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zztoplessAfternoon all... Does anyone know what might cause the 'Dimensions', 'Width' and 'Height' columns (in details view) to be empty?03:15
zztoplessThe correct resolution does display in the details panel.03:17
zztoplessI swear I remember it working, could be wrong (at least since switching to 23.04)...03:29
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pickanickwhat is the keyboard shortcut for opening the hamburger menu and how do I find it in Shortcuts?08:58
pickanickWhat's the action called? Searching for hamburger does not find a match in Shortcuts08:59
weedmicdo you the hamburger key to the left of the HOST (right ctrl) button?09:15
mparilloI think on most keyboards, the hamburger key to the right of the ctrl key is equivalent to a right-click. I think the question was around the hamburger menu on (say) Dolphin or Falkon.10:25
weedmicthe hamburger button on my keyboard operates the hamburger icon in dolphin.  it is the button between the right fn and host (rt ctrl) on my keyboard.10:31
kirvesAxepickanick, try looking for a shortcut to "menu" and see which menushortcuts there are and see if some of them is the right menu :)11:53
kirvesAxecontext menu, menu bar...etc11:53
pickanickweedmic:  mparillo: yes I meant the menu icon on Firefox, Konversation, System Settings, System Monitor, Dolphin, Okular, ...11:59
pickanickI am unsuccessful at persuading Google to give up this secret.12:02
weedmicbut I told him where the button was - i should have posted a pic :(12:12
weedmicwhat is the real name for the "hamburger" menu icon/button?12:12
pickanickSystem Settings : Shortcuts only offers two shortcuts when i search for menu.12:24
pickanickkirvesAxe: yes, I tried that, but System Settings : Shortcuts only offers two shortcuts when i search for menu.12:25
BluesKajHi all12:34
pickanickAnyone use Anker A7726 bluetooth keyboard with Kubuntu? I can get it to pair but it seems KDE only allows for one keyboard layout at a time, and Alt-Tab on the Anker does not switch windows, none of the other modifier  involved keystrokes have a response.13:06
kirvesAxepickanick, so I guess there is non system-wide hotkey for that menu, you should check if firefox, konversation etc have their own hotkeys for it or not.14:09
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