lubot[telegram] <vanitas77> In pcmanfm-qt 0.17.0, there is an option "Reopen last window tabs in a new window" which works as expected. The next time you open the manager, it opens with previously opened tabs. But if the PC shuts down unexpectedly, the history is not saved. My PC sometimes do that which leads to history loss. Isn't there a way to save the history as soon as a tab is opened instead of when the manager is closed? Or is there a way I can run a scri07:26
guivercYou could try telling the kernel (Linux) to flush buffers to disk (SysRq combination), but I can't recall what keys are enabled for what releases; newer releases have more disabled than older releases.07:49
* guiverc has no idea if that would help, just something I'd likely try07:49
* guiverc switched to terminal, used SysRq S & got a message that told me sync had occurred on my mantic; so that feature is possibly enabled for all releases (unless me on development have more enabled)07:52
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> I am not an advanced user so when I ran that I got this: SysRq: command not found07:54
guivercSysRq is a key on an IBM compatible keyboard; though it was printed on the front of the key (modern keys are often too flat it's not there, so you need to guess based on older traditional keyboards).07:58
guivercYou can look up "magic sysrq" on a search engine & the wikipedia page maybe helpful.  Ctrl+Alt+SysRq to initiate command to linux kernel, keep holding ALT down and then hit S07:59
guivercSysRq allow us to command the kernel, bypassing any stuck GUI/UI etc... (it won't work on a onscreen keyboard; thus no good for android phones/tables unless real keyboard is being used & features enabled there)08:00
guivercif you're using a GUI at the time, you won't spot anything (unless you're able to detect disk activity)... but you'll get messages if using terminal; thus test it there.   Be aware you can kill apps, even reboot/turn off your machine via SysRq commands...08:01
guiverc(ie. save all data on your GUI session when trying it out)08:01
lubot[telegram] <vanitas77> Thanks I will get back in a few mins to test it out08:02
* guiverc may not be here, I've got to go out very soon08:03
guivercfyi:  the newest dell keyboard I have here is from 2021; it has no sysrq printed; but despite the lack of printing, it still works as expected (on a full keyboard here the key that says "Print Screen" on its top, says SysRq in green on the key-front; just like Pause-key has Break written on key-front (in black)08:10
guivercSysRq commands are Linux specific, not Lubuntu; but we use the Linux keyboard thus we can use them08:11
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> I got it working. Proof:08:29
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> kernel: [ 1039.211575] sysrq: Emergency Sync08:29
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> But it sadly didn't save the history.08:29
guiverc:(  it would only have worked if the program wrote the detail before exit, but it hadn't been 'flushed' to disk sitting in cache (that forces the write of cached data only)..  if the app (pcmanfm-qt) doesn't write until it closes; I'm not aware of how you can get around that, and don't know sorry11:07
guiverc@vanitas_77 ^11:07
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> Thanks for your time though @guiverc  . Maybe I will try switching to a different manager.11:18
boyetthe context menu is garbled when i do a right click. https://paste.pics/670ad72692eafb5c33123b35f3129ebd22:17
boyeti have an acer swift 3 laptop AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx (8) @ 2.100GHz CPU  with  AMD ATI 03:00.0 Picasso GPU 22:22
lubot[telegram] <profetik777> Just dropping by to say thanks - lubuntu is driving fine on my travel laptop23:25

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