Can't do the same with ° + a to get å, it just result in °a. Any way to set that up ?08:55
koderhi, a repo i make'd installed doesn't have a make uninstall (would like to restore original version from repo).. can i use checkinstall to make it again and then checkinstall uninstall to uninstall.. is checkinstall safe.. i see some fud about it online08:57
throwthecheeseIs there a way to tell autoreconf to skip certain files? I'm trying to build click and po/Makefile.in.in is giving me hell09:10
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kubast2what does sys.kernel.perf_event_paranoid imply? What is: raw tracepoint access. Kernel profiling relates to profiling done by the kernel "PERF_TYPE_SOFTWARE" or kernel profiling? Cpu events I guess are "PERF_TYPE_HARDWARE | PERF_TYPE_HW_CACHE".09:32
kubast2The default is 4 and that blocks the use of "CAP_PERFMON,CAP_SYS_PTRACE,CAP_SYSLOG,CAP_IPC_LOCK"09:32
kubast2the kernel perf documentation implies otherwise but I didn't had unprivledged perf work with paranoid 409:33
floogyKerxphilox, it might was the bom on UTF-8 encoded files? (First line of a file got random m character on the first line under wsl2)?09:35
floogys/random m/random/09:38
robotx@kubast2 https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/b8wqqbymwJ/plain/09:38
kubast2Oh I see "4 might block the use of capabilities"09:39
haofound a typo in `im-config`'s man page, anyone know where to report this?09:51
ograhao, use: "ubuntu-bug im-config" in a terminal on the machine where the bug manifests ...09:53
ograit should collect all logs, open a bug and pop that up in a browser for you to comment09:54
robotx@hao https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/b6SDQy9YgN/09:54
haoogra, robotx thanks. (my connection is too flaky, will logout now)09:58
elias_aIs there an easy way to change the color scheme of Ubuntu terminal to a high contrast one? Dark blue on black is not readable, really...10:20
koderselias_a, You mean gnome-terminal? Edit>Preferences>Profiles>Colors ?10:25
elias_akoders: Yes. I cannot figure out how the colours are changed.10:29
elias_akoders: Oh - now I found it. One has to create a new profile.10:29
kodersyeah i guess10:30
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elias_aNope - I still can't understand how to change the colours. Main problem is that directories are shown with dark blue text on black background. Something brighter would be nice.10:34
koderselias_a, In "Palette" the dark blue colour should be on of the palette colours? Click that and change it to a new colour?10:41
mg_hi. is this a help channel?10:43
elias_akoders: Yes - it would be nice to know which use a specific colour is associated with.10:43
elias_amg_: Yes. Ask!10:44
mg_i have a problem with my laptops hdd. it makes too much noise in performance mode. i tried hdparm and other things on ubuntu forums but didnt solve. it makes a sound like old 56k dial up modems.10:46
koderselias_a, i am guessing the dark blue colour would be associated with the current directory for one..10:46
mg_it goes away in power save mode and is lesser in balanced mode10:47
elias_akoders: I found a solution. The key thing to know that the changes are not applied before you start a new terminal window.10:48
mg_elias_a should i wait r u looking for an answer?,11:01
PhalanxerWHY is Canonical withholding SECURITY updates from me when they say they will provide them to me via the Universe channel on a best effort basis? How is withholding them from me best effort?!11:02
PhalanxerThis is an indicator to me that Ubuntu can no longer be trusted.11:04
PhalanxerFirst Amazon Lense, and now this.11:25
FallenFor anyone having the same questions as Phalanxer, check out https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-pro-faq/34042 for some more insight. Pro is an additional offering, this is extending coverage aside from what has already been offered in the past.11:39
iomari891greetings, Does anyone know why ipmi commands like ipmipower and ipmiconsole  wworks on IBM and Supermicro servers but not on Dell servers?11:54
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yes-ubuntuHello! I have used Nautilus to connect to an ftp server via CTRL + L and after entering the credentials, I choose 2nd option "Remember until end of session" . After I finished using this ftp connection, I unmounted the drive. If I attempt to connect again via CTRL + L I am now connected straight away, as Nautilus now remembers the credentials? Even13:03
yes-ubuntuif I close and reopen Nautilus, this same thing happens? Any way to have this forgotten?13:03
lotuspsychjeyes-ubuntu: think thats session related, did you try logout and back in to gnome to see if it remembers or not?13:09
yes-ubuntulotuspsychje: will try that too, thank you13:33
Dev27I need technical support as I am locked out of my ubuntu one account. When I try to reset password it just says there are too many emails and I should check my inbox but there is no mail. Once I got an email and it just took me to the beginning of this process.13:35
throwthecheeseDoes anyone know which header defines MirConnection?13:38
ograthrowthecheese, try #mir-server ....13:42
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yes-ubuntulotuspsychje: you were right, I would have to log out of my gnome session for Nautilus to forget ftp credentials; I would argue that this is not self explanatory. Maybe the 2nd option should mention Gnome for anyone to make a proper decision!? :)13:47
hameemyes ubuntu13:47
koowgnojeelHi -- [Q] Try to start `alttab` w/ Ubuntu -- I've tried w/ Startup-application but it didn't work properly :3 -- Thanks.14:13
mtnkoowgnojeel: try starting from command line. see if you get any errors14:16
koowgnojeelmtn: Thanks, I want to change the default app. switcher (alt_tab) because of its color. Do you know how to change alt_tab color ?14:19
koowgnojeelOh, there's another option to start a script, /etc/systemd/..14:36
koowgnojeelI'm gonna try -- crontab -e w/ @reboot alttab -- instead :314:40
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webchat17I would like to create a udev rule, to symlink /dev/sd? to /dev/my_disks/diskN  (like /dev/sda -> /dev/my_disks/disk1). But, I cannot find a smart way to increment the disk number15:17
webchat17I tried to use PROGRAM= to wrap around a find, and look for existing symlinks in the same folder... but, that does not work - as it seems rules are parsed for EVERY device before any changes occurs...15:18
koowgnojeel[FYI] alttab, I made .desktop icon instead :315:19
Croranelias_a: because so many articles say to use apt instead of apt-get15:26
CroranFallen: thanks that's interesting. Pro lets us do reboot-less kernel upgrades too, doesn't it?15:30
ravageit includes livepatch15:32
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P1roHi, how i can create a custom (ip, user, etc) booteable usb for ubuntu, im reading ubuntu builder, but also being deprecated? thanks16:36
ravageyou can install Ubuntu from one usb device to another16:38
ravage(and then boot and modify it however you like)16:39
P1roravage: sounds good, if i make an image with dd i can duplicated to others usb without problems right?16:48
jhutchinsP1ro: If you use the "live" boot images they will work better than a regular install over USB. If you use the "live" boot images they will work better than a regular install over USB. If you want to build your own image, https://pendrivelinux has lots of tips for memory and speed optimization.16:49
P1rothanks jhutchins16:52
jhutchinsOops, that's https://pendrivelinux.com16:54
P1royeah i found it16:54
jhutchinsP1ro: Have fun!16:55
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P1roi want to have custom ip for net and users, all guides are more about adding apps into image16:57
jhutchinsP1ro: What is a "custom ip"?16:57
P1romy bad, static ip16:58
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NETOboa tds17:15
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MorpheusXNLgoodevening all19:30
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candlejackI'm trying to install kodi from a ppa and seeing the following line in output.  Does that "500" correspond to a launchpad error?20:13
candlejack      "500 https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu lunar/main amd64 Packages"20:14
tomreyncandlejack: with the single line of output and no further context i'm not sure whether this "500" is part of an error message (which would be introduced with "E:" or "Error:" or whether this is just the APT source priority.20:18
tomreynit would help to post the full output to a pastebin20:18
candlejacktomreyn: sorry here:20:18
candlejacksudo apt policy kodi-pvr-hdhomerun kodi20:18
candlejack  Installed: (none)20:18
candlejack  Candidate: 20.4.0+ds1-120:18
candlejack  Version table:20:18
ravageso 500 seems to be just the priority20:19
tomreyncandlejack: oh this is "apt policy" output, then it's certainly the priority20:19
ravage!paste | candlejack20:19
ubottucandlejack: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:19
tomreyncandlejack: you can now talk again, but please note the above about using a pastebin20:20
candlejackWill do, sorry20:20
candlejackSo when I run "apt install kodi-pvr-hdhomerun" I get the output here https://dpaste.com/EM88WYVJZ.  What's the best way for me to figure out if the file isn't present in the ppa or if it's a different problem?  I tried looking for it on launchpad but the file https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lunar/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz doesn't seem to containg that package20:24
ravagethere is only one package for lunar called kodi20:26
ravagejammy for example includes kodi-pvr-hdhomerun20:27
candlejackOh got it, thanks20:29
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Chargenhello heaps23:44

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