Eickmeyerspectacular, sarnold: It's probably easier than that. Chances are the speaker volume is just down in aslamixer or qasmixer (qasmixer being the gui equivalent of alsamixer).00:41
sarnoldEickmeyer: that'd be very convenient if that's it00:42
spectacularEickmeyer, no, it's not... tried that00:43
EickmeyerIt was worth a shot.00:43
spectacularyeah I wish00:43
EickmeyerSometimes the problem can be found in pavucontrol too.00:43
sarnoldnod, that's my usual go-to "load pavucontrol and look around a bit"00:43
sarnoldI got focused on thinking of the kernel upgrade problems and the weird things that 6.2 kernels broke and forgot the basics00:44
spectacularok well here's what I see in pavucontrol... the sof-hda-dsp speakers + headphones sound bar is going as if it's producing sound. except it's not.00:44
EickmeyerBarring that, since it *is* Ubuntu Studio, one can also load patchance and see if anything is even connecting to the right device.00:44
spectacularEickmeyer, please explain patchance00:46
Eickmeyerspectacular: Patchance is basically a look at your computer's internal patchbay. It shows what your inputs are, what your outputs are, and anything that is producing sound or capable of receiving sound.00:47
spectacularin bright red at top of the patchance window, "JACK is not started!" in red00:47
spectacularand shows nothing on the brown background00:47
Eickmeyerspectacular: That isn't right. Sounds like you uninstalled pipewire.00:47
EickmeyerThat would explain a lot.00:47
sarnoldso confused :) 'patchance' sure sounds like a pulse thing, it presents a jack error message, and now you say that pipewire isn't there :)00:48
Eickmeyersarnold: ever hear of pipewire-jack?00:49
spectacularwould that explain why plugging in external earphones works, but the internal speakers don't?00:49
sarnoldEickmeyer: nope :)00:49
Eickmeyerspectacular: It would explain alot of things. I would recommend installing ubuntustudio-pipewire-config and then rebooting.00:49
* Eickmeyer designed the audio configuration in Ubuntu Studio 23.0400:50
spectacularthank you Eickmeyer I'm doing this right now :)00:50
spectacular"the following packages will be removed: pulseaudio"00:51
Eickmeyerspectacular: Yeah. pulseaudio isn't default in Ubuntu Studio 23.04.00:51
EickmeyerNot sure why you have it installed unless you need to bridge JACK (proper) to desktop applications.00:51
spectacularok i'm rebooting now... wish me luck... i'll be back in a minute or so00:51
spectacularEickmeyer, i'm back... no luck00:54
Eickmeyerspectacular: Ok, what's patchance got now?00:54
spectacularEickmeyer, ok, so, patchance does show stuff now, at least, unlike last time. so hopefully we're on the right track. ok. so it's showing on the left side, sof-hda-dsp capture, being fed into cinnamon input,00:55
spectacularhmm how can i pastebin a screenshot00:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:56
sarnoldoh nice, hah00:56
EickmeyerJust hits all the points at once. :)00:56
spectacularEickmeyer, sarnold, https://imgur.com/a/TWb2Pld00:59
Eickmeyerspectacular: I don't see anything playing back to your output.00:59
spectacularand Eickmeyer, yes, i have cinnamon as my desktop environment00:59
Eickmeyerspectacular: Did you install using Ubuntu Cinnamon or Ubuntu Studio?01:00
spectacularubuntu studio i believe01:00
spectaculari think so(?)01:00
spectacularyeah this is definitely ubuntu studio, i have all the audio and video stuff etc including stuff I've never used, tons of programs installed01:01
spectacularbut once it was installed I added cinnamon because I like it01:01
EickmeyerI see.01:01
spectacularok hold on i started some music playing, i'll send a new screenshot01:02
spectacularEickmeyer, https://imgur.com/a/TWb2Pld01:03
spectaculari have a youtube video playing but don't hear anything01:03
EickmeyerOk, so it's sending to the right output. Check alsamixer or qasmixer and make sure the output is up.01:03
spectacularEickmeyer, alsamixer shows: https://imgur.com/a/TWb2Pld01:05
sarnold*one* bar??01:06
Eickmeyerspectacular: That's not all it shows. Make sure you look at the entire sound card. F6.01:06
spectacularF6 has - (default) highlighted, and then has two more options, default:0 HDA NVidia, default:1 sof-hda-dsp01:07
EickmeyerYou want sof-hda-dsp.01:07
spectacularEickmeyer, https://imgur.com/a/KQ5Mw4801:09
sarnoldMM on headphones, is that intentional?01:10
spectaculari don't have any headphones plugged in at the moment?01:10
spectacularbut not particularly intentional no01:10
sarnoldI haven't got a clue what the CAPTURE columns mean, hopefully Eickmeyer knows what those do :)01:10
Eickmeyerspectacular: Plug in headphones and unplug them.01:10
Eickmeyersarnold: capture is inputs.01:11
spectacularwhen i plugged in the headphones, i heard music coming from them,, unplugged, no change01:12
spectacularoh, and I see the "headphones" change to 00 when I plug them in, and "Speaker" changing to MM.  Changes back when I unplug them.01:13
EickmeyerClose alsamixer and open qasmixer, click on hw and click on sof-hda-dsp.01:13
EickmeyerI want to see that screenshot.01:13
Eickmeyer(might be easier to navigate, too)01:13
spectacularEickmeyer, https://imgur.com/a/e1vVnLI01:15
EickmeyerShow me pavucontrol.01:16
spectacularEickmeyer, this part? https://imgur.com/a/e1vVnLI ? or?01:18
EickmeyerNo, I meant PulseAudio Volume Control. Despite the name, it still works with PipeWire.01:18
spectacularthis was pavucontrol-qt01:19
EickmeyerOh, sorry. Hang on, didn't scroll.01:19
spectacularthat was pavucontrol... not showing much though. unsure if you wanted a different tab01:20
EickmeyerI don't see a pavucontrol-qt screenshot?01:20
spectacularsorry, posted the older link lol01:20
EickmeyerI want to see the outputs.01:20
spectaculark one sec01:20
spectacularEickmeyer, https://imgur.com/a/VAXyyAH01:21
EickmeyerAnd in Configuration?01:22
spectacularEickmeyer, https://imgur.com/a/yepeJNq01:23
Eickmeyerspectacular: What other profiles are there?01:24
spectacularthat one, and Pro Audio01:24
EickmeyerWhat happens if you switch to Pro Audio?01:25
spectacularEickmeyer, still no sound.  https://imgur.com/a/3rN7Xwu01:27
Eickmeyerspectacular: The audio coming from Chrome seems to be very little, if any, to begin with.01:27
sarnolddoes that little blue sliver on the left side of the google chrome bar mean that eg the youtube volume slider is way down:01:27
Eickmeyersarnold: That means that when it was captured there was very little if any sound from the app.01:28
Eickmeyersarnold: But wouldnt' explain why there would be sound when headphones are plugged in.01:29
spectacularEickmeyer, i have the youtube player's volume low because my wife's sleeping in the room beside me... we're on vacation in a one-room airbnb... but i just turned it higher to test. no change. https://imgur.com/a/3rN7Xwu01:29
spectacularEickmeyer, sarnold btw if i have that set to pro audio instead of "play Hifi quality music", I get no sound from earphones when they're plugged in either.01:32
spectacularIf I switch back to "play hifi..." I get music from earphones again. still not from speakers though.01:33
Eickmeyerspectacular: Unfortunately, I'm out of ideas. Since you don't have a decent environment to test in, and you don't have the default desktop environment installed (therefore, unsupported from my perspective), I don't know what to tell you. I'd say it's a hardware problem since I have multiple machines here running Ubuntu Studio 23.04 with that01:34
Eickmeyerconfiguration just fine and even the upcoming 23.10 too.01:34
Eickmeyerspectacular: If you want Ubuntu Studio but the Cinnamon DE, I'd suggest using Ubuntu Cinnamon and then using this.01:34
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-installer | spectacular01:35
ubottuspectacular: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, and/or add the !ubuntustudio-backports PPA. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/01:35
sarnoldit certainly couldn't hurt to inspect all the wires and buttons on the soundbar etc in the light of the day01:35
spectacularit's a laptop01:36
spectacularand i can switch back to the default DE, i didn't remove01:36
EickmeyerYou could try that, but if you want Cinnamon, my point still stands as that's what Ubuntu Studio Installer is designed for.01:37
sarnoldhmm, laptop? I've been thinking desktop this whole time, what with all those ports, and a mention of a soundbar somewhere..01:37
sarnoldlaptops often have little buttons on them that mute radios or speakers or whatever and they completely wreck your day if you don't know they are there01:37
Eickmeyersarnold: All those ports happen as a result of a mere HDMI port.01:37
sarnoldcheck around the numbers or f-keys to see if you've got any little hieroglyphs that suggest muting something, and hit that :) -- maybe it requires holding down an Fn key01:37
spectacularlol i know the mute button01:38
sarnoldEickmeyer: can I please have SVGA port and 1/8"01:38
Eickmeyersarnold: XD01:38
spectaculari can switch out of cinnamon and see. even uninstall it if you suspect that's where the problem's coming from01:39
sarnoldthe trouble is, installing a desktop tends to bring along dozens or hundreds of other packages, and they don't always uninstall cleanly :/01:40
EickmeyerIt's just a thought, but I do know that it can introduce an unknown if installed after-the-fact.01:40
spectacularhi, I'm back, in Plasma now01:44
spectacularand still same issue01:44
sarnoldthe trouble is, installing a desktop tends to bring along dozens or hundreds of other packages, and they don't always uninstall cleanly :/01:44
EickmeyerI've got nothing, so I suspect a hardware issue, tbh.01:44
spectacularunderstood... but lemme just say - it was also working perfectly, in Cinnamon, until very recently01:45
EickmeyerYou're traveling, right?01:45
EickmeyerAir travel?01:45
sarnoldryan-air style landing or ...01:45
spectacularhaha lol nah it was pretty smooth01:46
EickmeyerSecurity checkpoint. No matter how careful you tend to be, it *will* get jostled around there.01:46
sarnoldspectacular: can you grab a live CD image of mint or debian or windows and try booting into that? that way you could take ubuntu out of the equation entirely01:54
spectacularthat's a great idea01:54
sarnold(at least I'm 90% sure mint kernels are independant of ubuntu kernels)01:54
Eickmeyersarnold: My knowledge on mint is about a decade old, but more or less independent.01:54
sarnoldI've never tried it myself, but I've seen more than one irc user trying to get mint help on irc and it's a kernel problem and their kernels are just vastly different from ubuntu kernels..01:55
spectacularI'll try that in the morning when I can get a usb stick... or when I return home tomorrow night. thanks so much sarnold  and Eickmeyer for trying so hard to help me... and... now I'm worried if it is a hardware problem... I guess the laptop's under warranty but yikes... plus, they don't like it when you take off their windoze and put on another OS01:55
sarnoldI made a disk image of my windows install before getting linux installed, on my most recent machine01:56
Eickmeyerspectacular: Yeah, if you can backup and restore it to factory, that might be best before taking it in for service if it is indeed hardware.01:56
spectacularok... so... thanks... i'll be back here in a day or so I guess to update you01:57
sarnoldgood luck :D01:58
spectacularthank you so much01:59
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MohaAfter a recent update, while the file `/etc/resolv.conf` is there, but when I use cat to see its content, I get this error: No such file for directory04:45
mybalzitchll /etc/resolv.conf04:52
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Mohamybalzitch: It's linked to a file somewher in `/run`05:13
Mohaeven for `/run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolve.conf`I get: no such file or directory05:16
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PlantChickenHi I have an old as Thinkpad t400s laptop i want to revive for just basic things, what would be the best ubuntu to put on it?07:05
alkisgPlantChicken: CPU/RAM? Is it P9600 and 2 GB?07:26
PlantChickenp9600 4gb07:27
alkisgEh, any Ubuntu 22.04 flavor would do, although it's a weak CPU, but good enough for youtube :)07:28
xanguaXubuntu PlantChicken, if you want to go lighter Lubuntu07:35
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Yakovif use 'locate cmake' how to filter its ouput  it by key "opencv"07:58
Guest2041hey guys i need some help with matlab on ubuntu09:04
Guest2041so my problem is im trying to install the computer vision toolbox and, the toolbox installs however when i execute scripts it cant find it09:05
Guest2041should i do afresh reinstall09:06
v9fkGuest2041: mostly path issue. find way to let matlab where to find the toolbox09:07
v9fkwhat errors do you get?09:07
Guest2041but i used the addon gui to download the toolbox09:07
Guest2041When I run 'ver', it does not show the toolbox in the list. However when I go to 'manage toolbox', it shows it is there09:09
Guest2041its ok ive fixed it09:12
Guest2041turns out it was a path issue @v9fk09:12
Guest2041thanks guys :)09:12
Guest2041damn linux09:13
Guest2041i only need this for one university subject09:13
Guest2041why is it so difficult?09:13
Guest2041anyways bye09:15
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ice9I installed DrawIO from snap but it's showing chars like that: https://www.imgpaste.net/image/KpBMrS11:36
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 368 in jgraph/drawio-desktop "Unintelligible characters in Draw.io snap package on Fedora 32" [Open]11:38
BluesKajHi all13:00
akikis ubiquity on life support? the bug i reported has no activity for two weeks13:20
otcctest conn13:50
jhutchinsakik: How rapidly do large manufacturers typically respond to your bug reports?14:08
akikjhutchins: i've got responses from fedora, systemd and dante socks proxy in some days14:16
Cocopuff2018how do i install ubuntu for my pc14:22
TeduardoHi I am trying to do a network installation of Ubuntu 22.04 server on a Dell R660xs. Every time it boots using ipxe it tries to download the files it needs to do the installation before DHCP has time to give the server an IP address. Then it fails to busybox14:31
TeduardoDoes anyone know of a kernel argument that I can pass to it to tell it to wait like 10 seconds before trying to download the iso?14:32
loswedsededIm looking for a command to show core(s) temperature and its evolution14:40
loswedsededmaybe a graphic?14:40
jhutchins!install Cocopuff201815:00
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate15:00
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azubishello everyone17:23
lotuspsychjewelcome azubis17:26
azubisThank you lotuspsychje17:35
morgan-u2the discord page in FF does not "really" have a link fo "open discord in your browser". -  open discord.com and look at that link-place. It gets a mouseover pointing finger (as if there is a link) but l-click does nothing, and r-click does not give any link info (gives the text submenu). -- Bahhh! I wanted to switch to FF but. - Doscord as an app gives problems and discord in chrome is seamless.18:00
morgan-u2I have 22.04 up to date on some acer box, old.18:01
morgan-u2please use my nick if you care to answer me.18:11
leftyfbmorgan-u2: works fine for me18:12
morgan-u2installing but I "LIKE" being able to have 2 tabls, one current, the other in older messages.18:16
leftyfbmorgan-u2: I'm not sure what your last message is about18:16
EickmeyerDiscord isn't supported here.18:17
arnold_hello :)18:17
arnold_I want to learn something about linux in geenral what i think will be useful for me. I have program which almost crashed. And it's stuck- window is opened but it doesnt load and there is no more to say- it's stuck. How to find this process in htop and kill it?18:20
mosfethard to say without looking at the code18:20
mosfetcan look at ps to see what's currently running18:21
arnold_when I type ps i get two lines- bash and ps18:21
morgan-u2This may help. I kill chrome with --  killall -9 chrome18:21
morgan-u2you dont need a process number.18:22
mosfetcan use xkill, anything you click in desktop enviornment will kill18:22
arnold_haha, ok, I'll just confess :D I wanted to launch Lego digital designer in wine :D18:22
morgan-u2thanks mosfet.18:22
morgan-u2<-- deliberately ignorant of wine.18:22
arnold_but the case is- should I look by the name lego or by the name 'wine' ?18:22
leftyfbarnold_: reboot18:22
morgan-u2well try mine first. you can always reboot.18:23
mosfetif you're running it in a wine instance, you can SIGTERM your wineserv in htop18:23
mosfetf3 wine, f9 enter18:23
leftyfbmorgan-u2: you don't need -9 with killall18:23
morgan-u2(lifts eyebrow and) listens18:23
arnold_wow, xkill method worked like a charm18:23
mosfetyeah xkill is great18:24
mosfetjust be careful, misclicks will wreck x11 lol18:24
morgan-u2leftyfb,  good toknow and it works. better than chrome. chrome has issues. I have 8g ram.18:24
morgan-u2dies with 16 tabs.18:25
arnold_ok, but how I can find in htop something that I know the name of?18:25
arnold_ok- don;t bother, I just tried f4 which filters by name18:26
arnold_mosfet thanks for the help, and generally everybody that looked into this. Have a good rest of the day18:27
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loswedsededis there any smartphone OS you would recommend, you being the ubuntu channel?18:35
leftyfb!ot | loswedseded18:35
ubottuloswedseded: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:35
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drzacekhello there19:20
drzacekI have some audio issues on my system. In general - it works. But, 1) outputs are not automatically switched when headphones are being plugged/unplugged 2) the volume function keys on my keyboard are not changing anything, nor they seem to be changing same values as the Tray Mixer. 3) the volume control is bs, 0-75% nothing to barely noticeable, 75-100 "yeah this is the full range, up to the LOUD MAX!"19:23
drzacekI know audio on linux always have been a troublesome issue, but I thought in 2023 we got some bare minimum working?19:24
peirikWhere can I see the software reviews that are referred to in snap-store? For instance, it says that openshot-community has a rating of 2.7 stars based on 624 reviews total. I'd like to read some of those reviews.22:16
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Beladonacan anyone hear me?22:31
BeladonaOk there is a trouble with irc22:31
nshirelaptophow would I go about completely disabling my internal BT adapter at boot?22:32
Beladonanshirelaptop do you see my chat?22:32
nshirelaptopabout there being a trouble with irc?22:32
Beladonazfs question https://pastebin.mozilla.org/cjSZuCT5  I got new device ada3. So should this be ok? `zpool replace big-drive 11657859392232373951 /dev/ada3.eli`22:32
nshirelaptopprobably better to ask in #zfs22:33
nshirelaptopzfs is kinda specialized so not everyone in this channel will know much about it22:33
neoclustHello, when packaging, how to use dh $@ --buildsystem= when using pyproject.toml files ?23:05
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