wrEickmeyer, ah sorry00:00
wrEickmeyer, https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mini-iso/daily-live/pending/mantic-mini-iso-amd64.iso this iso has exactly what?00:00
EickmeyerMantic Minotaur, which will eventually become 23.10 but is not *yet* 23.10.00:01
BCBI rencently upgraded to 22.4 and I can no longer access dovecot remotely.  Can I get any assistance in here?00:01
wrhttps://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mini-iso/daily-live/current/lunar-mini-iso-amd64.iso ? is something wrong on the link?00:06
leftyfbwr: yes, it's invalid00:07
Eickmeyerwr: Lunar daily builds aren't being built anymore and their daily .iso images were removed long ago. Non-LTS releases aren't built daily after their release.00:07
wrEickmeyer, let me put it in this way, what ISO link could i use to install a Ubuntu VM on the uppest version i get, ISO smallest size that the installer let's me chose the DE ?00:17
leftyfbwr: https://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mini-iso/daily-live/current/mantic-mini-iso-amd64.iso00:18
Eickmeyerwr: Supported? No such thing exists. Unsupported? The lunar mini that leftyfb just linked.00:18
Eickmeyerer, mantic mini.00:18
wrEickmeyer, i used that one and was getting an error "failed to determine size reservation for memmap, debug shell" after VM booted up, but not sure if was my ram resources00:23
Eickmeyerwr: Like I said, it's unsupported.00:23
EickmeyerAnything labeled "mantic" is unsupported since it's pre-release.00:23
EickmeyerSorry if that's not the answer you wanted.00:24
wrEickmeyer, yes, i only need something that works00:27
Eickmeyerwr: If that's not working then we can't help you. You might have to wait until final release as the mini .iso image is under heavy development.00:27
leftyfbwr: just download the individual flavors to test them individually. Or install ubuntu server and install the DE of choice after00:28
Eickmeyerwr: While leftyfb's suggestion of Ubuntu Server might be helpful, it does have some defaults that vary greatly from a desktop install, so it might not be accurate.00:29
wrleftyfb, yes, i was just in doubt of link00:29
rfmwr, so why not use a current supported version, like 22.04.3 or 23.04?  And ubuntu flavors (unlike debian) don't select the DE at install, you should get the iso for the flavor you want, eg ubuntu is Gnome, xubuntu is xfce00:29
wrrfm, that was what i was trying to ask, the version that would be more current, i don't use Ubuntu in a while00:31
Eickmeyerwr: The most current version is 23.04.00:32
ubottuUbuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle00:32
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours00:32
Eickmeyerwr ^ Those two links should help.00:33
wrEickmeyer, since bard said "00:39
wrAs of today, August 28, 2023, there is no Ubuntu 23.04 mini ISO available yet. The latest version of Ubuntu is 23.10, which was released on October 11, 2022. The Ubuntu 23.04 mini ISO will be available sometime in April 2023, which is the usual release schedule for Ubuntu interim releases."  i guess i have to use another00:39
Eickmeyerwr: Yes, I told you that it doesn't exist.00:40
Eickmeyerwr: It wasn't actually released as it wasn't ready.00:40
sarnolddang bard has an even worse grasp of time than I do00:41
Eickmeyerwr: And whatever you quoted had that wrong because 22.10 was released on October 11, 2022.00:41
EickmeyerClearly a typographical error.00:41
sarnoldgiven it's a markov chain, clearly it's just hallucinating00:41
rfmI thought the mini iso was no longer being done, what with the new installer00:42
EickmeyerYeah. Definitely not correct *at all*.00:42
Eickmeyerrfm: Incorrect.00:42
Eickmeyerrfm: Both projects are being worked on separately.00:42
Eickmeyerrfm: Completely different teams involved.00:43
sarnoldrfm: there's a new mini installer these days00:44
Eickmeyersarnold: We've been having that discussion with the caveat that it's unsupported and pre-release.00:50
sarnolda good chance to find and report bugs :)00:50
Eickmeyersarnold: True, but a user in here wanted help getting it to work, and we can't do that here.00:51
WHATEVERYEAHEickmeyer, I had a sad realisation. If a community member submits a patch for  a package maintained by Canonical then the community doesn't get the updated package unless they have a subscription to Ubuntu Pro. That's weak.00:52
EickmeyerWHATEVERYEAH: That's unrelated, and .....00:53
WHATEVERYEAHEickmeyer how is it unrelated?00:53
leftyfbWHATEVERYEAH: pretty sure patches get submitted to the maintainer, not Canonical. In which case, the update package hits the universe repo00:53
EickmeyerWHATEVERYEAH: Different discussion before you came in.00:53
EickmeyerSounds like Kolusion.00:54
WHATEVERYEAHleftyfb some packages are maintained by Canonical agents, such as Eickmeyer.00:54
* Eickmeyer doesn't work for Canonical for the last time00:54
Eickmeyersarnold: Definitely him.00:55
leftyfbWHATEVERYEAH: that's not how this works00:55
WHATEVERYEAHEickmeyer. Sadly Firefox for Android does not have ability to clear site data. Libera chat has stored site data. The only way I can clear it is by deleting all browser history. It's a sad era.00:56
EickmeyerBan evasion.00:56
Eickmeyer!ops | WHATEVERYEAH Kolusion ban evasion00:56
ubottuWHATEVERYEAH Kolusion ban evasion: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant00:56
WHATEVERYEAHProblem evader.00:56
WHATEVERYEAHCanonical agent00:56
WHATEVERYEAHLowest FOSS scum sell out00:56
sarnoldWHATEVERYEAH: this is pathetic and you know it. you would be much happier if you find some way to contribute something of value to the world.00:57
WHATEVERYEAHI am already leaving Ubuntu after 14 years, so you can relax.00:57
* leftyfb waves goodbye00:57
WHATEVERYEAHCanonical agents00:57
* Eickmeyer honestly wishes he worked for Canonical, lord knows he's applied...00:59
leftyfbI worked there for a bit00:59
PlebberHi there! In dire need of some help with partitions / windows01:03
Bashing-om!ask | Plebber01:04
ubottuPlebber: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:04
joseph1sorry abt the ill posts earlier - just that here - in america- we are facong - stuff - sorry. - thanks.01:04
leftyfbjoseph1: this isn't the place for it01:04
leftyfbjoseph1: and please stop with "end." This isn't the MCP01:04
joseph1I get it lefty, my apologies.01:04
PlebberI installed Ubuntu on a second hard drive and was toying around with it for a few hours. When I go back to change the boot order to be my main hard drive, it says there is no OS and the hard drive does not show as a bootable drive. Is this common? I installed it on another hard drive in order to not risk ruining my main hard drive with a second OS01:05
Plebberinstall - but somehow i cant get into it now anyway01:05
joseph1lefty - im going to purchase you  the prce is right vacation.01:06
leftyfbjoseph1: please stop01:06
joseph1wow, ok.01:06
leftyfbPlebber: you'll have to seek support in #windows01:06
Plebberoh lordy01:06
sarnoldPlebber: probably your EFI is now set to boot grub or something like that01:07
leftyfbPlebber: physically remove the drive with Ubuntu on it, then Ubuntu is out of the picture. #windows should be able to help you recover Winsows01:07
sarnoldPlebber: efibootmgr can probably help you select a different default, or your bios's EFI tool may help you select a different default01:07
joseph1we love leftyfb anyway, end.01:08
Plebberyeah it might be a grub issue, been looking at a bunch of that already01:09
leftyfbWindows doesn't use grub. And if you installed Ubuntu on the other drive properly, it shouldn't have been installed to your Windows drive. Either way, your best bet is to ask in #windows on how to restore Windows01:10
PlebberDo you think removing the drive w ubuntu on it will change the grub / efi thingy that's going on?01:10
PlebberDidn't touch the windows drive at all during installation, was very careful about that :P01:11
sarnoldheh, I'm not sure. I couldn believe that unplugging the linux drive might just cause grub to no longer work ..01:11
sarnold(not a great place to have a typo..)01:11
sarnoldtwenty five years ago, unplugging the linux drive would have been enough, 100% :D01:12
sarnoldI'm less sure about today01:12
Plebbertru, seems a lil weird that one drive can cause another drive to not be bootable, simply by being there x)01:12
leftyfbthe issue pre-EFI would have been grub installing to the MBR on your primary (Windows) drive01:13
PlebberMy windows drive is perfectly viewable in ubuntu though, I see the windows installation and everything.01:13
leftyfbright, you just need to repair the Windows boot. You get help with that in #windows01:13
Plebberlmao tried everything ;_;01:14
PlebberI will go #windows-please-register instead :))01:14
leftyfbunplug the Ubuntu drive while you're doing it so you don't cause more issues01:14
PlebberThanks for the help!01:14
PlebberKind of a bummer, I like ubuntu so far haha01:14
leftyfbPlebber: you will need to register on Libra.chat in order to join #windows01:16
leftyfb!register | Plebber01:16
ubottuPlebber: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://libera.chat/guides/registration - For any further help, ask in #libera01:16
PlebberYeah, did that :)) lets see if theres hope for my windows installation / main drive lol01:27
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Yakovhaving list of dev/input events, how to determine which is my laptop's keyboard or mouse? https://justpaste.it/8gsap02:44
Lvl4SwordYakov, xinput list03:02
Lvl4SwordWhatever your link is, doesn't work. Just gives a "We are updating JustPaste.it Please try again after few minutes"03:03
Lvl4SwordYakov, What are you trying to do here?03:04
YakovLvl4Sword, using base libevdev sample https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/libevdev/ -> getting error Failed to init libevdev | need to get keyboard input from my laptop03:08
Lvl4SwordMore power to you. Never used it.03:11
Yakovso what event is my keyboard?03:18
Yakovchange the access rights that are used to generate the /dev nodes ?03:48
Yakovcat /dev/input/event0 | cat: /dev/input/event0: Permission denied | how to add myself to input group04:59
spectacularI'm hoping someone knows a quick fix to this because I have to leave in about half an hour, back later... I have an MSI laptop (raider ge78 hx 13v). Worked great with ubuntu. Sound worked wonderfully. Then, suddenly, I notice now I'm getting no sound from the speakers (but fine using earphones or bluetooth), and I've tried everything I could find through Google but to no avail. The only things I can think of that would06:42
spectacularhave triggered this would be a regular update (kernel?) which may have somehow messed with the drivers. The other unexpected thing that happened to the computer was a recent accidental total power failure, while I was running on battery power and didn't have a power cable at hand. But I don't know why that would cause this.06:42
alkisgspectacular: a quick test would be to reboot, select advanced ubuntu options,  and boot with an older kernel06:44
spectacularI tried that, and tried installing other older and newer kernels using "mainline", but that didn't help06:45
alkisgYou don't need to use mainline, there are several available kernels. What's the output of: dpkg -l | grep linux- | nc termbin.com 999906:45
spectacularI'm not sure when this problem actually happened because I usually use this laptop with sound off and/or only earphones. Once in a while I'll watch a movie with my wife, but it's been a while. And then yesterday when I tried to watch something with my kids there was no sound06:45
alkisgI don't see any normal headers there. Is this vanilla ubuntu or some derivative?06:47
spectacularubuntu studio06:47
spectaculari believe06:47
alkisgAh, maybe something to do with jack then, I'm not familiar with it at all.06:47
alkisgI would try this: sudo apt install linux-lowlatency-hwe-22.0406:48
alkisgI think ubuntu studio uses the lowlatency kernel by default; that will get you the current 6.2 kernel for 22.0406:48
spectacularit's currently ubuntu 23.04 here (lunar) -- can I roll it back to 22.04 like that?06:52
alkisgAh, sorry didn't see that one06:52
spectacularfrustrating how this always seems to happen right when you really need to use it to impress someone lol06:52
spectacularsome other possible clues:  when I go to sound settings, it shows only one device and it's grayed out: "speaker sof-hda-dsp".  If I click on Test sound, the speakers (front right, front left) don't seem to be responding to clicks.06:54
spectacular"output profile" has only one option, Play HiFi quality Music"06:54
spectacularand the Fade and Subwoofer sliders are grayed out too06:54
spectacularand if I recall from back when I got the laptop (it's fairly new) and the speakers were working perfectly, if definitely had more speakers than just front right and front left. gave a really nice surround sound feel. so, I feel like something's missing here.06:55
spectacularalkisg, could it be that I need an nvidia driver, not sof-hda-dsp?07:08
alkisgspectacular: ubuntu studio uses jack, which I have no idea about, so I can't answer anything about this issue07:09
spectacularcould i try switching jack for something you're more familiar with then?07:09
alkisgNo, that's a big change, you'd need to reinstall using a different ubuntu flavor07:10
spectacularhmmm i see07:12
spectacularalrighty I'll try again later, thanks so much07:16
alkisg`echo on >/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/DP-3/force` forces that output to on. How can I set it back to unspecified? It accepts on, off but I can't find anything that would set it to the initial unspecified state...07:36
ograalkisg, i bet someone in #mir-server might know ...07:42
alkisgThank you ogra, trying...07:42
ogra(rather than ubuntu-x which i think is not much monitored anymore 😉 )07:42
alkisgYeah tjaalton only replies once per month there :/07:44
ograyup ... i think he works more on kernel than on xorg nowadays07:44
weedmicpity - i'm pretty sure from what spectacular described, he merely needed to redirect output from headphones to speakers - can't believe he rebooted and was told to install the OS over.  oy08:07
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BCBdovecot got bonked on a 22.04 upgrade.  How do I fully remove and perge dovecot so I can do a clean reinstall?08:40
weedmicuse synaptic/muon - but after uninstall, also do purge.08:42
circleI'm wanting to install packages that supposedly work with anaconda and I don't know whether anaconda will play nicely with the system python and other tools. So I'm thinking of installing it into a virtualized environment.  What are good ways to run Ubuntu in virtual environment in Ubuntu 22.04.3 ?  I'm most familiar with virtualbox but I don't09:04
circlenecessarily need a pretty GUI.09:04
BCBubuntu pro can not attach a token to my server: Failed to attach machine. See https://ubuntu.com/pro. Any suggestions09:05
circleoops it might be VMWare I've used before ;)09:07
EriC^^circle: virtualbox is good and has a gui09:12
BCBdon't seem to be able to install dovecot on 22.02: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZX8jJP2gCf/plain/09:13
lxsameerhey folks, I'm trying to install snapcraft on jammy in a Dockerfile, but during the configuration process it seems that snap can't connect to the store. I says "Checking connectivity with the snap store" and fails after 30 mitues. any idea?09:14
circleDoes this traceback show a problem with my system or a problem with the package I am trying to install?   https://bpa.st/TNXQ09:17
ubottuMauro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type «/msg ubottu !bot». If you're looking for a channel, see «/msg ubottu !alis».10:04
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Matteo24Salve, ho un problema: sto provando a installare Lubuntu su un vecchio Toshiba Satellite 512mb di ram e 24 gb di archiviazione. Dato che voglio mettere Lubuntu ho creato un cd con l'ISO però mi viene una schermata con gnu grub version 2.06 e se clicco try to install non va. Cosa faccio?10:50
Matteo24Qualcuno mi potrebbe aiutare x piacere?10:50
lotuspsychje!it | Matteo2410:50
ubottuMatteo24: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi «/join #ubuntu-it» senza virgolette)10:50
weedmicBCB: some tokens needs a browser that allows "security modules".  as far as i know, if this is your issue, ONLY firefox does that.  ubuntu comes with "snap firefox".  if this is your issue, you need to remove snap firefox and replace it with real filefox, then install the module, and it should work just fine.10:52
speeder__1. how I disable clicking of the touchpad? I keep closing applicaitons by accident because the touchpad ocnsider me touching it as "middle click".11:12
speeder__2. any e-mail client on ubuntu repos support Microsoft Exchange for enterprise?11:13
lotuspsychjespeeder__: disable touchpad in gnomes settings11:16
speeder__I need touchpad, just not clicking11:18
lotuspsychjespeeder__: check dconf-editor you might find a value to tweak there11:19
lotuspsychjespeeder__: the value tap-to-click is what you need i think11:20
speeder__now need the e-mail client that supports Exchange11:21
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ograspeeder, try evolution ...11:38
akikspeeder: you can do it with xinput11:42
BluesKajHi all12:13
Jackneillhey. i seem to have a dead invisible spot on the screen where if the mouse pointer is in, i cannot scroll or click. any idea? 23.04, cinnamon, everything latest13:26
Jackneilli have multiple users logged in and switch with ctrrl+alt+fN13:28
Jackneilla popup window appeared asking for my pass13:29
Jackneillafter that the spot works again by a rough test13:29
jhutchinsJackneill: Sounds like maybe you have a window that's not actually visible.13:45
jhutchinsJackneill: I think it's probably an application you're running.13:46
Jackneilljhutchins, suspicously it started roughly when i added a weather desklet to desktop13:49
Jackneillbut that is at the top-right corner not where this spot is/was13:49
Jackneilland i really do not understand why the pass dialog ended it13:50
Jackneillgenerally when i switch users this pass dialog appears immidiately, sometimes twice13:50
pavlosfdan: the command I sent was wrong ... sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fdan is the correct, it should create an empty file 0 bytes in that dir.14:05
leftyfbpavlos: wrong channel?14:06
leftyfbpavlos: or are you responding to a conversation from 2 weeks ago14:07
pavlosthe latter14:07
pavlosI'm in the ubuntu channel as usual14:07
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nunyadoes anyone know how to keep software updater from popping up on top of other windows? This is very annoying when playing a game or watching a movie. I am running Ubuntu 22.04 Wayland. I googled and found devilspie2 but that only runs with x1115:09
lotuspsychjenunya: maybe dconf-editor has a tweak on update-manager15:12
pavlosnunya: comment out the line "#DPkg::Post-Invoke ... updates available" in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99update-notifier15:18
nunyalotuspsychje: there are 2 that might effect pop up notifications from update manager show notifications and show banners. I do still want the notifications but only in notification are of top bar are wher I have activities, calendar, settings, power, log out... I will toggle show banners off and see if that works.15:23
jkhi all, how to open this file SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run15:27
jk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_j_gcgCDvH6Q2SLsWlXUR8t1r_JQqF0x/view?usp=sharing15:27
v9fkdo not understand the error. make it english plz15:30
pavlosjk: is is a shell executable? you may have to give it -x permission15:31
v9fk+x ?15:31
nunyapavlos: I do want to know updates are available just not in the middle of my screen, maybe minimized or in notification are only.15:31
jk"Right click on the file in the file manager and click 'Properties'. Click the 'Permissions' tab and tick the box that says 'Allow executing file as program'.15:31
jkDouble click the file to execute it."15:31
jki did it15:32
pavlosjk:  chmod +x seatools...run15:32
jknow ubuntu stats to open, it shows me logo, but after another error "There has been an error.15:32
jk"You need root permission""15:32
jkhow to open it in graphical method?15:32
v9fksudo but make sure the file is legit15:33
jksudo? what means "sudo"?15:33
jhutchinsjk: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/running-linux-5th/0596007604/15:38
jhutchinsjk: You'll be a lot more comfortable with your system if you at least skim that.15:38
jkjhutchins i don't understan what u say15:41
Niclos98Hello All, openssl version 3.0.2 have multiple vulnerabilities on ubuntu 22.04 LTS?15:42
ravageNiclos98: unlikely15:44
Niclos98ravage: CVE-2022-134315:47
-ubottu:#ubuntu- The function `OCSP_basic_verify` verifies the signer certificate on an OCSP response. In the case where the (non-default) flag OCSP_NOCHECKS is used then the response will be positive (meaning a successful verification) even in the case where the response signing certificate fails to verify. It is anticipated that most users of `OCSP_basic_verify` will not use the OCSP_NOCHE... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-1343>15:47
jhutchinsDoes gnome still have gksudo?15:48
pavlosjk: the oreilly book is a good starter to understand Linux15:49
jhutchinsIs there some sort of guide for beginners available from Canonnical?15:51
jhutchinsjk: sudo and permissions are probably too big a subject for an IRC channel.15:52
jkthis is translation15:52
jkimpossible to view SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run15:52
jkno application for executable files is installed.15:52
jkLook for an application that can open this file?15:52
v9fkjk should learn more about Linux and sudo15:53
jki did right click on the file in the file manager and click 'Properties'. Click the 'Permissions' tab and tick the box that says 'Allow executing file as program'.15:54
ravageNiclos98: https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2022-134315:54
-ubottu:#ubuntu- The function `OCSP_basic_verify` verifies the signer certificate on an OCSP response. In the case where the (non-default) flag OCSP_NOCHECKS is used then the response will be positive (meaning a successful verification) even in the case where the response signing certificate fails to verify. It is anticipated that most users of `OCSP_basic_verify` will not use the OCSP_NOCHE... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-1343>15:54
jhutchinsjk: Here is a guide to installing the Seagate tools in Linux: https://www.seagate.com/content/dam/seagate/migrated-assets/www-content/support-content/downloads/seatools/_shared/docs/seatools-ssd-cli-guide-100821832_F.pdf  (I think it also covers Windows).15:54
jkbut it still doesn't open15:54
jhutchinsjk: Are you sure you really need it at this stage?15:54
jki need to do a low level format, even if i read it doesn't exist anymore, it's called low leve format but really it's just a zero-fill operaion also called reinitialization15:56
jkby seagate tools which is the bran of my HD15:57
jki read this guide, but it talks about .bin file instead by website it downloads .run file15:57
jkhowever mine is not an SSD15:58
SwedeMikejk: https://grok.lsu.edu/article.aspx?articleid=16716 this works on both ssd and hdd15:59
SwedeMikeit's as close to "low level format" that I know of, today15:59
jhutchinsjk: That's a very dangerous level to be running tools that don't match the hardware.  There are other ways of doing that kind of erasure on a disk using tools from Ubuntu.15:59
SwedeMikejk: you're basically telling the drive to erase itself. I used it once on a hdd that developed write errors after a power outage, and it figured itself out after that16:00
jhutchinsjk: Why not just partition and format the drive as it is?16:00
jkSwedeMike i have 448 reallocated sectors16:02
SwedeMikejk: unless you know specific event that caused those, I wouldn't use that drive16:03
jkjhutchins i just don't understand how can format from this ubuntu if i have to delete all hard disk16:03
jkif it's running16:03
jkSwedeMike it's the drive where is installed ubuntu now, i'm using it16:04
jkapplication gnome disks told me it's all ok16:04
jkit doesn't show me it as an error16:04
jkthe threshold is not exceeded16:04
jki just don't understand how I can do a low level format or more exactly zero-fill operation by this operaing system while i'm using it for example by gparted16:05
jhutchinsjk: You can't.16:06
jkif it is the operating system in use while i'm formatting16:06
jhutchinsjk: You can't do a low leve format on part of a drive, you will loose all data on the device if you format it.16:06
jkso i thinked i need a usb pendrive bootable to do that and after that install ubuntu 22.04.3 by another usb bootable pendrive16:06
jhutchinsjk: What do you plan to use the space for?16:06
jhutchinsjk: If you're doing a new install that will use the whole drive, you can just let the installer manage the formatting.16:07
jki want to do low lever format or more exactly zero-fill operation, all my data are saved externally, i have not problem to lose data16:07
jhutchinsjk: You don't really need to do that.16:08
jkjhutchins installer from ubuntu bootable pendrive doesn't make me do low level format, just simple format16:08
jhutchinsjk: If you  use @ in IRC it prevents the user from being highlighted or alerted.  Just use the name.16:08
jhutchinsjk: You should be able to type a few letters of the name and complete it with Tab.16:09
jhutchinsjk: That really is all you need.16:09
jhutchinsjk: Once you format it and write data to it, any old data will be very difficult to recover.16:10
jki did installation of ubuntu from usb pendrive according to guide where is on ubuntu.com, by creating an usb flash bootable16:11
jki don't need to make data difficult to recover, i just try to resolve the problem of 448 reallocated sectors, thechnician told me to try withe a low level format16:11
jki use this software on windows 10 before installing ubuntu "balenaEtcher" 16:12
jhutchinsjk: That's for writing to the USB, isn't it?16:14
jkto create a bootable usb16:14
jhutchinsjk: Is the drive you want to format the same one that the system is running on?16:15
jki did it and i installed ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS but i need to do a low level format16:15
jkjhutchins yes it's the same, my pc has just one drive16:15
jhutchinsjk: You will have to boot to a "live" system to format the drive.  Once you format it, there will be nothing left on it, and you will have to re-install.16:16
jhutchinsjk: There are several web pages that explain how to do a low level format from Linux.  https://linux.m2osw.com/low-level-formatting-hdd-or-ssd16:17
jkjhutchins are you saying me i have to click "Try ubuntu" when bootable usb pendrive stats?16:18
jhutchinsjk: I think that's the way you access it.16:19
jkfrom Bootable USB stick it starts with two buttons "Try ubuntu" and "Install ubuntu"16:21
jhutchinsIt's been years since I've seen the installer. I just upgrade to new releases.  I really should set up a VM and try it.16:21
jktherefore i have to click on "Try ubuntu"?16:21
jhutchinsjk: I would say it's safe to do that.16:21
jk*do i have to click "TRY UBUNTU"? (excuse for my english)16:21
jhutchinsjk: Whate are you going to do when you have the live system booted?16:22
jhutchinsjk: Your English is better than my Italian.16:22
jki don't know, i guess i have to use the tools from hard drive manufacturer therefore seagate16:24
jki read on several support web pages, it's the best way to do a low level format16:24
jhutchinsjk: If you type "file <name of the seagate file>, it will tell you what kind of file it is, and we can figure out how to run it.16:28
jhutchinsjk: We might even open the file with an editor and see what's in it, if it's not binary.16:28
jhutchinsjk: ".run" files are often secripts to run the install commands.16:29
jhutchinsjk: You can install things to a live system, but they will go away when you shut down or reboot.16:29
jhutchinsjk: If you just want to write zeros to the whole drive, it's a very simple command.16:31
jkchmod u+rwx SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run16:31
jki do that in terminal16:31
jk""""You can install things to a live system, but they will go away when you shut down or reboot."""""16:32
jkare those things istalled on hard drive that i'm going to format?16:32
jhutchinsjk: I gave you a link to the instructions for running the file from Seagate.  You should definitely read that beffore you make any changes.16:33
jhutchinsjk: No, a live system would write them to the temporary system running in RAM.  You _can_ make changes to the hard drive, but you have to take extra steps.16:34
jhutchinsjk: That's ok for now.16:34
jki read link, it talks about .bin files16:35
jhutchinsjk: You should download those from the Seagate site.16:36
jhutchinsjk: Where did you get the .run file?16:36
jkfrom seagate web site16:38
jksudo chmod +x ./SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run16:38
jk[sudo] password di user:16:38
jki write the password but it still doesn't open it16:39
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jkfirst i gave this command: sudo chmod u+rwx SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run16:45
jksecond i gave this command: sudo chmod +x ./SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run16:45
jkfinally: ./SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run16:45
jkbut it doesn't work16:45
leftyfbjk: what error do you get?16:51
leftyfbjk: it tells you how to resolve it16:52
leftyfbsudo ./SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run16:52
jkok now it works, how to do that by graphical way?16:54
leftyfbyou don't16:54
jkoh my God :-o Why? :-o16:55
leftyfbto be clear, there are ways, but they are not recommended not supported16:55
jki gave permissions by right click in "Properties->Permissions"16:56
jkbut it still didn't open16:56
leftyfbjk: did it install from running sudo ./SeaToolsLinuxX64Installer.run ?16:56
v9fkleftyfb: you should do customer support. will become a legend. im sure16:57
leftyfbv9fk: lets not16:58
jkleftyfb yes17:00
jkbut i don't understand why it doesn't work by graphical way, i gave all permissions17:02
leftyfbjk: you mean why it doesn't install from a GUI? (even though it's already installed)17:02
jkyes by gui17:03
jki gave all permission here17:04
leftyfbjk: because your desktop is running as your user, if you try to "execute" a binary from your file manager, it will fail due to needing root permissions. You COULD open a file manager as root, but it is not recommended. It's just simpler to run it from a terminal as you did17:06
leftyfbjk: right, you gave permissions for your user to execute it, but the binary itself requires root, so it will fail, not because it wasn't executable, but because the binary requires root privs17:07
jki gave permissions for root too17:08
jkin menu it's selected "sudo"17:09
jkin the section "groups"17:09
jkisn't it a root permission for "sudo" "SuperUserDO"?17:10
leftyfbright, so you need to execute it as root, or in this case, as sudo. Which you did. And now it's installed and you can move on to running it as necessary17:10
leftyfbjk: in the dialog box you shows, group is the group ownership, not how it gets executed17:11
jkok and how to open "FILE" app as sudo with root permission?17:11
leftyfbjk: I would not recommend doing that. Why are you so interested in trying to install this using the GUI if you've already installed it properly using the terminal?17:13
jhutchinsjk: Sorry to ghost you, real life got in the way.17:13
jkjust to understand because i'm not so good on using terminal, i just hope for next time to use gui for everything even because i use basic functions of the computer, i don't need many difficult operations17:14
leftyfbjk: running your GUI file manager as root is begging for problems. It is not recommended17:14
leftyfbjk: especially when you've already made it clear you are not adept enough to resolve any issues that come from it17:15
jkleftyfb of thanks17:16
BeladonaWhat should I do at this point ? https://pastebin.mozilla.org/4TZJhzcY17:20
leftyfbBeladona: remove the 3rd party repo some of those packages are being pulled from and run : sudo apt update ; sudo apt install -f17:21
leftyfboh wait17:21
leftyfbyour disk is full17:21
leftyfbmore than likely your /boot17:22
Beladonaleftyfb  df -h17:23
BeladonaFilesystem                  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on17:23
Beladonatmpfs                       6.3G  3.9M  6.3G   1% /run17:23
Beladona./dev/mapper/vgxubuntu-root  930G  791G  117G  88% /17:23
leftyfbBeladona: df -h / boot17:24
leftyfbalso, please use pastebin17:24
Beladonaleftyfb how to remove 3rd party repo?17:24
leftyfbBeladona: I was wrong about the 3rd party repo, or at least, that isn't the more pressing issue17:24
Beladonasame for boo. /dev/mapper/vgxubuntu-root  930G  791G  117G  88% /17:25
leftyfbBeladona:  cannot copy extracted data for './boot/System.map-6.2.0-31-generic' to '/boot/System.map-6.2.0-31-generic.dpkg-new': failed to write (No space left on device)17:25
Beladonayes, that is strange. isn't it?17:25
jkleftyfb however seagate tools told me it's all ok as well as the app "disks" installed in ubuntu 22.04.4 maybe more exactly called gnome-disks17:28
jki show you seagate tools reports17:28
jkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/13kkT4lIn27rCf1HGCGZDrQWBJOg8o1gr/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lVirqcDO7aH5G4zq6ICf80zoaVwjM9_N/view?usp=sharing17:28
leftyfbjk: ok?17:28
Beladonaleftyfb what should I do here? I have 100+GB free17:30
leftyfbBeladona: sudo touch /boot/file   # can you write to the directory?17:31
jkleftyfb it told me it's all ok, maybe the only problems are these, but seagate tools don't highlight them as errors17:31
jkST1000LM035-1RK172Retired Sectors Count52023-ago-29 19:05:072023-ago-29 17:05:074489917:31
jkST1000LM035-1RK172Retired Sectors Count52023-ago-29 18:53:502023-ago-29 16:53:504489917:31
Beladonaleftyfb I can create files there17:31
leftyfbjk: sorry, what problem are you trying to solve exactly?17:32
jkreallocated sectors17:32
leftyfbBeladona: sudo apt install -f17:32
leftyfbjk: please elaborate17:32
jkSMART TOOLS highlight me them as errors and it's written "pre-fail"17:33
jkbut seagate tools and the app "gnome-disks" told me it'all OK17:33
leftyfbjk: if it were me, I would replace the drive. I don't take chances with my data17:34
gordonjcpjk: that drive is knackered17:35
jkall my data are all in safe external hard disk17:35
gordonjcpjk: your data is on borrowed time17:35
gordonjcpjk: buy another disk and back it up immediately17:35
Beladonaleftyfb  cannot copy extracted data for './boot/System.map-6.2.0-31-generic' to '/boot/System.map-6.2.0-31-generic.dpkg-new': failed to write (No space left on device)17:39
BeladonaNo apport report written because the error message indicates a disk full error17:39
ioriaBeladona, how many kernels do you have ?17:42
leftyfbioria: they've got 117G free, they could have 100 kernel install and should still have enough space :)17:44
ioriado we have the disk layout ?17:44
leftyfbBeladona: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; lsblk ; ls -l /boot ) | nc termbin.com 999917:45
ioriasudo parted -l; and df -h  too17:45
Beladonaleftyfb https://termbin.com/k94j17:46
leftyfboh, you do have a separate /boot17:46
leftyfbat 732M17:46
leftyfbBeladona: df -h /boot17:46
ioriaho, nice two boots17:46
leftyfb2 boots?17:47
ioriabtw, i have a feeling for dpkg -P linux-image-blah17:47
BeladonaI wonder why that is full.  /dev/nvme0n1p2  704M  689M     0 100% /boot17:47
Beladonaand what I can do to resolve it17:47
ioriabtw, i have a feeling for dpkg -P linux-image-blah17:47
Beladonaleftyfb what is wiered here?17:48
leftyfbBeladona: sudo apt remove --purge linux-image-5.19.0-32-generic linux-image-5.19.0-41-generic linux-image-5.19.0-42-generic17:49
leftyfbBeladona: actually: sudo apt remove --autoremove --purge linux-image-5.19.0-32-generic linux-image-5.19.0-41-generic linux-image-5.19.0-42-generic17:50
ioriaan old neglected box,  i guess17:50
leftyfbioria: we want to get the deps as well. I don't think dpkg will do that17:50
ioriaone at a time, but yes17:50
Beladonaleftyfb https://termbin.com/wey517:51
Beladonaleftyfb maybe I hav eto manually remove things in /boot17:51
leftyfbdo not do that17:51
Beladonaleftyfb what else?17:51
leftyfbBeladona: sudo dpkg -P linux-image-5.19.0-32-generic ; sudo dpkg -P linux-image-5.19.0-41-generic ; sudo dpkg -P linux-image-5.19.0-42-generic17:52
Beladonaleftyfb working. I hope you are not removing all the kernals. I need at least one :)17:53
leftyfbit's removing the middle 3 out of 517:53
ioriadon't forget modules17:54
leftyfbsorry, oldest17:54
leftyfbioria: yeah, I'm hoping this will clear enough space to let apt finish and then run an autoremove17:54
Beladonaleftyfb why did i got into this issue? why /boot got full?17:54
leftyfbtoo many kernels installed on an inadequately sized /boot partition17:55
Beladonaleftyfb ok17:57
ioriai suggest also a journal flush; sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1h17:58
leftyfbioria: just to clean up all the out of disk space errors? That's not going to affect space in /boot17:58
ioriain addition, that's all17:59
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Beladonaleftyfb looks like solved. thanks18:19
leftyfbBeladona: sudo apt autoremove18:19
Beladonadone that too18:19
goddardtrying to create a python virtualenv getting this error /usr/bin/python3.11: No module named virtualenv18:21
goddardwhat package am i missing i thought i install python3.11-virtualenv but its not finding it for some reason18:22
Niclos98To integrate two different Domains on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server19:09
ravageif that was meant to be a question you have to do better19:11
Niclos98how to integrate two different Domains on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server?19:12
leftyfbNiclos98: in what sense exactly?19:13
raubDomains as in LDAP domains, or DNS, or?19:13
leftyfbNiclos98: also, there's a more appropriate #ubuntu-server channel for questions regarding Ubuntu server19:13
Niclos98two LDAP domain19:13
leftyfbyeah, definitely /join #ubuntu-server19:14
sarnold#ubuntu-server will also need significantly better questions than that. what have you tried? how did it fail?19:14
jkleftyfb which is the methods to install app on ubuntu by GUI?19:18
leftyfbjk: open the Ubuntu Software application19:19
jki just want to avoid terminal because i'm not very good at computer then it's so easy i should make dangerous and create problems everywhere by my errors in syntaxs or whatever else in using terminal19:20
leftyfbjk: then stick with the Ubuntu software app19:20
jkleftyfb i can't find many thing in ubuntu software application19:20
elias_ajk: Such as?19:21
leftyfbjk: like what? There's thousands of applications19:21
jki can't find them19:21
jkthen i follow instructions to install that, but several things go too wrong, errors after errors19:21
leftyfbjk: type "Karaoke" into the search bar19:22
elias_ajk: Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kljVNTIhARw19:22
jki think Ubuntu Software isn't a complete database of app for ubuntu, when years ago i was using "LUBUNTU" on another computer, there was another download center with more apps19:22
leftyfbjk: then use apt in the terminal19:23
leftyfbjk: either way, installing from binaries you downloaded from the internet is not recommended not supported here19:23
leftyfbjk: you will run into way more problems with those than you will using the software store or apt in a terminal19:24
jki typed karaoke but i didn't find those ap19:25
leftyfbjk: did you get any results?19:25
leftyfbjk: not all apps you find on a google search are going to be available in the ubuntu software store19:25
jkyes, but different apps19:25
genii!info silverjuke19:27
ubottusilverjuke (18.2.1-4build1, lunar): jukebox, karaoke, and kiosk mode mp3 player. In component universe, is optional. Built by silverjuke. Size 2,926 kB / 10,231 kB19:27
elias_ajk: Could you give an example of an app that should be found but you cannot find?19:28
Niclos98sarnold: I post the question on the #ubuntu-server.19:28
elias_aOh - it was already there. Just enable universe repository. Tutto bene cosi.19:29
jkelias_a for example to install midica it ask me to install java and i can't find it on ubuntu software19:32
leftyfbjk: midica is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Installing that isn't supported here. You would have to seek support from Midica19:33
jkelias_a do you says to me to enable the universe repository?19:34
jkleftyfb ok, then i just have to use ubuntu software apps? other ones are dangerous for ubuntu?19:34
leftyfbjk: you could do that, and you might find some additional applications. But you still won't find every linux application you find on google19:35
jk**are other ones dangerous for ubuntu?19:35
leftyfbjk: you are at the whims of the software source if you choose to install those19:35
jki don't understand19:36
jk"you could do that, and you might find some additional applications. But you still won't find every linux application you find on google"19:37
jkwhen i looked at "alternativeto" website, it told me that midica and openKJ are supported by linux system then also ubuntu i guess19:37
Niclos98leftyfb: I post questions on the #ubuntu-server and if you have questions I will explain more on that.19:37
leftyfbjk: it will probably work, but we cannot support installing them here19:38
leftyfbNiclos98: ok, wait until someone in there is willing and able to help you19:38
jkok but what does it mean what elias_a said few minutes ago?19:39
jkelias_a Elias Aarnio21:29:0119:39
jkOh - it was already there. Just enable universe repository. Tutto bene cosi."""""19:39
jkmaybe ubuntu software is a limited archive or all supported apps for ubuntu?19:40
jk*****maybe is ubuntu software a limited archive or all supported apps for ubuntu?19:40
leftyfbjk: Zero linux distributions have every single linux application available in their repository19:41
jkleftyfb excuse me i don't know what means "Zero linux distributions" explain that easily my english is so bad to write and often in reading19:44
leftyfb!it | jk19:44
ubottujk: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi «/join #ubuntu-it» senza virgolette)19:44
jknone answer me there19:45
jkjust asked to explain that sentence easier19:45
leftyfbjk: you will not find every single linux application on ubuntu19:45
jkin ubuntu sotware do you mean?19:46
leftyfbjk: and if you aren't comfortable with a terminal, then I do not recommend installing anything that is not from the Ubuntu software store19:46
jkbut i remember when i was using LUBUNTU that there are two differents apps to install the various softwares19:46
leftyfbjk: there are multiple ways of installing applications, both GUI and in a terminal. I do not recommend you using any of them other than the Software Store since you are uncomfortable using a terminal19:47
jki don't remember their names, but one, the main one is like ubuntu software, after there is another download center to search every package, and other softwares that there aren't in main software center, maybe synaptic but i'm not sure of that19:48
jki found an apps called ONLY "Software" and not "ubuntu software", maybe do i just have to use it when can't find something in "ubuntu software"? for example by ubuntu software i can't find previous installed "Empathy" to remove it, instead it appears in "software" app19:55
leftyfbjk: I don't have any experience with the gnome-software application you are referring to I can't speak to that19:57
BCBis there a cmd to show which dovecot packages I have installed on Ubuntu 22.02?19:58
leftyfbBCB: apt list --installed dovecot*19:59
jkleftyfb and do u know whad does it means that has been told from elias_a few minutes ago bout "Universe repository"? it seemed to me the same thing i told you now about the two different apps "Ubuntu Software" and the other named just "Software"20:00
leftyfbit's not the same thing20:01
leftyfbjk: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-enable-universe-repository-in-ubuntu/#20:01
elias_aI'm going to bed now. Ciao a tutti!20:07
jkleftyfb ok thanks a lot for all, have a nice day OR evening OR afternoon:-)  ahahhaha i don't know where are u now :-)  here is evening20:09
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dw1on ubuntu 22.04 in seahorse > new key i dont have PGP Keys. how can i add support for PGP?21:34
leftyfbdw1: pick GPG21:41
BCBafter installing Ubuntu 22.02 my resolver is not resolving.  Any suggestions??22:26
lf5i kinda like using xubuntu22:32
spectacularhello, I have a fairly new laptop, only about 2 months old (MSI Raider GE76 HX 13V).  I put Ubuntu Studio on it - 23.04. It was working absolutely perfectly. Then, presumably because of a routine upgrade which gave it a different kernel (?) the audio from the internal speakers has completely stopped working. earphones plugged into the earphone jack, or via bluetooth, work perfectly. But nothing I try fixes this problem22:52
spectacularwith the speakers. Very frustrating since I remember this laptop had amazing sound! And it died just when I needed it, too!22:52
sarnoldspectacular: could you pastebin the output of dpkg -l 'linux*' | grep '^ii'22:54
sarnoldhttps://paste.debian.net/ will probably work22:54
spectacularsarnold, sure, one sec22:54
spectacularsarnold, https://pastebin.com/gM61Y23722:56
BCBFYI for some reason if you do a release-upgrade to Ubuntu 22.02 it breaks the resolver and you have to reset it manually.23:01
sarnoldspectacular: hrmn, it's not what I thought, and I can't spot any bugs that immediately look useful. I think run: ubuntu-bug linux  and fill out the forms, so the kernel team will have an idea that something is busted; and then, hopefully you can select a previous kernel from the grub menu at the next reboot. you should be able to see it if you hold down left shift when booting23:03
spectacularsarnold, I already tried other kernels and that didn't fix it... I think the upgrade did something to my drivers maybe? unless I no longer have the previous working kernel... what were we using 2 months ago and how would I get it?23:05
webchat91hello i need help23:08
sarnoldspectacular: ugh :( that's a bummer. the pull-lp-debs tool from the ubuntu-dev-tools package can help you pull down specific versions of kernel packages to install. It won't be fun.23:08
webchat91i need help in my ubuntu and usb23:12
webchat91why when i remove my usb ubuntu stop and i have to reboot my pc while plugin my usb23:13
leftyfbwebchat91: does your ubuntu boot without the usb plugged in?23:15
leftyfbBCB: there is no 22.02. And I've never had to "reset" the resolver23:19
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