xubuntu79iIs their any way to share my GPU with Virtualbox or VMWare workstation .... If anyone know than tell me ...12:36
pjotterHi everybody. This has me scatching my head for a while: There seems to be competing plugins in the panel that 'steal' each others indicator icons. Sometimes, indicators are missing, sometimes, they appear elsewhere on the panel. I can't make head nor tails of it. What's going on? Is is because I have to many competing panel plugins?18:54
diogenes_Vx15pjotter, what are "competing panel plugins"?19:00
pjotterSo, I have: Notification plugin, Status Tray Plugin, Indicator plugin, Status Notifier plugin on my panel. They seem to have overlapping or even competing functionality. Sometimes, icons appear in one plugin, then the next time in another, then suddenly they dissappear altogether. Also not all icons are working properly. Sometimes they show the wrong status or the icons won;t change at all.19:01
diogenes_Vx15pjotter, what XFCE version?19:02
pjotterNot sure if this is a known issue?19:02
diogenes_Vx15pjotter, on my 4.18 i only need Status Tray Plugin.19:05
diogenes_Vx15try leaving only that one and remove others.19:05
pjotterYeah, I might try to eliminate them and see if that helps. This is going to require a lot of logging off and on... brb19:06
diogenes_Vx15pjotter, wait19:06
diogenes_Vx15first of all make sure "session save" is disabled.19:07
diogenes_Vx15otherwise it might not help.19:07
pjotterOk, i'll check when logging off. Thanks!19:07
diogenes_Vx15no problem.19:07
pjotterYou do mean: "Save session for future logins checkbox" at log off?19:08
diogenes_Vx15yes and not only there.19:09
pjotterElsewhere too?19:09
diogenes_Vx15also look for it in settings editoe > xfce4-session19:09
diogenes_Vx15it's called SaveOnExit19:10
pjotterYes, both are disabled19:10
diogenes_Vx15also look in session and startup, it sould be disabled thre too.19:11
diogenes_Vx15if all is ok then you are good to go.19:11
pjotterYes, all are disabled.19:11
pjotterI'll remove the excess plugins and see what happens19:11
pjotterOk, all icons seem to be there for the moment. I will do some more testing to see if things are stable.19:19
diogenes_Vx15ok, so far so good.19:20
pjotterIs the "Status Notifier Plugin" somehow competing with "Status Tray Plugin"?19:21
pjotterI also have a "Indicator Plugin" that seems to be very similar to the other two.19:22
diogenes_Vx15pjotter, up until 4.14 (afaik) there used to be a few status notifiers plugins, starting with 4.16 they unified all of those into one singe plugin Status Tray Plugin.19:24
pjotterOk, so i'll be just using that one to avoid problems.19:25
pjotterI think by default both where installed. So, that is how the mess started, I think.19:26
diogenes_Vx15maybe in 4.16 it was like a transition verion, in 4.18 there is only one, at least on my system.19:27
pjotterI'll be testing this configuration from here on. If it holds, it's fine. Thanks for your help and response!19:27
diogenes_Vx15no problem, hope it's useful, take care!19:28
pjotterAlso I, just want to add: I recently upgraded the kernel from 6.2.0-26 to 6.2.0-31. This unfortunately disables the ability to mount cifs v1 shares. I had to manually upgrade to 6.2.1 to get it working again. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.19:30
diogenes_Vx15pjotter, doesn't Xubuntu 22.04 have 5.15 LTS kernel?19:35
pjotterI don't know. I just did a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and suggested upgrading to 6.2.0-3119:36
pjotterI think it originally came with "5.19.0-32.33~22.04.1", but with upgrades quickly upgraded to 6.2.0-26. 19:38
diogenes_Vx15and what this shows: cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 999919:38
pjotterIt gives: https://termbin.com/pqw719:40
diogenes_Vx15it still says that you are on 22.04.19:41
pjotterI see the system has upgraded to 22.04.3 even.19:42
pjotterYes, I read the 22.04.3 version was 'shipped' with kernel 6.219:45
diogenes_Vx15i just never do dist-upgrade only apt update && apt upgrade.19:47
pjotterI like to be on the cutting edge :)19:47
retr0ciao a tutti!21:57

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