Guest60Hi. Sometime I can't login to system, can't type password, because login manager is freezing. (GDM?) 22.04 US07:22
Guest60Can someone help me?07:25
napzhi everybody !16:24
napzjust a question (I can't find the answer anywhere, sorry) : how do you paste files in ubuntu studio's root directories ? Dolphin doesn't seem to allow 'open as root'16:26
napzfor ex : I need to put sf2 files in the right folder (usr/share/sounds/sf2)16:27
Eickmeyernapz: 'sudo apt install kio-admi' and you'll be able to go to an 'admin://' URL in Dolphin16:28
Eickmeyer!info kio-admin16:28
ubottukio-admin (1.0.0-1, lunar): manage files as administrator using the admin:// KIO protocol. In component universe, is optional. Built by kio-admin. Size 64 kB / 350 kB16:28
napzOk cool, thanks so much ;)16:29
EickmeyerJust remember, it's dangerous, and there's aways of doing it from your home directory.16:29
EickmeyerFor instance, the equivalent directory should be ~/.local/share/sounds/sf216:30
Eickmeyernapz: ^16:30
napzyou mean that I could just copy sf2 files into that folder and then use them with a daw ?16:33
Eickmeyernapz: Sure! You can even point the daw at any folder in your home directory. Ardour has the ability to add custom folders, for instance.16:42
napzOk maybe I'll try this instead of messing up with sudo, thx16:45

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