ograwaveform, ^^^ any idea ? 10:52
ograsmells like the gnome platfom snap misses the v3d mesa drivers for video decoding 10:53
geezer311 /close19:18
waveformogra, sorry -- had a rather meeting heavy day today. It could be that the base snap's missing something; may also be that some of the video devices are inaccessible (check group permissions on the various /dev/video* devices)19:31
ograwaveform, heh, sadly the answer cam 13min after the OP left ... 🙂 i'll tell them, should they show up again 🙂20:46
waveformI've just tried replicating the issue on a fresh 22.04.3 card but while I see the "sanitize RENDERER device" messages, I'm not seeing the messages about v3d_drv_video.so. I'll try and take another dive into it tomorrow20:50

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