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Yakovhow to make ubuntu standard screenshot using cmd?02:16
Yakovthe one which make screenshot with F11?02:17
Yakovi can do screen shot with F11 but it says Command 'gnome-screenshot' not found02:18
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guivercgnome-screenshot is a 'universe' package, so won't be default for 20.04 & later02:31
guivercsorry, correction in ^... won't be default to LATER THAN 20.0402:32
topcat001Yakov: I use scrot02:33
guiverchttps://releases.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntu-20.04.6-desktop-amd64.manifest  shows it was default to 20.04, you didn't mention release Yakov02:34
YakovI have Jammy Jellyfish (what a stupid impossible to remember long name :)02:42
Yakovgnome-screenshot -a does what I want :)02:42
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Guest7624Hey there!!02:44
guivercYakov, most people will call it 22.04, it's codename is jammy (jellyfish is optional)02:44
YakovI need to send something to copy buffer with xdotool or other tool, any advise?02:44
YakovI would say 22, but not sure what 04 stands for  :)02:44
Guest7624Can someone tell me what's this?02:45
PeGaSuSYakov: 22.04 = April 2022 (each stable version is released on April) :)02:51
YakovNinja turtles praising April O Neil :)02:52
YakovI remember now, spasibo02:52
lotuspsychjekeep it ontopic please Yakov02:52
Jacob78having cpp code and string "random text", I want to call some function (C or 3rd party lib or can be Ubuntu tool) | so it would be possilbe to push Ctrl+V to paste random text | Qt Clipboard lags, xdotool can do only paste | There are might be X11 or libevdev, vendors I already use in my project, but I could not find relevant sample. Please advise03:57
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Terminal-VHi. I want to use the same UFW rules for IPv4 for IPv6. Can I copy and paste the rules from my 'user.rules' file to my 'user6.rules' file and just changed the IPv4 IP addresses to IPv6 IP addresses?05:12
obiwan_how come my ethernet connection is limited to 100/mbps?05:15
Terminal-Vobiwan_ maybe because your network adapter or the device you are connected to can only do 100mbps.05:18
obiwan_Terminal-V: i don't think so because i connected the cable to my mac and i got 800+05:19
Terminal-Vobiwan_ are you getting 100mbps over a wired or wireless connection?05:20
obiwan_Terminal-V: I've only tried wired so far. But I only want to use wired because I will be using it as a NAS i think05:21
Terminal-Vobiwan_ what is the maximum network speed of the device you are connecting to when you only get 100mbps?05:22
obiwan_Terminal-V: well it used to be a windows machine and I got 800+ mbps as well.  Just when I turned it to ubuntu it slowed down.  Is it an issue with the OS or something else?05:23
Terminal-Vobiwan_ how were you connecting to it when it was a Windows machine... wired or wireless?05:24
obiwan_Terminal-V: wired05:24
Terminal-Vobiwan_ are you using the same devices to connect to each other, in the same way?05:25
obiwan_Terminal-V: yes everything the same, just the OS is diff05:25
Terminal-Vobiwan_ ok. Even the same cable(s)?05:25
obiwan_Terminal-V: yes05:26
Terminal-Vobiwan_ then I can't help you. Wait around.. someone who knows more about it will be here and will know.05:26
obiwan_Terminal-V: Ok thank you.05:26
Terminal-Vobiwan_ all good.05:27
Terminal-Vobiwan_ is your network port on your computer on the motherboard or on a card?05:28
obiwan_Terminal-V: I have no idea, it's just a laptop05:28
Terminal-Vobiwan_ did you change anything in the BIOS before installing Ubuntu or reset it to factory default?05:29
obiwan_Terminal-V: I am not sure, I just selected the erase disk and install option05:30
Terminal-Vobiwan_ do you require free and open source software right now? Or do you just want shit working?05:31
obiwan_Terminal-V: probably just shit working05:32
Terminal-Vobiwan_ sounds reasonable. There is an additional driver app in Ubuntu. Check it out. You may need drivers to use the full speed of your network interface and they may be available.05:33
obiwan_Terminal-V: what's the name?05:33
Terminal-Vobiwan_ of what?05:34
obiwan_Terminal-V: the driver app?05:35
Terminal-VTerminal its called Additional Drivers I think. It has a computer chip as an icon.05:35
Terminal-VI gotta go for lunch. Brb05:36
obiwan_Terminal-V: Ok, thanks for your help05:36
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katsumikougen_vnPlease help me06:30
Bashing-om!ask | katsumikougen_vn06:31
ubottukatsumikougen_vn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:31
katsumikougen_vnI've got a black screen every time I turn on my ASUS laptop after hibernation06:31
katsumikougen_vnHow do I fix that?06:35
weedmicsize of ram and size of swap - katsumikougen_vn06:39
katsumikougen_vnweedmic: https://paste.linux.chat/?a77c799c3bccd06a#BF93Rd4GbaGWrG7cmEK8Hgo661kr9RqUq9KGs8NfSYir06:40
oerhekssometimes ctrl alt F1 and afer a fex sec, ctrl alt f2 to get gui again.06:42
oerhekshybernate issues often come from nvidia drivers and/or wifi06:42
katsumikougen_vnoerheks: 1) What is "fex sec" 2) How do I fix06:43
oerheksafter a few sec(onds)06:43
oerheksi don't know any fix.06:43
weedmicI don't know if it is still true, but many years ago, you needed swap to match the amount of ram you had.  Simple enough to try by increasing your swap to match.  However, I don't general sleep machines.06:57
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YoGauMhello !08:05
Terminal-VHello. I am using Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. I would like to remove a repository in 'apt'. I have commented out most of the repositories in '/etc/apt/sources.list', but I don't know how to remove all of them. One one line, the ending is "main restricted". If I want to remove the restricted repository, do I just remove "restricted" from the line?08:29
oerheks sudo add-apt-repository --remove restricted08:31
oerheksmaybe some installed packages stay behind08:32
oerheks-- purge might be a help08:32
Terminal-Voerheks thanks. :) That command did the trick! :)08:36
oerhekshave fun!08:36
Terminal-Voerheks would 'apt autopurge' help?08:36
oerheksautoremove* ..08:37
Terminal-Voerheks I have one thing installed, from 'main'. :)08:37
oerheksthe use of --purge with that command would have removed packages too.08:37
Terminal-Voerheks sweet. I will reissue the command with the '--purge' parameter?08:38
Terminal-Voerheks I am worried it won't purge and exit once it see's the repository is already disabled.08:39
Terminal-Voerheks safe to try?08:39
oerhekstry apt autoremove first08:40
Terminal-Voerheks okay. '--purge' is invalid.08:40
Terminal-Voerheks apt is not fully documented, so not your fault. :)08:41
Terminal-Voerheks everything is good now. Thanks for your help! :)08:42
Terminal-Voerheks I'll be back later. Bye for now!08:42
josh_Hi there! How are you guys doing?08:45
josh_Does anyone wanna share their thoughts on Ubuntu 22.04?08:46
oerhekshi josh_ this is technical support only, join #ubuntu-discuss for that08:48
oerheksnot much going on there, atm08:48
josh_Glad to know. Well, I have an HP 14 4020 n and I am running Ubuntu 22.04, my mouse cursor randomly freezes. Any help?08:50
josh_Good morning. I have an issue with my hp 14 4020 n laptop running ubuntu 22.04, my mouse cursor randomly freezes.08:55
josh_Good morning. I have an issue with my hp 14 4020 n laptop running ubuntu 22.04, my mouse cursor randomly freezes09:03
Squatkong618Hi all, could anyone tell me the estimated time to activate the OpenPGP keys, and become an active member of ubuntu launchpad? Thank you10:05
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BluesKajHi all12:34
andreiis this discord12:36
Terminal-VHi everyone. I am using OpenVPN is static key mode and having trouble connecting using AES-256-CBC. When I try, the server log says something about an authenticate/decrypt packet error cipher final failed. Does anyone know what's going on?12:53
Terminal-VAnd, when I connect to default authentication in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, it works fine.12:53
Terminal-VI mean, when I connect with default cipher.12:54
Terminal-VThe server is running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I checked the available ciphers and AES-256-CBC is there.12:56
Terminal-VUbuntu Server 20.04 LTS12:56
oerheksaes-256-cbc is deprecated13:02
Terminal-Voerheks hi. No its not, its no under the depreciated list of available ciphers.13:04
Terminal-Voerheks its also the default negotiated cipher.13:05
oerheksyes it is.13:06
Terminal-Voerheks it is what?13:06
Terminal-Voerheks https://i.ibb.co/XFV99mz/Untitled.png13:08
weedmicandrei - no13:08
oerheks CBC is potentially vulnerable to padding attacks, such as POODLE. GCM is not.13:11
Terminal-Voerheks maybe, but that doesn't explain my problem. :)13:11
Terminal-Voerheks also, CBC can only be used is static key mode.13:12
tomreynTerminal-V: can you share the precise "something" the server log says when you connect? you're saying the remote (?) server runs ubuntu 20.04. what does the client / local server run?13:15
tomreynwhere "what" refers to OS and openvpn version, as well as supported cipher suites.13:15
Terminal-Vtomreyn I'm not going to bed. I've recently vowed I'll never let Linux keep me up all night again. Tomorrow I will provide comprehensive details, including server configuration.13:16
Terminal-VSee you all around. :)13:16
tomreyni assume that's s/not/now/, sweet dreams!13:16
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semlet's say i'm using ubuntu 23.04 on a laptop/tablet thing, and I want to turn the screen off by pushing the power button13:36
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semif I search things related to that on ddg, i get all kinds of information from 8 years ago that's probably useless at best13:36
semwhere to people look for modern information these days?13:36
semalso, good morning!13:37
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scottpediasem: it's such a rare name "ubuntu 23.04"13:37
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scottpediai've only heard of 22.0413:38
leftyfb!lunar | scottpedia13:38
ubottuscottpedia: Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) is the 38th release of Ubuntu and the current regular release – Download at https://ubuntu.com/download :: Release notes at https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/lunar-lobster-release-notes13:38
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scottpediaok interesting13:38
leftyfbsem: there's no GUI option for that. You might be able to capture the button press and write your own script to lock the machine13:38
scottpediai really haven't followed up on that recently13:38
scottpediais it an LTS leftyfb ?13:39
ravagehttps://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man5/logind.conf.5.html -> HandlePowerKey13:39
leftyfbscottpedia: no13:39
ravagemaybe that is useful?13:39
ravageor maybe https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lunar/man5/logind.conf.5.html . but i dont think a lot has changed13:40
leftyfbsem: https://superuser.com/a/152394013:40
scottpediacan you help me look up the EOL date for 23.04? leftyfb13:41
leftyfbscottpedia: type this into google.com "ubuntu 23.04 eol"13:41
scottpediaJan 2024???13:42
scottpediathat's short-lived13:42
ravageyou passed the reading test13:42
tomreyn!lts | scottpedia13:42
ubottuscottpedia: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Jammy (Jammy Jellyfish 22.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.13:42
semThanks :)13:42
ubottuUbuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle13:43
scottpediaso .04 means it's released in April13:44
semit's nice that linux gives you the tools to do all these custom things, but at the cost of making your system really complex :p13:44
tomreynhmm i was looking for the one wich says only even years are lts, but then that's not guaranteed.13:44
tomreynscottpedia: correct.13:44
tomreynat least at this position.13:45
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Beladona40which postgres version is supported in LTS?14:04
ravage!jammy postgres14:05
oerheks!info postgres jammy14:05
ubottuPackage postgres does not exist in jammy14:05
ravagei always forget it14:05
ravage!info postgresql jammy14:05
ubottupostgresql (14+238, jammy): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Built by postgresql-common. Size 4 kB / 70 kB14:05
Beladona40why not v15?14:05
leftyfb!latest | Beladona4014:06
ubottuBeladona40: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:06
oerheksbecause LTS14:06
oerheksno newer functions, only bugfixes14:06
ravagelunar has 15. but i would not recommend that as a server14:06
Beladona40freebsd has v15... debian has v15, why not ubuntu LTS? are the formar less table and less long term support than ubuntu LTS?14:06
Beladona40ravage lunar?14:07
leftyfbBeladona40: please seek support with freebsd and debian in their respective channels. This is for Ubuntu support14:07
Beladona40leftyfb I am comparing. Not asking for the other OS14:08
Beladona40leftyfb I am asking the reasons for v14 in UBUNTU14:08
leftyfbBeladona40: to answer your queston an even simpler way, Postgresql was released October 2022. Ubuntu 22.04 was released April 202214:08
Beladona40so no upgrades available in ubuntu lts?14:08
leftyfb!latest | Beladona4014:08
ubottuBeladona40: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:08
Beladona40ok , so no upgrades available in ubuntu lts?14:09
oerheksnope, or find a PPA. use at your own risk.14:09
leftyfbBeladona40: Postgresql in Ubuntu 22.04 is fully patches for all security updated and major bugs14:10
Beladona40not for apps upgraded versions?14:10
Beladona40so just to understand ubuntu LTS != debian stability / concept?14:14
oerhekshave fun!14:14
leftyfbBeladona40: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/2844814:15
leftyfbBeladona40: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianImportFreeze14:16
oerhekspostgreSQl itself says the same, but if you *need* v15, use their repo, again at your own risk, not supported by the community https://www.postgresql.org/download/linux/ubuntu/14:18
Beladona40so almost both ubunt LTS and debian are kind of equal in stability?14:20
oerheksUbuntu is always better, no?14:23
JPZoneHello I am trying to install python on a Ubuntu server and getting the following error. "dpkg: error processing package python3-setuptools (--configure):16:03
JPZone dependency problems - leaving unconfigured16:03
JPZoneProcessing triggers for man-db (2.9.1-1) ...16:03
JPZoneErrors were encountered while processing:16:03
JPZone python3.816:03
JPZone python316:03
JPZone61I am trying to install Python onto a Ubuntu server and getting the following error any ideas? https://dpaste.com/EVZTZNQLP16:05
rboxwhat do you mean "trying to install python"... python is always installed16:16
JPZone61rbox no its not did python --version and nothing pops up16:18
rboxwhat version of ubuntu16:18
JPZone61Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS16:21
rboxto run python you need to use the python3 command16:24
rboxto isntall the python compataiblity link you need to install the python-is-python3 package16:24
JPZone61But when i do "sudo apt-get install python3" it doesnt work...16:26
rboxa normal ubuntu install already has python16:26
rboxi dunno what you've done to break it16:26
JPZone61hmm got ubuntu, added docker and never touched python16:27
shadow255JPZone61: does python --version actually produce no output?16:28
JPZone61shadow255 i get bash: python: command not found16:29
shadow255JPZone61: how about /usr/bin/python3 --version16:29
JPZone61@shadow255 there is no directory16:30
shadow255JPZone61: surely there must be a /usr/bin directory; otherwise there would be massive problems16:32
JPZone61shadow255  oh there /usr/bin  just no python16:32
shadow255I specified python316:32
JPZone61sorry i mean there is no Python3 directory16:33
shadow255not a directory, just a file16:33
shadow255well it sounds like you have a mess that I can't help with16:33
JPZone61in /usr/bin there is nothing related to Python16:34
amir123Hi there16:37
elias_aJPZone61: What does python3 --version say?16:58
jhutchinsJPZone: Have you tried "locate python"?17:06
jhutchinsJPZone: Have you looked at your shel environment variables to see if there's a path for python?17:06
jhutchinsJPZone: It's usually set up off of the main executable path so that you can have multiple versions and just switch environments.17:07
jhutchinsJava does this too.17:07
RifftEI'm stuck with 20.04 for the time being, are there any gotchas to security updates compared to 22.04?17:44
ravagenot really. standard support ends in April 202517:45
RifftEJust wanted to know if there was any strings attached to using an older ubuntu rbox. Isn't ubuntu pro free for one user?17:46
ravage!pro | RifftE17:46
ubottuRifftE: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-pro-faq17:46
RifftEI'll give ubuntu pro a try. Thank you.17:50
Beladona90The space is there but maybe small /boot partition. how can I fix?18:19
rboxyou can try removing some old kernels18:21
Beladona90rbox what commadn?18:22
rboxyou use apt to remove packages...18:22
wearetheliferssudo apt list --installed18:22
Beladona90sudo apt purge  initrd.img-6.2.0-26-generic18:22
Beladona90E: Unable to locate package initrd.img-6.2.0-26-generic18:22
Beladona90E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'initrd.img-6.2.0-26-generic'18:22
wearetheliferscheck for installed kernels18:22
Beladona90wearethelifers how exactly. I am new at this18:24
wearethelifersjust open your terminal of choice then18:24
wearetheliferssudo apt list --installed18:24
Beladona90lista lot of things18:24
Beladona90fixed https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-18-04-remove-all-unused-old-kernels/18:27
Guest123412i have messed up my system, i cant start a new gui program18:33
wearethelifersexecute dmesg and check for any errors18:33
Guest123412ever the message 'symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQt5Core.so.5: undefined symbol: g_main_context_push_thread_default'18:34
rboxwhat did you do to get into this situation18:34
Beladona90fresh install. in vbox18:34
elapagonmessed up libpath? missing libs?18:35
rboxyou said you messed it up18:35
rboxit doesnt come pre messed up18:35
Beladona90not sure if installing some apps messed it up or not18:36
Beladona90but those were simple apps like git18:36
Beladona90update, upgrate18:37
rboxinstalling git isn't going to break qt18:37
Beladona90the /boot is small. <-- ubuntu partition issue at setup.18:37
Beladona90it auto sizes boot18:37
Beladona90you can file a bug18:37
rboxoh wait, are there 2 people talking?18:37
Guest123412but xterm still starts18:38
rboxxterm doesnt use qt18:38
Guest123412uses qt gtk?18:39
Guest123412what uses xterm?18:40
Eickmeyerxterm makes direct calls to x1118:40
Guest123412how can i fix undefined symbol: g_strcmp0 ?18:41
Eickmeyer*you* don't. That's probably only a warning and not an error, in which case it can be safely ignored.18:41
rbox[11:34:15 AM] <rbox> what did you do to get into this situation18:42
elapagonGuest123412, use ldd /path/to/executable, chech what files it can't find18:42
Guest123412what is a minimal file manager?18:45
Guest123412dont start, needs libgio-2.0.so.018:47
Guest123412but why it can't be loaded?18:47
wearethelifersopen a terminal emulator18:47
wearethelifersapt install libglib2.0-dev18:48
Guest123412Fehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von: desktop-file-utils18:49
Guest123412outputs only: /usr/bin/gdbus: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgio-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_sequence_free18:50
Guest123412can i use apt without libgio?18:50
EickmeyerThis looks like it would be best fixed by a reinstall. Something happened that totally trashed your system.18:52
wearethelifersit doesn't **just** happen18:52
Eickmeyerwearethelifers: They said they did something that trashed it.18:52
EickmeyerBut, the question is, which would take more time? Figuring it out or reinstalling?18:53
rboxstill hasn't said what they did18:53
rboxso it was obsvlusy something stu[pid18:53
lotuspsychjemaybe recoverymode can help?18:53
Eickmeyerrbox: Obviously, but no need to insult. :)18:53
rboxi dindt say he was stupid18:54
rboxi said he did something stupid18:54
Eickmeyerrbox: I understand that, but it's still tantamount to insult.18:54
elapagonI remember installing slackware some time in 1996, went for months without X because I couldn't get Xfree86 to start18:54
Eickmeyerelapagon: Let's stay on topic, please.18:54
Beladona91https://pastebin.mozilla.org/qRmd97if  apps say no space left. its a 20gb vbox18:56
wearethelifers921mb left on mountpoint "/" and 496mb left on mountpoint "/dev/sda2"18:57
wearethelifersthat surely isn't much free space left18:58
elias_asudo apt clean19:03
elias_aIt does not solve the problem with the virtual machine, though.19:03
akikmoi elias_a19:06
akikelias_a: do you have some issue with a vm?19:08
elias_aakik: No.19:10
elias_aI also misread what Beladona91 wrote.19:12
[Luca]hi there . i want to know how can i add iptables -I INPUT -s -j ACCEPT on the server so that i don`t need to put this command every time after reboot to access http19:59
rboxjust disable ufw20:00
[Luca]it`s the only way ?20:00
rboxwhat do you mean "only way"20:01
rboxit sounds like you dont want a firewall...20:01
[Luca]so this command is that is all about ?20:01
[Luca]iptables ...20:02
[Luca]it`s just like disabling ufw20:02
[Luca]i want to understand20:03
rboxunderstand what20:03
[Luca]if i reboot the server i need to put this command20:03
rboxbecause ufw enables firewall rules20:04
[Luca]to access http or znc or something else20:04
[Luca]got it20:04
[Luca]can i add this command somewhere to run after reboot20:04
rbox[01:00:01 PM] <rbox> just disable ufw20:05
[Luca]or is the same thing if i disabled ufw20:05
rboxits not the same thing20:05
rboxbut disabling a firewall or allowing all connectison from anywhere is a very bad idea20:05
[Luca]got it20:06
[Luca]tnx rbox for help20:07
gordonjcpmeh, firewalls are such a Windows-y thign20:13
rboxhas nothingt o do with windows...20:14
gordonjcpat work IT security policy requires firewalls on everything20:14
gordonjcpnot sure what advantage they're supposed to convey on Linux though20:14
rboxas thety shoulkd be20:14
gordonjcptotal waste of time20:14
rboxsomethign in this conversation is idiotic... thats for sure20:15
gordonjcprbox: okay, then20:15
gordonjcprbox: what's the advantage?20:15
gordonjcpwhat would having a firewall on a Linux server do?20:16
rboxthe same thing it does on any computer20:17
gordonjcpwhich is?20:17
gordonjcpI know what it is, and the wikipedia definition isn't really that good20:18
causativeit closes ports so an adversary can't exploit vulnerabilities in applications on the computer20:18
gordonjcprbox: can you clearly and lucidly explain what advantage it would have?20:18
gordonjcpcausative: okay, but you don't need to do that20:18
rboxdont need to? rofl20:19
gordonjcpcausative: you can just not run things on those ports20:19
rboxand if you ARE running somethign...20:19
rboxor you want to restrict WHO can use it20:19
gordonjcpthen you configure your application correctly20:19
gordonjcprbox: here, have a crack at this20:19
* rbox ignores the morons20:19
gordonjcprbox: gjcp.net is a real physical server, one of several that I run20:19
gordonjcprbox: it runs Ubuntu 20.0420:20
causativeit's easier and more foolproof to set up a firewall to block all but ports X Y Z, than it is to ensure that every single application running on the computer is not using any other ports20:20
gordonjcprbox: it has no firewall20:20
gordonjcprbox: deface *any* website running on it20:20
gordonjcprbox: here, the root password is Prich]swyong520:20
gordonjcprbox: have at it20:20
gordonjcpcome back when you've defaced at least one site it serves20:21
gordonjcpliterally gave you the keys to the kingdom there20:21
gordonjcpawww, is it not working?20:22
gordonjcpI'm guessing the APNIC one is just normal Chinese government poking20:23
akikgordonjcp: try learning about firewalls first before saying things like that20:23
causativethe firewall can be configured to do that in *one* place, and to make sure every single application isn't doing it means you have to look in *many* places and read the documentation of many different programs and make sure none of them have undocumented behavior20:23
oerheksplease, stay ontopic, thanks20:24
gordonjcpakik: I know a lot about firewalls20:24
akikgordonjcp: doesn't sound like it20:24
gordonjcpakik: I just don't see the advantage in systems that can be locked down by default, and configured sensibly20:24
gordonjcpakik: okay, well, you can have a shot at getting into a non-firewalled machine too20:25
gordonjcpakik: it's hard to pick out who's just recently started with all the login attempts from Russia and China, I will say20:25
akikgordonjcp: here's an example; your users can start up daemons on high ports and they're accessible if you haven't blocked them with iptables20:25
akikgordonjcp: another example; you can keep sshd safely open on port 22 and then just filter it with the ip addresses that need access to it20:27
akiki did that for my landline isp's networks, blocked everything else20:28
gordonjcpakik: okay, but letting randoms start services is a problem generally20:28
akikthat's my $0.02. good luck20:28
gordonjcpakik: I'll grant you that is a viable use case, but I'd rather just drop traffic at the border router20:28
gordonjcpakik: re ssh, you can just configure sshd to do that, as the various "enthusiastic amateurs" in Russia are slowly figuring out20:29
jhutchinsThe problem with filtering ssh by ip address is that the system still has to deal with every packet of the attacks.  If you move ssh to a random port (not 222) you don't get the traffic in the first place.20:37
leftyfb!ot | gordonjcp20:37
ubottugordonjcp: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:37
gordonjcpjhutchins: security by obscurity, but it sure does help20:37
leftyfbgordonjcp: also, don't encourage unauthorized access in any manner.20:37
gordonjcpleftyfb: this is entirely authorised20:38
leftyfbgordonjcp: this conversation belongs in #security20:38
gordonjcpyeah, probably20:38
gordonjcpI'll just eat my popcorn and watch auth.log20:38
leftyfbgordonjcp: I guarantee if you present that same challenge there, you won't be happy20:38
tomreyngordonjcp: please chat about it elsewhere, though. this channel is for support, not for prove-me-wrong type discussions.20:40
loswedsededwhat could explain that thunar needs a second to react to my mouse prompts20:40
oerheksand, why is that slow?20:41
loswedsededit usually reacts instantly20:43
loswedsededlike click and the files gets marked20:43
tomreynloswedseded: would oyu know when this started to be slow? what else may have happened when this started?20:44
loswedsededactually 10 minutes ago, I believe after I mkvtoolnixed a file20:44
oerheksi sell my bed20:45
loswedsededI also installed android studio and that needed 13 GiB of space, but I don't see any correlation20:45
tomreynloswedseded: maybe this process is still running and you have a high system load?20:45
loswedsededill check htop I guess20:47
tomreynwhat's the current cpu load, how much free and total RAM do you have? how much free disk space on your ubuntu related file systems ?20:47
loswedsededbut I believe my system is a bit unsttable since I tried flash roms into 2 phones...20:47
tomreynunless this means you installed software from unreliable sources this would not cause ubuntu to become unstable20:48
tomreyn(or changed critical system configurations)20:48
loswedsededeither my machine is too old to play x265 and it reacts like this or I should unmount disk images after Im done with them, but this never happened before: I used to leave iso images mounted for hours. This was never a problem20:52
jhutchinslouisa: How would transferring data to a ROM affect your system, unless it was the system cmos rom?22:41
hay207Hi guys22:50
hay207I want development of UFO alien invasion to continue22:51
hay207I wonder if ubuntu team can help22:51
hay207it is an open-source game22:51
hay207Very good turn-based game like Xcom22:54
jeremy31hay207: I doubt many people that could help are here22:55
hay207I hope ubuntu picks it up?22:55
tomreynthere are "ufoai" packages in most supported ubuntu versions. i can understand and share the desire to see continued development on this game. but this channel is not really a good place to bring this up. we mostly do self-support for using (not even developing) ubuntu here.22:58
hay207i don't know any other good channel to ask for help23:03
tomreynhttps://forum.freegamedev.net/ may be a good place to bring it up23:04
tomreyn(that's if you're hoping to contribute)23:05
hay207Nice forum23:07
hay207I can try asking there23:08
hay207Thanks, bye23:13
jack269new 22.04.3 install, getting "report-error" on every boot , some one said to change hwe kernels ?23:47

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