seathornHey all! I saw the latest netplan release contains dummy-devices (praise the dev gods), which would solve lot of my workarounds in our network lab.11:01
seathornI have Ubuntu 22 with netplan 0.105 installed, but I'm a noob with linux. How can I upgrade to v0.107 ?11:01
danilogondolfoHi seathorn, glad to know dummy interfaces will be helpful :) We are in process of upgrading netplan on 22.04 to 0.106.1. As jammy is an LTS release and netplan 0.107 is brand new, I'm afraid it will take a while until it gets there.11:07
seathornIs there a way to do it manually?11:09
danilogondolfowell, yes. You could create a PPA for Jammy11:12
seathornit's a bit more complicated than I first thought : ) I'll go with mantic for now12:00
seathornHow long does it usually take to release an update like 0.107 to LTS? Weeks, months?12:00
danilogondolfoIt usually takes months. We want to test it well in the latest Ubuntu first.13:59
seathornThanks for the info and for all the work :)15:01

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