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BluesKajHi all11:33
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iomari891greetings, is it possible to update kde gear to 23.08? I'm on kubuntu 23.04.12:35
BluesKajiomari891, there is no Kubuntu 23.08. The next release 23.10. If you have upgraded your 23.04 from default sources within the last week or so then your KDE desktop is probly up to date.12:40
diogenes_Vx15BluesKaj, it's not about the distro :)12:41
iomari891BluesKaj: no kubunut, kde gear.12:42
iomari891not Kubuntu, KDE GEar12:42
BluesKajI reckon #kde chat would be the place to ask iomari89112:44
iomari891BluesKaj: ok, thanks12:46

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