lubot[telegram] <teward001> eickmeyer: i have a meet with Phillip on Monday so00:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> give me moneys00:01
Eickmeyer*sigh* If you're going to Riga I'll buy you a coffee, @teward00101:02
wxlEickmeyer: you're only adding that to your live seed right?01:20
Eickmeyerwxl: I also had to fix a whole package that relies on polkit auth files.01:51
wxloh ew what was that?01:53
wxlso you were writing new style rules then?01:55
EickmeyerWell, it's technically an upstream package even though it started out as ubuntustudio-controls.01:56
EickmeyerThere's quite a few issues with doing that as it would affect multiple distros.01:57
EickmeyerI'd have to go through the whole upstream github issue process. While I do have direct commit access, I'd rather do a pull request because Len (the author) should do the approval. That said, I don't think it'll be a priority since 1) we don't seed it anymore since it conflicts with PipeWire, and 2) development has stalled.02:01
Eickmeyerwxl: Sadly, the official solution is probably not going to land in Ubiquity, which we're now using in Edubuntu and Studio. Kubuntu also uses Ubiquity, and Ubiquity is being sunsetted as soon as ubuntu-desktop-installer becomes more standard (and the Desktop team starts working with us a little more).02:18
lubot[matrix] <wxl> Sad indeed02:30
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