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esvhey folks, I am trying to install aufs-tools on 22.04 and already  have "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy universe" in /etc/apt/sources.list but apt does not find it.14:22
esvdo I need to run anything special there? 14:22
lotuspsychjeesv: looks like it still was on focal14:27
lotuspsychje!info aufs-tools focal14:27
ubottuaufs-tools (1:4.14+20190211-1ubuntu1, focal): Tools to manage aufs filesystems. In component universe, is optional. Built by aufs-tools. Size 102 kB / 270 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)14:27
esvlet's see if I don't break my box :D14:29
lotuspsychjetry not to mix package versions esv14:30
* esv snickers and installs aufs-tools from focal on jammy 14:31
lotuspsychjeesv: maybe if you tell the volunteers what you are doing, they might know a workaround14:33
esvtrying to add aufs support to the kernel on 22.0414:33
esvhahaha, never mind, I am trying to create a bootable iso file from a running server to deploy it in other machines.14:43
esvfound a script that requires aufs and squashfs modules support, but there might be other ways to do it14:43
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Niclos98How To integrate two different Domains on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server? I already integrated one LDAP domain and I want to integrate the second LDAP domain, so do I have to install any packages for this ?19:17
tomreynNiclos98: on a previous occasion where you asked basically the same question, i suggested using sssd, and i think i pointed to documentation, which includes a configuration example. i think we talked about (or i discussed) how you could just add another ldap server there. had you tried this? what was the result? any error messages? when you ask such questions, you should definitely provide more details on what you tried so far, what the 20:12
tomreynresults were, how you could tell, what your current configuration looks like (pastebin) etc.20:12
Niclos98tomreyn: I was adding the second like this under /etc/sssd/sssd.conf--> [sssd] domain = FQDN1 and domain = FQDN2 but the first LDAP domain is working the second is not working.20:22
tomreynthe configuration example at https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/service-sssd-ldap suggests you'd need to have [sssd] ... \n[domain/FQDN1] ... \n[domain/FQDN2]20:24
tomreynand probably something like "domains = FQDN1 FQDN2" in the [sssd] section20:27
tomreynhttps://github.com/sgallagher/sssd/blob/master/src/examples/sssd-example.conf also suggests this20:27
tomreynactually that's "domains = FQDN1,FQDN2"20:28
tomreynas seen in its man page20:28
tomreynNiclos98: ^20:29
dak_On an old ProLiant DL380p Gen8, I'm trying to install Ubuntu server 22.04.3 from ISO but running into an odd (what looks like) TUI issue with subiquity. I'm trying to set up a linux RAID 1, but under the "Create software RAID ("MD") disk" pane within the interface, the "Devices" section is blank. However, there are obviously devices present as I can arrow through the list to select devices for the RAID and click create. I just 21:24
dak_have to do it completely blind. Has anyone seen this?21:24
tomreyndak_: not sure if this is clear: you're supposed to first define array members (devices, or partitions) and then use the option you referred to to create a raid array with these member devices.21:29
dak_Right, thats what I cant see. I'm selecting the members blind. :(21:30
dak_Looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/EnX0bSW.png21:32
dbungertdak_: subiquity also listens on ssh, the menu in the top-right has details.  That might show more information.21:33
dbungertin particular this should let you do "rich mode" and avoid the minimal black and white stuff which might be related21:33
dak_Yeah, I thought about ssh but I have to do this through the remote console of the iLO atm.21:34
tomreynmaybe using the iLO virtual serial port might help there21:50
Niclos98tomreyn: was tried to join the second LDAP domain and its says "realm: couldn't join realm: Already joined to another domain:"22:09
tomreynmaybe this helps? https://serverfault.com/questions/875568/linux-sssd-with-two-ad-domains22:17
tomreynNiclos98: ^ but i lack experience with working with sssd, or multiple directories / realms, really. maybe wait for someone else to help if you can't find anything useful on documentations and the web.22:18
tomreynif the realms are named identicall,y that would be an issue, i guess22:19
dak_tomreyn, yeah... maybe. We shall see. For the moment, I may just roll with it. Not ideal but I can work around it. If you (or anyone else) thinks of any other ideas, let me know. :)22:33
tomreynhttps://codeberg.org/cgoslaw/sssd-multidomain/src/branch/main/Guide_EN.md - written for RHEL8, but I assume it works very similar on ubuntu22:35
tomreynNiclos98: ^22:36
tomreyndak_: well you could "autoinstall"22:36
tomreynor maybe this helps with the console redirection: https://stivesso.blogspot.com/2014/09/hp-ilo-rhel7-upstart-output-to-vsp.html22:39
dak_tomreyn, thank you for the additional suggestions. I've thought about autoinstall for future installs, so its a good suggestion. If I go that route, it would be a non-issue for sure.22:53
dbungertdak_: if you can get the install to complete, /var/log/installer/autoinstall-user-data will have a starting point that can be used for future installs.22:54
dak_Neat, thank you for that information dbungert23:08

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