flotwighi, I'm not able to log in to bugs.launchpad.net with my ubuntu one login, I get an error on https://launchpad.net/+openid-callback after consenting to share my name/email with launchpad. ideas?04:30
flotwigError ID: OOPS-1e1ae31dbfacf3006686b12cf9439e1d04:30
cjwatson_flotwig: I'm trying to work out the history here.  There's another LP account with the same email address, hence the crash; but that older LP account seems to have been used (in April 2021) since you created your most recent Ubuntu One account (in March 2021).  Do you remember the sequence of events here at all?08:58
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flotwigcjwatson_: that could be possible! I previously had a LaunchPad account that I used to publish snaps on Snapcraft for an application called WhatPulse. There wasn't a way to transfer the snap to another account that I could find, so I changed the email and name of that account to be an " "organization account" " for WhatPulse, and I created a new22:34
flotwigpersonal LaunchPad for myself.22:34
flotwiger, I guess when I say LaunchPad account I mean Ubuntu One account22:34
flotwigso it sounds like bug.launchpad might have the old account's email saved since nobody's used the old account to relog to launchpad and cause lp's stored email to update. that would mean some sort of conflict when I login with my new account?22:35
cjwatson_flotwig: Hm, that's interesting, since that sounds like we _shouldn't_ just merge your new account into ~whatpulse to resolve this in that case22:36
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cjwatsonflotwig: Could you please send all these details in an email to feedback@launchpad.net so that we can work out what to do?  We may have to talk to the SSO admins to work out how to detach things.22:37
flotwigyes, please do not merge my account into whatpulse :D I will start an email chain.22:37
cjwatsonflotwig: Though if you're able to use the old account to log into Launchpad, I think your guess is right that that might help22:38
flotwigi no longer have access to the old account22:38
cjwatsonOh.  Oh dear.  OK22:38
cjwatsonThough in fact I don't currently see anything that would do such an update anyway if the account is active22:42
cjwatsonAt least not automatically22:42

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