koowgnojeelI'm looking for full Ubuntu release history. (since 3.10 or 2.x) Does anyone know where I could find it (date) please ?00:02
koowgnojeelNever mind, thanks.00:06
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niroxUbuntu 22.04 netplan question. I have two interfaces, ens192 with public IP and ens224 with IP. im using "routes to on-link: true" on ens224, but it does not add this route and im unable to ping two machines with same config. But if i do "ip route add dev ens224" i get correct route and stuff works. I do not have a GW/router on
niroxI have also tried "scope: link" on ens224. But "ip route" does not show any other route then default to public router07:26
lotuspsychjemaybe try the #ubuntu-server channel for netplan deeper investigation nirox07:28
niroxThanx, i will try over there07:30
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xevahi dedik amk mlları10:55
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tribaalhi all. My ubuntu membership expired while on vacation. How can I reactivate it?11:16
tribaal(launchpad membership to ~ubuntu-members if that wasn't clear)11:17
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember11:19
gebbionehi, i have been using ~/.bash_profile to load env variables when running a terminal but it looks like things have changed because these variables are not loaded anymore. I assume now ~/.profile is loaded when i open a shell? can someone tell me what would be the best approach ?11:21
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tribaallotuspsychje: yes, I went through that years ago - but couldn't press the renewal button in time this time (vacation). Should I understand that I should reapply from scratch?11:22
TerminalVI updated Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, restarted.. and now I get this: https://i.ibb.co/LCN7HPc/Screenshot.png11:23
TerminalVWhat's the go with that?11:23
gebbioneTerminalV, have you googled the error?11:25
TerminalVgebbione which error?11:26
TerminalVI'm not actually sure if Ubuntu has restarted yet because I went to refill my water bottle and when I came back, I saw that. But, the reason I went to fill up my water bottle is because Ubuntu was having a hard time shutting down, waiting for processes. The last one left that is was waiting for was 'Xorg'.11:30
TerminalVIt looks like Linux is still waiting for things. I can see "kernel_restart_prepare".11:31
TerminalVI can also see "systemd-shutdow".11:32
TerminalVIs there a way I can interface with Linux at this stage through a break command or something?11:33
geirhagebbione: I'd stick with .profile, just make sure to use only (POSIX) sh syntax.11:43
geirhaWhen you log in graphically, it will also source .profile, so your environment variables will be available in the graphical session11:44
gebbionebut if i use a shell shouldnt .bash_profile load too?11:44
gebbionei need them in a shell not for the UX11:45
geirhabash only loads .bash_profile or .profile when started in login mode (bash -l)11:45
JanCTerminalV: looks like it didn't restart yet indeed11:46
geirhayou get bash in login mode when you log in at the virtual console (ctrl+alt+f2) and ssh, to mention the perhaps most common cases.11:46
geirhaOpening a terminal emulator like gnome-terminal or xterm will by default not start bash in login mode, so it will only load .bashrc11:46
gebbioneis it bad to source the profile files in bashrc?11:47
geirhayes, don't do that11:47
JanCTerminalV: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key might be useful...11:47
geirha.profile or .bash_profile should source .bashrc. Not the other way around11:47
JanCif that doesn't work, just use the power button...11:47
gebbionegeirha, i read that on a stackoverflow but if i dont get the variables i need a strategy to have them when i spin up a terminal11:48
gebbionehaving to load them manually if not present is an overhead, maybe i missed something from your suggestion11:48
geirhaadd   export VAR=value   in ~/.profile   and it will be available next time you log in11:48
gebbionebut i need it in the terminal, you said that if i just open the gnome terminal .profile is not loaded?11:49
geirhaenvironment variables will be inherited11:49
geirhai.e. 1. you log in with gdm 2. gdm runs a shell script that sources .profile before running gnome-session, 3. gnome-session inherits the environment variables. 4. any program you run inside gnome-session inherits the environment variables, which will include gnome-terminal and bash11:51
TerminalVJanC thanks. I'll read that webpage now and report back. :)11:55
JanCTerminalV: https://blog.kember.net/posts/2008-04-reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart/ explains the parts you need a bit better maybe11:59
TerminalVJanC I will look at that soon.11:59
TerminalVJanC does this sound related to my needs perhaps? "Display all currently held Locks (CONFIG_LOCKDEP kernel option is required)"11:59
TerminalVJanC I think of locked processes, but it probably means something else.12:00
JanCwhat you want is most likely the whole REISUB12:00
gebbionegeirha, so use .profile but not .bash_profile?12:00
TerminalVJanC what about "Send the SIGTERM signal to all processes except init (PID 1)"?12:00
JanC(although the "U" should not really be needed, with modern filesystems in theory, it won't hurt either...)12:00
geirhagebbione: that's what I do, yes. Then you get the same env vars regardless of how you log in12:01
TerminalVJanC "Send the SIGKILL signal to all processes except init" sounds interesting.12:01
TerminalVWhat is PID 1? Linux?12:02
weedmicyou can do anything - once anyway12:02
JanCTerminalV: the init system (the main systemd process in this case)12:02
weedmicinit process owns PID 112:03
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weedmicpaging is PID 012:03
TerminalVweedmic thanks. :)12:04
TerminalVJanC thanks. :)12:04
JanCthe SysRq R E I S U B sequence is supposed to reboot a system as cleanly as possible12:04
TerminalVJanC I'm looking at "Shut off the system" and just playing it safe.12:04
TerminalVJanC that definition I understand 100%. :)12:05
JanCfirst stop all processes, sync all data to disks, unmount filesystems, reboot12:05
iomari891greetings, how can I write to the sysctl.conf file only if the item is not present already?12:08
TerminalVJanC okay. I will sync the file system now. So, I press 'Alt'+'Print Screen'+'s'?12:11
TerminalVJanC oh no, I have to stop all processes first...12:12
BluesKajHi all12:12
TerminalVJanC there is no option to kill all processes.12:12
TerminalVJanC how do stop all processes, sync all data to disks, unmount filesystems, reboot?12:13
JanCTerminalV: yes, but I would suggest to do the whole series (REISUB), because if there are still other processes running they might still be writing new data after you sync...12:13
TerminalVJanC okay, I will do it now.12:13
JanCso Alt+SysRq+R Alt+SysRq+E, etc.12:14
JanCiomari891: you mean you want a script to add something to it?12:14
TerminalVJanC I am confused, I can't find the command to do REISUB and I can't see individual commands to do them one by one. What do I have to do?12:14
JanCyou have to type those combinations one after the other12:15
iomari891JanC: No I can write script to do this. I was hoping there was a way for sysctl to check first before writing12:15
TerminalVJanC you said "etc". What is the rest of them that I need to do?12:16
TerminalVJanC are the letters case sensitive? I see a lower case R but not an upper case R.12:17
TerminalVJanC the lower case R description is "Switch the keyboard from raw mode, used by programs such as X11 and SVGAlib, to XLATE mode". That doesn't sound like stopping all processes.12:18
JanCyou don't need the shift key12:18
JanCthe "r" might not be needed, but it won't hurt either; "e" & "i" stop all processes12:19
JanC("e" asks processes to stop, giving them a chance to do it cleanly, "i" forces them to stop if "e" didn't work for them)12:22
TerminalVSo, when I try to use a SysRq, I am told it is disabled.12:22
TerminalVJanC I was referring to the Wikipedia page re. upper and lower card. :)12:23
TerminalVJanC yep. First I tried to ask them to terminate, then I asked them to kill, but it won't let me.12:23
JanCdoes it say that with all of them?  if so, the power button will be your only choice...12:23
TerminalVJanC that was my next choice. :)12:25
TerminalVJanC can I send a ACPI shutdown call (Ubuntu is running in a virtual machine)?12:26
JanCyou can certainly try that12:26
TerminalVJanC can I try the shut down SysRq first out of curiosity? :)12:27
JanCyou can try, but I looked & it seems like Ubuntu disables it by default nowadays (probably because any user with access to a machine's keyboard can crash, shut down or reboot it otherwise...)12:30
TerminalVJanC yes.12:31
TerminalVJanC it accepted SysRq power off.12:31
TerminalVJanC but isn't actually powering off. lol12:31
TerminalVI'll give it time.12:32
JanCit should turn off immediately12:32
JanCjust shut down the virtual machine & reboot it12:33
TerminalVJanC it didn't, but following this article restarted it: https://blog.kember.net/posts/2008-04-reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart/12:33
TerminalVJanC I am now booting. :)12:33
JanCah, okay12:33
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TerminalVJanC I need to finish reading that webpage, check my system. Then I'll be back to debrief. :)12:34
TerminalVCan anyone give me a simple example of what XLATE mode is?12:36
TerminalVPlease :)12:36
TerminalVJanC I see. Thanks.12:39
TerminalVJanC I did see that search result on Google, but you sound more trustworthy. :)12:40
TerminalVThanks JanC. Everything is fine after rebooting.12:42
TerminalVJanC I will remember you. Take care. :)12:42
ReventlovIs it possible to configure netplan to tell network manager to set up an interface, but not execute any dhcp{4,6} on it, nor configure automatically configured ipv4 ? (just set it up and that's it) ?13:09
weedmicI haven't seen anyone use netplan since about 1998 - and that was me - :o13:10
Reventlovubuntu server uses netplan, tho13:11
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mbeierlReventlov, just put dhcp4: false dhcp6: false (in proper indentation) under the iface name in netplan15:11
Reventlovlet me check, thanks15:14
pickanickHow different are Ubuntu Server and Desktop? (besides a desktop environment)  Is Server + the packages of Desktop = Desktop? Or are there many defaults that are different?16:33
leftyfbpickanick: there are some differences, but not much16:34
raubpickanick: I want to say while you are pushed to use the entire disk on desktop, you can partition it so you do not use the entire drive in the server. Or so I remember(!)16:46
Niclos98Hello  All, I tried to join the second Domain for Ubuntu 22.04  and its not able to join the second domain by using this command "# realm join --user=ments.ldap domain2.com" and the output is --> realm: couldn't join realm: Already joined to another domain: domain1.com16:49
leftyfbraub: the desktop doesn't force you to use the entire disk. It allows for custom partitioning and sizes16:49
leftyfbNiclos98: again, your question belongs in #ubuntu-server where others have tried to help you16:49
Niclos98leftyfb: I posted on the #ubuntu-server yesterday and I'm still waiting,  I just post here if someone helps me here too.16:54
leftyfbNiclos98: please wait in #ubuntu-server16:54
raubleftyfb: then it is a combination of partition + lvm (and maybe encryption) that makes it want to do an all or nothing17:00
pickanickCan I install Ubuntu so that just the startup portion say /boot/EFI is on one drive and the rest of the OS is on another, faster drive?17:21
pickanickWill the live CD's installer let me do that?17:21
pickanick I mean, the live .iso image17:23
midhunwhat is a.out when i compile a c program in ubuntu17:39
elias_aNow this is something...17:41
scottpediamidhun: it's the compiled executable?17:42
midhun@scottpedia .. thanks for the answer .can you give me reference on understanding it further ..like how it is different from exe ..What happens when i run ./a.out .. i will be much greatful to you ...thanks a lot for your response17:45
scottpediamidhun: okay so you know the difference between source code and executable right?17:46
scottpediathat C is a compiled language17:47
midhunyes source code are readble but executables are not understandable by humans @scottpedia17:47
leftyfbmidhun: it's because you didn't specify an output filename for your compiled binary using -0 <filename>17:47
scottpediato run something you have to compile the source code into executable of the desired platform17:47
midhunam i in the right track @scottpedia17:47
worst__I'm trying to run NextCloud via the snap that it installed. I moved the data directory and now apparmor is blocking everything.. is there a way to get apparmor to generate a new profile for nextcloud?17:48
scottpediayeah you are right17:48
leftyfbmidhun: https://stackoverflow.com/a/4190020617:48
scottpediabut the point is C source code cannot be run as programs17:48
leftyfbworst__: don't move the data directory. Maybe use a mount or bind mount if you need it located elsewhere17:48
worst__well I moved it to a mount..17:49
scottpediamidhun: bro i've got time atm but i highly recommend you take some introductory computer science17:49
leftyfbworst__: mount over the default data directory location17:49
scottpediathings are highly self-explanatory in there17:49
worst__ok.. then .. I'm not linux savy enough to really get what you mean17:49
midhun@leftyfb thanks ... but interested in known in more depth ...17:49
worst__hrm.. I want to avoid that because I'd like to use the mount for more than just nextcloud17:49
worst__is that unavoidable?17:50
leftyfbmidhun: then /join $gcc17:50
leftyfbworst__: then you can use bind mounts17:50
midhun@lftyfb thanks for the suggestion .. will definitely do so ..thanks a lot17:50
worst__TIL about bind mounts.. ok I'll go try that leftyfb , thanks17:51
leftyfbworst__: if you have a mount in say /media/bigdrive/ with folders like "movies" and "nextcloud" on it. Then keep it mounted to /media/bigdrive and bind mount /media/bigdrive/nextcloud to /path/to/nextcloud/default/data/dir/17:51
midhun@scottepeid ..thanks can you suggest some good basic level platform in courseera or udemy to understand it in very simple ways ... any way great respect for you @scottpedia17:51
worst__leftyfb, yea, i follow. gonna try that now17:52
worst__can I fstab bind mounts?17:52
leftyfbmidhun: https://rc.byu.edu/documentation/unix-tutorial/unix8.php17:52
scottpediamidhun: https://archive.org/search?query=introduction+to+c+programming+language17:52
leftyfbmidhun: or that  ^17:52
midhun@leftyfb  .. you guys are awesome ...thanks thanks .. will just read those books ... if any where i get stuck i shall shoot my doubt here ...hope you guys will be there to help this soul thanks a lot for sharing this knowlege and caring the welfare of humanity17:58
midhun@scottpedia too17:58
scottpediamidhun: you are very welcome man17:59
leftyfbmidhun: for help with gcc and compiling, you are better off asking in #gcc. Unless you know the issue is specific to the Ubuntu distribution17:59
scottpediaanytime, anywhere(with an internet connection) midhun17:59
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spectacularEickmeyer, hello again. I'm back home. (Queens, NY)... so, you wouldn't believe this.  I became convinced that it was a hardware issue. In fact, I still had windows on the machine, grub letting me switch back and forth, and after we finished chatting the other night I booted into Windows, which I hadn't done in ages because I never use windows, but, there, too, same issue -- no sound, try what I might. I was resigned that19:20
spectacularit was a hardware thing and I'd need to return the laptop.  And then, about 12 hours later, I was back in ubuntu doing other stuff, I don't remember exactly what, and the sound just started working again, just like that! And to be clear, I'd been back in ubuntu since trying windows, still with no change. So I really, really don't know what instigated the sound to just come back19:20
spectacularStill think it might be a hardware issue and am worried that since I don't know what caused it, it could happen again and I won't know what to do about it19:20
Eickmeyerspectacular: Hi! Sounds like a RMA issue for sure, sadly.19:21
EickmeyerReturn to Manufacturer Authorization19:21
EickmeyerAka Warranty19:21
spectacularEickmeyer, one clue, though19:30
spectacularlooking at patchance19:31
spectacularthe times that it wasn't working, it looks like sound was flowing through some kind of monitor and/or through a midi thing? (which, I don't have)19:31
spectacularand when it finally was working the next day, just a simple flow from firefox to playback?19:31
spectacularor am I misreading?19:31
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spectacularEickmeyer, maybe total coincidence or irrelevant19:36
Eickmeyerspectacular: irrelevant, unfortunately. Monitor just lets you listen to the input to a sound sink, such as a speaker or another audio output you've directed sound to. Also, Patchance won't let you connect a waveform source to a digital MIDI sink.19:39
jhutchinsspectacular: If it happens again, check the mixer, see if it's redirected to a non-existant output.19:39
Eickmeyerjhutchins: Ongoing issue, it's hardware.19:39
Eickmeyerspectacular: And sorry, I had to step away momentarily, was dealing with some stuff.19:40
jhutchinsEickmeyer: Depending on the laptop, the sound system may be on a detachable module or card, which might be accessible by removing a reasonable number of access panels.19:44
spectacularEickmeyer, so, nothing from here tells us what went wrong... so, still probably a loose wire?  (I did not try banging the side of the computer to get it to work again lol... and it was before the flight back home. Really just after some time had passed.)19:44
jhutchinsThen there are the ones where you have to remove the keyboard to get at the hardware, which is all soldered in.19:44
spectacularjhutchins, we looked at the mixer extensively19:44
Eickmeyerjhutchins: sarnold and I were working with this on Sunday.19:44
jhutchinsCool, sorry I don't have continuity on it.19:44
spectacularjhutchins, also: this is an MSI Raider GE78 HX 13v (gaming laptop, running ubuntu studio 23.04)19:45
Eickmeyerspectacular: Anything from a loose wire to a few bad solder connections.19:45
spectacularand yet, it survived the flight home and so on19:47
spectacularstill working perfectly again19:47
EickmeyerSomething jostled it correct then, it seems rather spontaneous.19:48
EickmeyerDefinitely the mainboard though.19:48
spectacularone thing that *MAY* have happened - I can't be sure since I had lost hope so wasn't paying attention to the order of things happening and when it started working again:  I was trying to figure out my daughter's external audio mixer which she runs off her own laptop and seemed not to be noticed by cubase.  I tried plugging it into my own computer via usb, and it lit up, and then, I *probably* tried to select it via19:51
spectacularaudacity for a moment. Unplugged it shortly after because I didn't have any instruments on hand to test it out with anyway. But maybe that somehow changed something in the internal settings, seeing a usb soundcard attached and then detached19:51
spectacularor, maybe it scared the computer into behaving, thinking i was going to cheat on its internal soundcard with an external one19:52
Eickmeyerspectacular: Seems like a stretch. If anything, that would just select that external interface and then re-select the internal one and maybe give it a good ol' reset. Anything is possible.19:53
spectacularthe only other weird thing I notice is at the moment, both internal microphones seem to be extremely active... didn't even know this computer had two... I was skyping a little while ago with my folks so skype maybe triggered one, thus, unconsequential since like I said, the sound started working yesterday already19:56
spectacularhere's pavucontrol now:19:56
Eickmeyerspectacular: That's normal. Two microphones for stereo input.19:58
EickmeyerMine has that too.19:59
spectacularyeah. sorry. just grasping at straws here because I'm worried since I don't know what caused the problem, that it can happen again, and since I don't know what fixed it, I won't know what to do about it19:59
Eickmeyerspectacular: At this point, I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. If it happens again, you know we're here, and you know what *may* have fixed it, and you also know what it could be.20:00
spectacularEickmeyer, yes, definitely. Thank you!20:04
Eickmeyerspectacular: You're quite welcome. :)20:04
donnyexpressvpn went bonkers , dns leak test always points to united kingdon, AND network-lock does not work , thoughts? 22.04.320:08
mybalzitchcontact expressvpn support?20:10
donnywhy would i respond to some one with that kind of nic.20:11
Eickmeyerdonny: mybalzitch is right. We don't support expressvpn here.20:13
donnyI appreciate that - but those kinds of people dont belong on the net , thanks.20:13
mybalzitch"those people"20:14
EickmeyerThey're actually pretty helpful here, despite the name.20:14
donnyHomosexuals can only reproduce - Through/Molestation.20:14
jhutchinsOk, now THOSE kinds of people don't belong on IRC.20:15
EickmeyerAgreed. Just contacted network ops, that was next-level network rules violation.20:16
mybalzitchoh wow, that took a turn while I was getting my lunch off the stove20:16
mybalzitchEickmeyer: thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.20:17
Eickmeyermybalzitch: You're quite welcome.20:19
cbreakI've made good experiences with wireguard20:19
moonmoonEickmeyer: would suggest hitting up channel ops first in the future20:22
Eickmeyermoonmoon: I'm on the ops team and we have a network op on our team.20:23
moonmoonI'm aware of the latter; but we generally don't like doing network bans for things that channel bans can just as easily cover20:24
mybalzitchso attitude/stances like that are just fine in other large channels?20:25
moonmoonmybalzitch: no, it's more of network staff don't have the capacity to be the first line of defense. You can/should definitely tell us, and we may eventually take action, but if a user needs to be banned quickly then poking chanops is a better immediate course of action20:29
mybalzitchthats a much better way of wording that, thank you20:29
mybalzitchI understand that a lot better20:29
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kuckleheadI just installed ubuntu with zfs and my user is missing couple folders such as Desktop,Downloads,Documments, etc. I have gnome package installed and that's all I have. Am I missing a package? Here's the packages installed: http://ix.io/4F3521:10
donny27time to delete expressvpn - it went rogue - trust me.21:20
donny27have a good day21:20
donnyplease understand what i am saying, in 2015 , obama gave the permissions to the intel communities permission to farm the intel on american citizens to the united kingdon , its documented, as todays expressvpn , ann their traffic is now routed through united kingdom, no matter what zone i use, dns leaks points to united kingdom, this is not a mistake, tank you for your time.21:31
leftyfbCan we please put a ban on that guy?21:33
jeremy31leftyfb: anyone alert the ops?21:38
leftyfbI guess the problem is they keep leaving before they can get banned and they are using VPN(s) with a different ip every time they join21:39
kuckleheadSo if I want to use gnome i would just install the gnome package which should create Desktop,Downloads,Documents and Templates folkder22:06
myappieHello! Just wrote my first anti-Docker/Linux article: https://medium.com/@brucedandbattered/openbsd-vs-docker-and-linux-deploying-ruby-on-rails-in-production-320c90bcb93422:07
myappieCurious if I've written something that's not factual? Thanks!22:08
leftyfb!ot | myappie22:08
ubottumyappie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:08
polyexanyone know how i can read files off of a thumb drive that's formatted ufs by a freebsd box?22:45
donny77I investigated and spent money on top vpn's - just now, many vpn's updated - most traffic goes through Germany and the uk - you decide.22:55
donny77have a good day.22:55
tomreynpolyex: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/r-w-access-to-ufs-from-linux.80830/23:02
polyextomreyn ya i read and tried that. basically:23:03
polyexsudo mount -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/disk/by-id/dm-name-data-root ~/mnt mount: /home/me/mnt: unknown filesystem type 'ufs'.23:03
tomreynmodprobe ufs23:03
polyexsudo modprob ufs: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'ufs': Invalid argument23:04
tomreynhmm, works here, but i'm on debian. make sure you have no typo. which ubuntu release is this, which kernel version?23:06
tomreynlsb_release -ds && cat /proc/version23:06
scottpediatomreyn: why do you ban don@*?23:07
tomreynscottpedia: if you have questions on ops actions, please ask in #ubuntu-ops, thanks.23:07
scottpediai am just curious23:07
scottpediachill man tomreyn23:08
polyexi got pop os23:09
tomreynscottpedia: i'm chilled, and will remain so if we stay on topic here. ;)23:09
tomreynpolyex: thir support is elsewhere, i'm afraid23:09
polyexknow where?23:10
tomreyni think their website has a "support" section, i'm not sure there's irc support23:10
tomreynthey were on spotchat IRC, but that was just one server which was down last time i checked23:10
moronsmorons- whoever banned me is just that. liberal queer.23:19
polyextomreyn found it thx!23:26
dagis it network-manager that do UDP icmp pings every 10s?23:30
tomreynpolyex: you're welcome23:31
tomreyndag: it's either udp, or icmp, not both. ping echo request / response is the latter network protocol23:32
tomreyni mean "reply", not "response"23:32
dagim seeing output from tcpdump and its icmp udp23:33
dagtrying to figure out who generates this traffic23:33
A|ien-Evening all!23:34
daghelp me find the source of this traffic: https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/4317fcf9339c4859a902e7f0d828c8e523:35
dagtomreyn: am i misunderstanding the packet capture?23:39
A|ien-is there a way to backup entire system, like for like23:39
tomreyndag: i think so. i interpret it as this: thinkpad.lan is telling *SNIP*, using the ICMP protocol, that the given udp ports (on itself) are unreachable23:39
EickmeyerA|ien-: clonezilla does a good job.23:39
tomreynimaging is not backup, though23:40
EickmeyerTrue, but if you want a 100% image...23:40
A|ien-I would like keep all of my settings23:40
A|ien-Eickmeyer: can I use that on a live system?23:41
EickmeyerA|ien-: Are you trying to copy from one disk to another to upgrade or are you talking just incremental backup in general?23:41
plastikmanor create a tarball23:41
EickmeyerA|ien-: Depends. If you're doing a 1:1 image of a system, no.23:42
A|ien-Eickmeyer: I am just trying to backup on a separate HDD in case if there is a drive failure etc.23:42
EickmeyerA|ien-: Then Ubuntu Desktop, assuming that's what you're using, has a built-in tool called deja-dup which works pretty well for backing up your home folder and keeping your settings.23:42
A|ien-plastikman: tarball? is that an app?23:42
EickmeyerA|ien-: It should be pre-installed, assuming that's what you're using.23:43
A|ien-Eickmeyer: so to get this right, if I backup my home folder then all the settings will be saved?23:43
A|ien-Eickmeyer: yeah I am on Ubuntu 20.2023:43
EickmeyerA|ien-: 20.20 doesn't exist.23:43
Eickmeyer!yy.mm | A|ien-23:44
ubottuA|ien-: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle23:44
A|ien-lol one mo, let me check23:44
plastikmanA|ien-: if you are asking me if a tarball is an app, then you might not be ready for chroot and netboot :)23:44
A|ien-Eickmeyer: it's Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS23:44
Eickmeyerplastikman: Let's keep it simple, no command line apps.23:44
A|ien-plastikman: Thank you! :)23:45
EickmeyerA|ien-: Ok, then it's called Backups. All you need is to search your application overview for Backups and you're all set.23:45
EickmeyerA|ien-: It will keep your configs and everything.23:45
A|ien-can I use an external HDD?23:45
EickmeyerA|ien-: Absolutely.23:45
EickmeyerA|ien-: It's very easy to use.23:45
EickmeyerI use it to backup to a server I have set up in my living room.23:46
A|ien-bit more detail, I have created a script in the right click menu for gpg command23:46
A|ien-will it be saved? and the theme etc?23:46
dagtomreyn: you are right. found it it was the openvpn server trying to send UDP data (a while after i disconnected actually)23:47
EickmeyerAs long as it's in your user directory (/home/A|ien-, for example) then yes.23:47
dagtomreyn: there are actually two packets but tcpdump shows them as a single23:47
A|ien-Eickmeyer: oh cool23:47
A|ien-I am not interested in saving any data, which already on a separate HDD23:48
plastikmanI forget people use linux as a desktop and not just a server...23:48
plastikmani only care about configs in /etc :)23:48
A|ien-plastikman: lol Yeah it's my main daily driver23:48
dagtomreyn: sorry im stupid, tcpdump shows both packets if i sniff for both icmp and udp23:48
EickmeyerA|ien-: It also saves every recursive directory unless you exclude it.23:48
A|ien-Eickmeyer: oh ok23:49
tomreyndag: i'm glad i could help with your ubuntu networking issue.23:49
A|ien-Eickmeyer: let me give it a go23:49
EickmeyerA|ien-: For instance, if you have Steam set up, you might want to exclude that because that will eat GB's. :)23:49
plastikmanthis is a command line way to do it. this is likely more complicated than you want to get to.23:49
EickmeyerA|ien-: Have fun!23:49
dagtomreyn: yeah your writing helped me unclog my brain thanks23:50
plastikmanthat being seid, Eickmeyer is right for making it easy23:50
tomreyndag: you're welcome23:50
A|ien-Eickmeyer: Backup app shows, Folder to save (Home) would this be enough to capture all the settings?23:51
EickmeyerA|ien-: And then some. :)23:51
A|ien-Sweet :D23:51
plastikmanI would recomend that you test your backup tho....23:51
Eickmeyer^ Great advice.23:52
A|ien-Oh definitely will!23:52
plastikmanjust remember a backup is worthless if you cant use it23:52
A|ien-plastikman: agreed :)23:52
A|ien-once tested, plan is to upgrade Ubuntu to the latest version23:52
plastikmanunlike RHEL, i have never had a dist upgrade fail on me23:53
Eickmeyer^ Same23:53
plastikmanon deb flavors23:53
plastikmanbut like....backup is the way23:53
EickmeyerOf course, I have to upgrade early since I have to dogfood the dev stuff.23:53
A|ien-what's the difference between Arch and Ubuntu? might be a very noob question23:54
A|ien-loads of people talks about Arch but I have never tried it myself23:54
plastikmanprepare for the holy wars23:54
jeremy31A|ien-: arch has better wiki23:54
plastikmanIMHO Linux is Linux23:54
plastikmanits more about the package manager, the ecosystem, the configuration, etc.23:55
A|ien-jeremy31: thanks23:55
EickmeyerNot typically a question for this channel, but Arch = Rolling Release (always upgrades itself), Ubuntu = Stable, semi-yearly or biennial LTS releases23:55
A|ien-Eickmeyer: this helps a lot, ta23:55
A|ien-plastikman: make sense, cheers23:55
plastikmanto me, it comes to what i would run in produciton....23:56
plastikmanand i would never take Arch to producion23:56
plastikmanUbuntu, Debian, *EL  thats it for me23:56
A|ien-I am one of those guys, who are a Wiz for front end UI but when it comes to nitty gritty; I struggles a bit23:56
A|ien-plastikman: Production as in = Corporate world?23:57
plastikmanyes, i am a corporate guy23:57
A|ien-my dream is to be a SysAdmin one day23:57
plastikmanmy daily driver is windows.  my server produciton life is 100% linux, soon to be all Ubuntu moving from RHEL/Alma/CentOs23:58
EickmeyerLet's not veer too far off topic. This is definitely worthwhile discussion, but let's make sure we're keeping the focus of this channel narrowed to help/support.23:58
A|ien-Eickmeyer: apologies23:58
EickmeyerNo worries. :)23:58
EickmeyerI'd suggest either DMs or #ubuntu-offtopic. :)23:59
plastikmanim good on the DM's23:59
plastikmani can use another off-topic23:59
A|ien-Eickmeyer: Of course! thanks23:59
A|ien-how would I go about testing my backups though?23:59

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