StudioUser33i have a kernal question which may be stupid but here goes. im running ubuntu studio 22.04.3 LTS is is it possible to upgrade to the newest lowlatency kernal safely.01:40
EickmeyerStudioUser33: The newest lowlatency kernel in the repos, and you should have it if you've upgraded.01:43
StudioUser33see heres the thing im running 5.15 cause 5.19 has some kinda issue and i cant boot using it. but i was thinking if i could upgrade to 6 then maybe it would be ok01:45
StudioUser33i know lts isnt on 6 but if i couold use the 6month release cycle kernal then maybe that would be a route i could explore01:46
StudioUser33sorry the 9month01:47
StudioUser33like i said tho might be a stupid question but i was curious01:49
EickmeyerStudioUser33: linux-lowlatency-hwe should be in the repos.01:51
EickmeyerThat should get you 6.2.01:51
StudioUser33its been a while i just wanna make sure. so run sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency-hwe-6.201:57
StudioUser33thanks for ya help it was much appreciated01:58
spectacularhello, I have a fairly new laptop, only about 2 months old (MSI Raider GE76 HX 13V).  I put Ubuntu Studio on it - 23.04. It was working absolutely perfectly. Then, presumably because of a routine upgrade which gave it a different kernel (?) the audio from the internal speakers has completely stopped working. earphones plugged into the earphone jack, or via bluetooth, work perfectly. But nothing I try fixes this 22:46
spectacularproblem with the speakers. Very frustrating since I remember this laptop had amazing sound! And it died just when I needed it, too!22:46

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