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frghi, switching from microsoft world (since 80's) to Linux one, I've a few questions08:32
frgQ1: which app like timeshift to make incremential snapshots of my PC ?08:35
bOSKEhi, i have problems with desktop icons when i click icons on desktop, it open it with kate i don't know how to change it to start apps?12:14
kirvesAxeWell that sounds strange12:17
kirvesAxebOSKE, have you tried right-clicking the app icons and seeing what options are in the menu?12:17
bOSKE@kirvesAxe, yes i clicked in desktop right click on properties12:19
bOSKEand it writes Open With: Kate12:19
BluesKajHi all12:19
bOSKEwhen i try to start some desktop icons it just shows some icon and nothing happens12:20
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, what is the output of: xdg-mime query filetype ~/Desktop/Launcher.desktop12:21
bOSKE@diogenes_Vx15, xdg-mime: file '/home/boske/Desktop/Launcher.desktop' does not exist12:22
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, instead of Launcher.desktop you need to specify the icon that doesn't work.12:23
diogenes_Vx15run: ls /home/boske/Desktop12:23
diogenes_Vx15and you will see those files.12:23
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ xdg-mime query filetype ~/Desktop/discord_discord.desktop12:23
diogenes_Vx15and now: xdg-mime query default application/x-desktop12:25
bOSKE@diogenes_Vx15, i dont get output from that command12:27
bOSKEbut again it doesn't work12:27
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, if you don't get output from that command that's bad.12:27
diogenes_Vx15you don't have a mimetype set up for desktop files.12:28
bOSKEwhat should i do?12:28
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ xdg-mime query default application/x-desktop12:28
diogenes_Vx15run: dpkg -l | grep xdg-open12:30
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ dpkg -l | grep xdg-open12:30
diogenes_Vx15sudo apt install xdg-open12:30
bOSKEE: Unable to locate package xdg-open12:31
diogenes_Vx15run: update-mime-database /opt/kde/share/mime12:33
bOSKEDirectory '/opt/kde/share/mime/packages' does not exist!12:33
BluesKajxdg-open is a snap and flatpak app12:33
diogenes_Vx15update-mime-database /usr/share/mime12:33
bOSKEit asks me root12:34
bOSKEshould i sudo12:34
diogenes_Vx15sorry this madness with snaps, that's one if the reasons i don't use Ubuntu.12:34
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, yes use sudo12:34
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime12:34
diogenes_Vx15try to open now12:35
BluesKajusing Kubuntu here without issue here, no snaps or flatpaks12:37
bOSKE@diogenes_Vx15, again the same12:37
bOSKEi just figure it out that i can start desktop icons from dolphin in desktop folder12:38
bOSKEbut on desktop i cant12:38
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, run: locate inode/directory12:38
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ locate inode/directory12:38
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ locate inode/directory12:39
BluesKajbOSKE, can you update and upgrade your packages ?12:39
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ locate inode/directory12:39
bOSKEdamn it wont copy12:39
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ locate inode/directory12:39
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, dpkg -l | grep shared-mime-info12:39
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ dpkg -l | grep shared-mime-info12:40
bOSKEii  shared-mime-info                              2.2-1                                       amd64        FreeDesktop.org shared MIME database and spec12:40
diogenes_Vx15try: rm ~/.local/share/mime/mime.cache12:40
diogenes_Vx15sudo apt reinstall shared-mime-info12:41
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ rm ~/.local/share/mime/mime.cache12:41
bOSKErm: cannot remove '/home/boske/.local/share/mime/mime.cache': No such file or directory12:41
diogenes_Vx15then log out12:41
diogenes_Vx15ok just reinstall that package and log out12:41
bOSKEagain the same12:43
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, do you have this file? cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list12:46
diogenes_Vx15does it show anything?12:46
bOSKEboske@boske-komp:~$ cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list12:49
bOSKE[Added Associations]12:49
bOSKE[Default Applications]12:49
diogenes_Vx15oh i think in KDE it's dophin responssible for desktop icons12:50
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, don't paste here in the chat12:51
diogenes_Vx15run: cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list | nc termbin.com 999912:51
diogenes_Vx15you will get an url in the terminal, paste it here/12:52
diogenes_Vx15now run: cat ~/.config/kiorc | nc termbin.com 999912:53
diogenes_Vx15run: mv ~/.config/mimeapps.list ~/.config/mimeapps.list.bak12:56
diogenes_Vx15then: mv ~/.config/kiorc ~/.config/kiorc.bak12:56
diogenes_Vx15the log out12:56
bOSKE@diogenes_Vx15, its the same12:59
diogenes_Vx15bOSKE, ok that's an anomaly, is such cases i go with an atomic approach, i create a brand new user and login as the new user and if everything works there, then the problem is definitely somewhere in your /home/username, if not, then something is broken in system libraries.13:01
diogenes_Vx15if you want you can create a new user and try it.13:02
bOSKEi will try it now13:02
bOSKEon other user its the same13:06
bOSKEcant start desktop icons13:06
bOSKEtnx anyway13:07
diogenes_Vx15then something is broken on your system, run: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/13:08
diogenes_Vx15it's there are many lines don't paste them here13:08
bOSKEdont get output13:08
diogenes_Vx15ok then you didn't add any PPAs which might break something, but can you rememember after what actions/updates it stopped working?13:10
bOSKEi just installed new system13:10
bOSKEand did update after install13:10
bOSKEi think it worked before update13:10
diogenes_Vx15did you reboot after update?13:11
diogenes_Vx15then i suppose it's a bug unfortunately :*13:12
bOSKEi will wait maybe they fix it on next update13:12
diogenes_Vx15maybe you can file a bug if you want13:13
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:13
kirvesAxeHmm, if I find a bug on Kubuntu's default behavior with mouse right-click context menus, should I do a bug report on Ubuntu or KDE? :)14:06
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dreamhawkHello! In gnome, there's a "sharing" option, where you can activate a VNC connection (or rdp) . But there isnt in Kubuntu? Or am i blind? I found KRFB, but that connection was very slow...18:43

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